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The 8 Best Chore Charts For Kids Of All Ages

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Working as a team to take care of household duties can inspire independence and responsibility for most kids — and it’s possible to encourage children as young as two years old to help around your home. When shopping for the best chore charts, consider how many children you have, their age range, and what design features will best suit your everyday space and routine. With options like magnets you can personalize or with illustrated rewards, these might just be what it takes to get the whole family involved.

When shopping for chore charts, first check how many people the options can accommodate. Many chore charts can be used by several children (and even adults), but some are best for just one or two children. It’s also important to choose a design that you can customize with chores that are appropriate for your child’s age. Some chore charts come with pre-made chore magnets, which can take some hassle out of writing out chores by hand — if choosing one of these, make sure the chores themselves are a good fit for your child’s stage and what they like to do around the house. Alternatively, you can opt for a reusable dry erase chore chart or a paper one with plenty of space to fully personalize all the tasks.

The specific layout of a chore chart is also important to consider, as their time frames can span a single day, a week, or a full month before needing to be reset. Make sure to choose a time frame that your family will be able to easily manage to keep things consistent. And be sure to check the size of the chore chart and installation instructions so that it’s designed to fit where you’ve planned to place it, whether that’s stuck to the fridge or attached to a wall.

As Montessori teacher Meagan Messuri, B.S., explained in an interview with Romper, children “crave work and they crave purpose.” With that in mind, here are some of the best chore charts that you can customize to keep everyone in your family on track and inspired.

1. This Fan-Favorite Weekly Chore Chart

With more than 5,000 reviews and 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon, this magnet-backed chore chart can take center stage on your fridge. It has 12 blank slots to write in chores for one week at a time and comes with four dry erase markers of different colors. One reviewer wrote, “What I love about this calendar is that it is totally customizable. It lets me fill in the important parts.” If your family has multiple children, you can simply assign specific line items to individuals. Best of all, it has a simple design that can work for kids of all ages. It comes in two different sizes as well as a white version (pictured) and a sleek black version.

  • Time frame: Weekly
  • Number of people: 1 or more
  • Available sizes: 17 x 12 inches, 20 x 17 inches
  • Available styles: 2

One reviewer wrote: “This product is amazing! It’s exactly what we need. We have a 2 and 4 year old so chores are constantly changing and needing updating. The kids LOVE writing on it and think it’s so fun. Love that it goes right on the fridge!”

2. A Sleek Weekly Chart With Chore Magnets

This Montessori-style chore chart is an ideal choice for fostering independence in your little one on a weekly basis. It features neutral colors and a wooden design for a nice modern look, yet it’s super functional. Simply stick the wooden chore magnets you wish to have completed on one end, and your child can check off their progress throughout the week using the adorable circular magnets. There are 22 preset magnetic chores to choose from (ranging from things like sharing with others to practicing an instrument), along with eight additional chore magnets you can customize and write in yourself. Perfect for toddlers and young kids alike, one reviewer wrote, “We love these chore charts! My 3yr old and 7yr old know they have responsibility to do their chores before tv and friends.”

If you have multiple kids, you can use the included dry erase marker to have them notate their progress, rather than the magnets. Other bonuses include blank chore magnets you can customize as your child grows and a drawstring bag to keep all your magnets in one place. Choose from three different button themes (animals, leaves, or universe) and attach it to any wall using the included nails and screws.

  • Number of people: 1 or more
  • Time frame: Weekly
  • Available size: 11 x 17 inches
  • Available styles: 3

One reviewer wrote: “This chart is amazing!!!! I’ve been using this for weeks with my daughter!! She absolutely loves doing her own stars nexts to the chores/ responsibilities! Love the neutral colors and magnets too!! Fabulous design and I love that I can add my own choices too on the blank magnets!! Lastly daughter loves to draw and erase in this as well!”

3. A 2-Child Chore Chart With A Rewards Tracker

This chore chart is designed for two kids and incorporates a customizable points system. It tracks both daily and weekly chores, which your kids can tally up with dry erase markers (which are included), and includes a rewards section at the bottom to remind them of a goal they’re working toward (think: a fun family outing or other prize). Since it’s fully customizable, it can work for different ages — and reviewers have claimed to use the chart for kids ranging from four to 12 years old. This option is also sold as a single child chore chart and comes in four different colors: blue, gray, mint, and pink. The back is magnetic so you can easily attach it to your fridge.

  • Number of children: 2
  • Time frame: Daily and weekly
  • Available size: 17 x 14 inches
  • Available styles: 8

One reviewer wrote: “This is such a cute chore chart—and one of the few that had space for 2 kiddos. I’ve posted it on my fridge where both my children and I can see/reach it easily. I spent a lot of time looking for just the right thing, and I’m very happy with this purchase!”

4. A 3-Pack Of Individualized Chore Charts

If you think your children would find it easier to each have their own chore chart, check out this pack of magnet-backed ones. Each pack comes with three charts you can stick to a fridge, as well as 10 dry erase markers. There’s a spot for each child’s name at the top of each chart, along with daily and weekly chores you can customize for your child to check off as they go. There’s also space on the right-hand side to tally up points for each chore completed and the bottom portion includes a spot to review their total points to earn a reward. Each pack includes white boards that feature three distinct colors: blue, pink, and yellow.

