The 3 Best Furniture Anchors

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Babyproofing the home is a rite of passage for parents, but there’s one step that too often is put off: installing furniture anchors. The best furniture anchors use metal screws for a secure hold and are relatively easy to install. You are going to need to drill into the wall and your furniture to secure those top-heavy pieces, but I’ve scoured the Internet for picks that reviewers report aren’t too cumbersome to set up. Furniture anchors remain the best defense against accidents with tipped-over furniture.

A pair of anchors that screw into a wall stud and the piece of furniture, with straps or cables between the two brackets, provides the most secure anti-tip protection; you’ll specifically want steel cables or nylon webbing straps for a strong hold. Keep in mind: nylon straps can get brittle over time, so periodic tightening or replacing the straps is a good idea. You’ll also need a stud finder to locate the right spot to drill into your wall; a magnetic stud finder will help you with locating studs if you have plaster walls.

Though you’ll come across anchor kits with plastic screws or zip ties, metal alternatives are much more durable and effective for bearing weight. It’s really no contest between the two, so I’ve stuck with sturdier options on this list.

Any anti-tip kit or furniture anchor set will list its maximum weight limit, but when comparing units consider the potential weight of your furniture as well as a child climbing on it. Most anchors safely hold several hundred pounds; one of my picks is secure even up to 1,000 pounds.

Now, here are the best furniture anchors to safeguard your home and bring peace of mind as your little one gets more and more mobile.

1. The Overall Best Furniture Anchors

These highly rated furniture anchors earned Wirecutter’s top spot for mounting hardware; they work to secure dressers, bookcases, and other large furniture pieces, with a weight limit of up to 400 pounds. The two-pack kit includes steel brackets, high-grade steel cables, and metal screws. Once anchored into studs, the kit is tamper-resistant, but quick-release steel pins allow for adults to easily move furniture as needed. Several shoppers reported installation took just 5 minutes.

If you have several pieces of furniture to secure and are looking for a more affordable option, consider this budget-friendly six-pack.

A helpful review: “These are the best hangers I've found. [...] The Hangman Anti-Tip strap has a pin system that allows you to easily unhook furniture if needed. This same pin solution makes it easier to install than using custom straps. My two year old has attempted to climb a dresser and this strap kit stopped a disaster. The dresser did tip slightly and the drawers flying out scared the you know what out of my kiddo but without a doubt this kit saved him from a more serious injury. Parents, strap your furniture to walls!”

2. The Best Anchors For Extra-Heavy Furniture

For extra-heavy furniture, you’ll want to install these heavy-duty furniture anchors with a greater weight limit of up to 1,000 pounds. Designed to secure furniture during the tumult of earthquakes, they also help keep kids safe from tipping furniture. Like the first pick, these anchors screw into brackets in the wall and furniture with metal screws, and they’re tethered by steel-coated cables. Installation of this pair of anchors is straightforward, but an adult can also disconnect them in seconds to clean behind the dresser or other furniture.

A helpful review: “We received plastic zip ties and a couple of brackets with our furniture, but these are so much better. They can be removed in a pinch, and are heavy-duty. My daughter is 6 and she and her friends tend to climb the furniture when they get a little wild. In addition, we live in earthquake country, so had to have these for that as well. I had to get something that would withstand the weight of a couple of kids, at least. The plastic ties went straight in the trash after these were installed. Screws are included, just make sure that the wall plate screw goes into a stud or it won't hold for long.”

3. The Best Anchors For Securing TVs

At some point, curious toddlers want to go right up to the television and touch it. Make sure your little one is safe with this anchor set for flat-screen TVs. Two straps made of nylon webbing with triple stitching attach to brackets with metal screws. While the brackets that attach to the wall are made of a hard plastic, the pieces adhering to the TV are metal. This pick is even the recipient of the 2020 National Parenting Product Award.

The manufacturer doesn’t specify the weight limit, but know that most flat-screen TVs can weigh between 25 to 55 pounds. It also comes with three pairs of mounting screws to fit most flat-screen TVs between 32 and 70 inches.

If drilling into the wall isn’t an option at the moment, this kit is another favorite that adheres the TV just to furniture. Just keep in mind it isn’t quite as secure as the featured pick above that’s reinforced with metal screws.

A helpful review: “I purchased these straps after switching to a lower TV stand. I realized immediately that my toddler took this as a sign he could play with the TV. The straps were super easy to install on my own and the TV [doesn’t] move at all...even when my toddler bangs on the TV. Definitely recommend for any home with young kids.”

Nice To Have: A Stud Finder

If you don’t already own a stud finder, pick up this easy-to-use wall scanner that will be essential to properly securing furniture. It’s a bit of a cult favorite with over 27,000 reviews, and its LCD screen is conveniently easy to read. It’ll be useful beyond your babyproofing project to hang things on the wall or locate beams, pipes, or wires behind your wall. This stud finder calibrates automatically and is designed with an ergonomic grip.

Shopping on a budget? You might want to consider this magnetic stud finder, another great option that is less tech-savvy but super affordable and effective.

A helpful review: “This product is extremely easy to use. I purchased this stud finder to secure all the furniture to the walls since I have a walking 11 month old that likes to pull up on things. [...] I bought this to go right into the studs. The product feels like good quality and seems well built. It is extremely easy to use and is pretty self explanatory how to use. I was impressed for the price honestly. Would definitely recommend!”