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27 Stellar Gifts For Your Favorite Educators

The only apple here is an Apple store gift card.

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It’s almost impossible to express the gratitude that teachers deserve, but every year, there’s one week in particular where students and parents get a chance to show their educators how much they care. This year, Teacher Appreciation Week runs from May 3 through May 7 with National Teacher Day falling on Tuesday, May 4, 2021. Each school celebrates differently (and some not at all) but these 25 best gifts for teachers will let them know how much you value the hard and necessary work they do.

It’s been a challenging year for everyone, but teachers have really gone above and beyond the call of duty. Between teaching kids the actual curriculum along with how to mute and unmute themselves, covering their faces with stickers to keep kids engaged on Zoom, reimaging their classrooms to be COVID-safe, and paying for their own supplies, it’s time for teachers to get the recognition they so deserve.

From edible treats like teas and cookies to practical items like gift cards, reusable water bottles, or even a Wi-Fi-enabled garden, there’s something here for all the teachers who have helped your child navigate these past years. Because while it’s hard to express how meaningful their contributions are, a nice gift is a good place to start.


A Clothing Subscription Box For Teachers

Give teachers the gift of a wardrobe refresh, thanks to Teacher Style Box, a clothing subscription service that allows customers to pick two items each month with unlimited swaps and free shipping each way. With brands they know and love, like French Connection and Banana Republic, plus cool, more under-the-radar brands, the clothes are polished but comfy, appropriate, and designed to fit teachers' busy lifestyles both in and out of the classroom. If they want to make something a permanent part of their wardrobe, they'll have the option to buy it at a discount. You can choose to gift the Teacher Style Box for one month ($45), two months ($80) or three ($110).


A Grounding Mist

Teachers can feel more balanced amidst the classroom chaos with a quick spritz of this mist from MO MI. It's made from sandalwood, lavender, and bamboo plant actives and it has a lightly floral, calming scent to it. Called a "personal space" mist, this spray will give teachers a sweet moment to themselves, and it can also be used as a hair perfume that smells clean without being cloying.


Golden Milk Tea

Comforting golden milk gets a cool update thanks to the 3D printed tiger heads that get dropped in hot water or milk to make a rich, bright yellow drink. Along with classic golden milk ingredients like turmeric and ashwagandha, this one by haircare company Fable & Mane includes healthy hair ingredients like biotin and B12.


Wireless Earbuds With The Best Reviews on Amazon

Whether it’s so they can hear better on Zoom, or just for zoning out to a podcast after a busy day of work, reliable wireless earbuds are always a good choice. These are available in six different colors and a have nearly perfect five-star rating on Amazon (with over 100,000 reviews).


A Personalized Stamp

Make grading more fun with this personalized teacher stamp. You’ll add their name, choose from a series of illustrated faces to find the one that looks most like theirs (a step your kid will have fun with too), and decide whether or not you want to package it with an ink pad.


A Luxe Hand Cream

After all the hand-washing teachers do (they come into contact with a lot of kid snot) a good hand cream is essential. This one from haircare brand Ouai is luxe and hydrating without being sticky. The sophisticated scent has notes of flowers, musk, sandalwood, and amber.


A Dried Flower Bouquet

This bouquet will last a whole lot longer than fresh flowers. Yellow billy balls, broom blooms, and hydrangeas add a cheerful pop, plus they’ll get to keep the beautiful white ceramic vase.


A Tea Infuser

These tea infuser looks cute sitting on a desk even when it’s not in use. It includes a saucer for resting a hot mug, and the mesh is very finely perforated so no weird loose bits of tea come through. It’s nice to gift this alongside some loose-leaf tea.


A Trio Of Gummy Bears

Candy is always a safe choice, especially this trio of delicious gummies in fun flavors like peach bellini (alcohol-free), strawberry rose, and sour stars. The “thank you” box is high quality and can be reused for holiday pens, pencils, or other classroom trinkets.


Library Card Tote

Library lovers will get a kick out of this 100% cotton tote that’s perfect for schlepping supplies to and from school. This has a retro feel and it will be fun (and make you feel ancient) to explain to your kids how library borrowing books worked in the “old days.” Best of all, proceeds from each purchase help to fund literacy programs and book donations to communities in need.