  • Number of people: Up to 3
  • Time frame: Weekly
  • Available size: 10 x 10 inches (for each chart)
  • Available styles: 1

5. This Colorful Chore Chart For Toddlers

Make chores fun and exciting for toddlers using this colorful hanging chart. Instead of being fully customizable from scratch, it features 90 illustrated reward and chore magnets your child can pick and choose from. Most of the chore magnets designate set tasks like “set table” and “no teasing,” but there are also two blank tiles to write in personalized chores if you need to add in a couple extra. It also comes with starred reward magnets your child can add when they’ve completed their tasks.

The easy-to-use chore chart features a wooden design with two fabric-hinged dry erase boards you can hang vertically on any wall. Some reviewers have noted that the wood design makes it a little heavy to hang, but most are satisfied with the overall quality. One reviewer suggested, “If you're going to hang it make sure your hanging hook is sturdy and in a sturdy part of the wall, such as on a joist beam.” The overall size of the chart isn’t listed by the manufacturer, but one reviewer described that it’s roughly “the size of a standard wall calendar.” The board on the top has space to set seven responsibilities or behavior goals for your tot throughout the week, while the bottom one is left blank to store all of your magnets. This option is limited to single-child households and has a style that’s suited best for toddlers and young grade-school kids. If you like the functionality of this chore chart but not necessarily the style, check out this other Melissa & Doug version.

  • Number of people: 1
  • Time frame: Weekly
  • Available size: Unspecified
  • Available styles: 1

One reviewer wrote: “This has worked great for my 4 year old. He enjoys telling me that he did one of his responsibilities and seeing me add a star to the board. I like that you can switch up the list of responsibilities from week to week, keeping it somewhat challenging. I set two levels of accumulated stars for receiving allowance. I think this will really help in the years to come as he learns and takes on more responsibilities.”

6. This Chart With Illustrated Chore Cards For 1 Child

Looking for an alternative chore chart that isn’t dry erase or magnetic? Check out this hanging chore chart with pockets and an illustrated card system. It comes with over 80 pre-made cards that convey different household and personal chores, and kids can “trade” completed chore cards for a ticket. As they collect tickets, they can redeem them for a set prize at the end of the day or week, whether that’s screen time or something else. Each chore card features a fun illustration at the top and a space to jot down additional notes or ticket values at the bottom with the included erasable pen.

Although it is the priciest option on this list, many reviewers have appreciated that it is highly customizable and can work for a wide range of age groups (including 4- to 10 year-olds). One reviewer wrote, “I love the versatility of this chart with the different ways to set it up; it allowed us to make a system that works well for our family.” There are plenty of different configurations you can play with here, since the kit includes two separate chart panels you can either stack vertically (as shown in the picture) or align horizontally. The manufacturer makes a quick mention about included hanging strips, and one shopper noted the strips were made out of Velcro. Another reviewer wrote, “They provide 4 squares but we needed to use all of them to keep it from flapping when it was hung on a door. If you use it on a wall then you could probably use less at a time.” Choose from six different colors, or check out this larger version for households with multiple kids.

  • Number of people: 1
  • Time frame: Daily or weekly
  • Available size: 12.5 x 18 inches as pictured (with panels you can rearrange)
  • Available styles: 6

One reviewer wrote: “These have worked perfect in my house! I have three boys that look forward to flipping through the cards to gain points.”

7. A Habit-Focused Chore Chart For Teens

Here’s an alternative chore chart with a style that’s more appropriate for older teens (and adults). Instead of looking at chores as a dreadful task, this fully customizable calendar emphasizes more of a “habit” approach that focuses more on building positive routines. The inside pages include to-do lists and tracker charts that help break down big goals into smaller, more achievable, ones. It even includes added tips on stress relief and ideas to help achieve personal goals related to self-improvement.

This is something you can use alongside your teen or give as a gift to help inspire accountability. You can add goals to be completed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Unlike dry erase options, this one is just a standard calendar — but it comes with a full year’s worth of pages. Plus, it’s small enough to fit within a backpack or hang up on a wall.

  • Number of people: 1
  • Time frame: Monthly (up to 12 months)
  • Available size: 10 x 8 inches
  • Available styles: 1

One reviewer wrote: “I highly recommend this to anyone trying to get on top of their life and work on self-improvement or just an organizational technique. It's also very valuable as a chore chart or a rewards chart for children. There’s many ways this can be used. I plan to buy more in the future for various uses for myself and my family.”

8. A Monthly Family Calendar With A Chore-Tracking Section

At 3 by 3 feet, this jumbo family calendar is big enough to capture everyone’s attention — plus, it has a goal-tracking section where kids can keep track of up to four custom tasks throughout the month (such as tidying up their room or walking the dog). There are large spaces in the daily boxes to jot down important appointment reminders and special events, and plenty of room for additional notes at the bottom. Since it’s large and customizable, this option is great for tracking monthly plans in any household size and with kids of any age — although, with space for only four ongoing tasks per month, the chore-tracking function is likely best for smaller families or those which want to keep chores to a minimum.

  • Number of people: 1 or more
  • Time frame: Monthly
  • Available size: 36 x 36 inches
  • Available styles: 1

One reviewer wrote: “We are a busy family and constantly on the go. This big wall calendar helps keep us on track with appointments, practice times and household chores. It’s an easy way to quickly look and see what we have going on and what still needs to be completed. I highly recommend it!!”