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13 Best Chocolate Advent Calendars For A Sweet Holiday Countdown

Because you deserve a little treat every day.

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Whether you're putting up your tree early, blasting Christmas tunes, or getting creative with your Scout Elf, there are plenty of fun and festive ways to usher in the holiday season. For a tradition your whole family will eat up (literally), buy one of these chocolate advent calendars (because what's sweeter than counting down the days until Christmas with a daily treat?).

This year, it seems like many families are choosing to stretch out the comfort and joy part of the holiday season (heavy emphasis on the "comfort" part here), and one way to dial up the cozy decadence is to treat your kids (and yourself) to one of these 16 sweet advent calendars.

From artisanal chocolates packed in beautiful boxes, to classics like Cadbury and Nestle, or my personal seasonal favorite, peppermint bark, there's an advent calendar here for everyone (there's even a vegan and a Keto-approved option). Just remember that behind every door, there's typically just one treat, so if you have kids who are still getting the hang of taking turns, you may want to buy them each their own calendar to avoid the nightly struggle.

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24 Days Of Caramel

For the caramel-lovers comes this beautiful box featuring 24 caramels in 12 different flavors. There are classics like mocha and chocolate peppermint and more adventurous flavors you may not have tried before (looking at you, rosemary truffle sea salt). This comes packaged in a box painted by New Hampshire artist, Cindy Hendrick, who made the illustration especially for McCrea's, a Boston-based brand.


Godiva Goodness

There's something for everyone in the annual Godiva advent calendar. Inside you'll find a mix of gourmet milk, white, and dark chocolates, all finished with rich Belgian fillings (some of the fillings are fruity, others are nutty or even more chocolate). The treats themselves are shaped like the cutest little penguins or elves.


Cadbury Milk

If you've ever taken a trip to England, you've likely experienced the wonder that is Cadbury Dairy Milk (and this calendar is imported from the UK). The smooth, creamy milk chocolate is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, as is the joyful Santa who will remind your kids every day that Christmas is coming.


Santa's Village

The box, with its snowy village and Santa's sleigh, perfectly captures that Christmas magic. Behind each door, there's a piece of milk chocolate, plus a verse from The Night Before Christmas, so you get a little bit of a story and a little bite of chocolate each night.


25 Truffles

Moonstruck is famous for their rich and flavorful chocolate that's never too sweet, and this pretty box showcases the best of the brand. It includes 25 truffles in Raspberry Thicket, Gold Spice, Milk Gift, Orange Grove, Champagne, Italian Espresso, Dark Salted Caramel, Irish Cream, Oregon Hazelnut, Moonshine, Milk Salted Caramel, and Dark Gift, all made with ethically-sourced chocolate.


Baby Yoda-Approved

Because he's so irresistible, Baby Yoda aka The Child is popping up all over the place, including in this advent calendar. Inside there are 24 days worth of milk chocolate and on the back there's a Star Wars maze to keep your little one entertained.


Peppermint Bark For Days

Crunchy and sweet, peppermint bark is made with semisweet chocolate and creamy white chocolate topped with crushed peppermint candy. Inside each slot, you'll find the bark in festive shape (snowmen, toy soldiers, Christmas trees, or Santa). Just be warned that you may be tempted to open all the doors in one sitting.


Drawers Galore

24 vegan chocolates are nestled in this cute paper chest. In addition to a sweet treat, you'll find a 3D puzzle toy in cool shapes like a tree or an owl, and a fun facts card. After its opened, kids can place the drawer back in in the opposite direction (so the back faces out) and watch as each day, a new picture begins to form. This one's fun after Christmas, too, because it opens up into a landscape where kids can play with all 24 of their new puzzle toys.


White Chocolate

White chocolate fans will freak for this one. Behind all 24 doors, there's a white chocolate treat that looks a bit likes it's covered in snow.


Delicious Dark Chocolate

Behind the wintery scene awaits 24 super dark chocolates (70% cocoa). These are vegan and Fairtrade-certified too, so you can feel as good about buying it as you do about eating it.


A Luxe Option

This calendar is worth the splurge. On the left side, you'll find The Night Before Christmas poem printed, and behind each drawer on the right there's either truffles, caramels, mini chocolate bars, or chocolate shaped like whimsical mushrooms and gnomes. Place the drawer back in the opposite direction to reveal a picture.


A Keto-Friendly Option

People who are following a keto diet don't need to skip the advent calendar, thanks to this one from ChocZero. The chocolate is sweetened with monk fruit, and the box itself is wide enough to stand on its own, and it has a magnetic closure, which makes it feel a little more substantial.


Lindt Teddy Bears

The Lindt advent calendar is giving me nostalgic vibes. Behind the cute Christmas scene, it's packed with 24 days of milk chocolate. Just note that while you can order this now, it won't be back in stock until Dec.1 (which just means you may have to double-up on chocolate for the first few days).

You kind of can't go wrong with a chocolate advent calendar that brings a bit of sweetness to each day. Don't sleep on gettings yours though, because many of these are going fast.

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