Father's Day

Father's day gifts from daughter can be funny, sentimental, or practical
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These Father's Day Gifts From Daughters Will Make Dad Melt

There’s something for every kind of dad.

by Lindsay E. Mack
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Trying to come up with a gift idea for your dad can be tricky, because there’s no one-size-fits-all present. That’s why the Father’s Day gift ideas from daughters cover so many different categories, from sweet and sentimental to practical and personal. You can pick whatever best suits your (totally one-of-a-kind) dad the best.

If you’re stuck trying to figure out what your dad really wants for a gift, then you’re far from alone. In fact, psychologists have theories about why it’s so hard to shop for Father’s Day, including the idea that even though father’s roles in the family are changing, the notion of fathers as “providers” rather than “recipients” could still be pretty entrenched. In less-psychological terms, however, it’s possible that your dad always gives vague or I-don’t-know type replies whenever you ask for gift ideas. Whatever the case, dad can be a notoriously tricky gift recipient.

That’s why gift guides that run the gamut can be so helpful. Whatever your dad is into, there’s something on this list he’s bound to enjoy. Tech, geeky, athletic, and culinary gifts are all included, as well as a few fresh clothing items for all the fashion dads out there. Flip through these gift ideas and see which ones are best for your dad.

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For The Funny Dad

For the dad who’s always quick to make a dad joke, this shirt is pretty meta. It’s sure to get a laugh.


For Dad Who Deserves Something Original

Submit a photo of you and your dad to this artist, who will create a custom line portrait. Add it to a gorgeous frame for an unforgettable gift.


For The Sneakerhead

Using best practices from world-class shoe companies, this shoe from NinetyNine Products is made with athletes in mind. It’s an easy way to upgrade your dad’s shoe game.


For The BBQ Fan (Who Has It All)

This set of BBQ lights makes it easy to see the whole cooking surface day or night. The aluminum bodies are heat-resistant and sturdy, and they come with a little storage case.


For The Avid Gardener

Perfect for the organic gardener, these cherry-sized tomatoes will one day make perfect snacks or salad additions. A sizeable 100-seed pack is available for $31.62, and a smaller packet is on sale for $5.90.


For The Fashion-Forward Dad

Freshen up your dad’s wardrobe with this spaceman design from Billionaire Boys Club. The pixelated astronaut has a retro-cool feel.


A Great Father’s Day Gift Under $20

With a design that helps prevent chafing, this lightweight wool-blend sock is sure to become your dad’s favorite. Plus, it’s guaranteed for life, so it’s kind of like buying socks that last forever.


For The Movie Buff

Pick a category of four short feature films, then vote for your favorites in an online community. Categories include Zombie, Adventure, Chillers, and more.


For The Dad Who Appreciates Little Luxuries

The insulated bottle keeps beverages ice-cold (or super hot) for ages, and the 21-ounce size fits in most standard cupholders. It’ll help your dad stay hydrated on the go.


For The Coffee Fan

A single-sourced premium coffee, this blend from Russell’s Gourmet Coffee is sure to please caffeine fans. Available in both whole bean and ground varieties, this dark roasted coffee is a lovely gift.


For The Green Thumb

With its heart-shaped leaves and trailing vines, the hardy philodendron will help brighten your dad’s living space. Plus, it comes with a ceramic container in your choice of color.


For the Gamer Dad

Dedicated for gaming on the go, the Nintendo Switch Lite is compatible with Switch games that support handheld mode. This means everything from Super Smash Bros. to The Legend of Zelda is ready to play. If you’re looking to splurge, or go in with your siblings for one “big” gift, then this is an excellent option.


For The Culinary Dad

Made from a diverse crop of flowers, this raw honey provides next-level taste to mixed drinks, teas, baked goods, and just about anything else. If you’re new to the world of premium honey, then this is a real treat.


For The Creative Dad

Part art piece, part meditative tool, the Buddha Board invites users to paint on its surface with water, then watch the design slowly evaporate. It invites both mindfulness and creative expression.


For The Retro-Cool Dad

Made from 100% cotton, this shirt pays homage to the classic Decepticon. If you and your dad share a love for old-school cartoons, then it’s a perfect gift.


For The Fan Of Sweets

This tin of 40 cookies, which are said to taste just like pecan pie, will satisfy any sweet tooth. Hopefully your dad will share a couple of the treats with you, too.


For The Baker

In 256 pages, this book serves up over 40 sourdough recipes with plenty of gorgeous photos. Now your dad can seriously level-up his baking skills.


For The Eco-Friendly Father

Use beeswax wraps to cover up leftover dishes, fruits and veggies, or even bread and cheese. They make a less wasteful alternative to plastic baggies, and they’re able to be washed by hand.


For The Star Wars Fan

Equal parts practical and adorable, the R2D2 toaster goes through a little sound and light dance every time you push the lever. Plus, the toaster itself can handle bagels and thicker breads, so it’s also a legit kitchen appliance.


For The *Extra* Dad

Infused with essential oils and olive oil, this luxurious body wash takes showering to the next level. It’s also made with all certified organic ingredients, and it’s free from harsh surfactants.


For The LEGO Pro

Billed as a super-authentic replica, the LEGO Ducati Panigale V4 R features details such as a manual transmission gearbox and even a paddock stand. It’s the next-best thing to gifting the bike itself.


For The Storytelling Dad

Work with your dad together to answer the thought-provoking questions in this guided interview journal. It’s a beautiful way to help preserve his most important stories on paper.


For The Car Enthusiast

Fordite, old auto paint that’s been cut and polished like a gem, forms the cool design on this keychain. It’s made from all the different colors that build up in the painting bays of automotive factories.


For The Gym Goer

With a dedicated pocket for wet stuff, as well as plenty of slip pockets for other essentials, this bag is perfect for your workout fan. Plus, the sleek design is lowkey enough to double as a work bag, too.


For The Outdoorsy Dad

From bushcraft ideas to tips on forest bathing, Rewild Your Life: 52 Ways to Reconnect with Nature by Sarah Stirling is a handy guide for anyone who wants to get more in touch with the natural world. With these simple projects and tips, you can rediscover nature wherever you live.


For The Dad Who’s Always Cooking

Made from parawood, this four-piece cooking set is finished with food-grade mineral oil for a kitchen tool that’s equal parts beautiful and functional. Plus, they’re safe to use at temperatures up to 450°F.


For The Dad Who Loves A Sweet

This gift makes it easy to cook up fresh brownies, pancakes, waffles, muffins, cakes, and more. Carefully crafted, these mixes are also vegan and Kosher.


For The Shutterbug

Place an object or transparency on the Sunography paper to create unique and rich blue prints. Harkening back to the earliest days of photography, it’s a cool gift for any creative type.


For The Dad With Style

Offering 100% UV protection, these sunglasses serve up some serious style. When was the last time your dad treated himself to some new shades, anyway?


For The Dad Who Deserves A Great Night’s Sleep

This travel-friendly mini sound machine features four different soundscapes to help promote relaxation and sleep. White noise, ocean, and rain sounds are all included.


For The Card Shark

Waterproof and transparent, these playing cards are up for a round of blackjack anywhere, any time. Join your dad for his favorite card game with this cool and unique deck.

Whether your dad is a gamer, film buff, foodie, or something else entirely, there’s a perfect Father’s Day 2021 gift here. Include a handmade card for extra sentimentality, and you’re off to a perfect celebration for this Father’s Day.

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