An Everyday Lip Balm

This luxe lip balm is more than your average drugstore chapstick. It’s a wax-free, buttery balm that keeps lips hydrated all day, perfect for when the heat is blasting in a classroom whose windows don’t open.


An Eco-Friendly Lunch Box

Bringing lunch to school can be chic (and more eco-friendly than using plastic bags) with a cool Bento box like the one from Japanese brand, Takenaka. This one has two storage levels, a fork, divider, and a strap and there’s enough room for lunch and snacks, plus it comes in tons of great colors. Everything except the lid and fork are microwave and dishwasher-safe.


A Luxe Candle

For your kid’s favorite teacher comes this favorite candle. If you’re not sure what kind of scents they’re into, earthy fig paired with fruity blackcurrant is always a good choice.


A Sticker Maker

Looking for a gift they wouldn’t think to buy themselves? This gadget turns any piece of paper into a sticker. All they’ll have to do is put the paper or photo in, pull it through the machine, and peel the sticker. This could be fun for classroom decorations or mess-free way to put student’s photos on the walls.


An Apple Gift Card

You can never go wrong with a gift card, especially when they can use it to buy anything from new apps, to music or storage space on their laptop, or even treat themselves to headphones or a cool new device. You can buy Apple gift cards in increments of $25.


A Gilded Face Mask

Give the teacher that always glows the gift of gold... well at least 24k gold flakes mixed in a face mask. The mask is enriched with vitamins and gives the skin radiance, plus it’s an excuse for some self-care.


A Variety Pack Of Cookies

If you know their teacher has food allergies (and even if they don’t) this variety pack of cookies from Partake is a chocolate-lovers dream. Free from gluten, dairy, and the top eight allergens, these cookies are delicious which is good because there’s 15 of them.


A Ceramic Cup

These pretty ceramic cups add a playful pop on any desk whether they’re holding pencils and markers or a few flowers. And with so many gorgeous colors, good luck choosing just one (but with their great price you may want to snag a few anyway).


A Mask Case

Not too long ago it would have been hard to fathom carrying around a mask, let alone a protective case for one. But here we are, and this protective pouch can hang off a bag or desk to keep their mask clean and accessible without digging around for it.


A Thank You Poster

Let their teacher know how much they’ve meant to your child over the past year with this sweet personalized print. This is a real print that will be delivered (as opposed to a digital download) but it does not come framed. Reviewers noted the speedy delivery and great quality.


A Milk Whisk

The latte lover doesn’t have to wait in line at coffee shops anymore thanks to this USB-rechargeable whisk that instantly froths milk for a professional-grade latte. It’s available for pre-order and should ship in late April, just in time for Teacher Appreciation Week.


An Indoor Garden

If you’re going to splurge, why not make it something the whole class can enjoy? This Wi-Fi-enabled smart garden is controllable via app, has automated LED lighting so it doesn’t need sun, notifies the user when their plant needs water, and offers gardening tips for beginners. This one also comes with basil seeds so they can start using it right away.


A Notebook

Whether for writing down funny things the kids say or making lesson plans, this notebook will remind your child’s teacher that they’re doing important work helping to raise future generations.


A Reusable Water Bottle

Teachers don’t have access to the Brita or the water fountain while they’re teaching, so if they want to stay hydrated they need to bring their water with them. Drinking eight eight ounce glasses a day feels like a treat in this gorgeous stainless steel bottle designed by George Sowden for HAY. It comes in five rich colors.


A Pretty Set Of Pens

Architecture buffs, or those who simply appreciate the finer things, will get a lot of use out of this trio of ballpoint pens. The Wright design on each pen adds a bit of history to grading sessions.


A Self-Care Set

When you want your child’s teacher to have a relaxing weekend you give them all the fixings for blissing out. This gift set includes chocolate infused with rose petals, cardamom, sesame, and halva, plus a candle that smells like a spa and rose-scented bath salts.


A Pretty Desk Organizer

Organizing a desk can be a beautiful experience thanks to the floral organizer that adds a touch of spring to any room. It has space for file folders, pencils, pens, and small notebooks or a phone.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week, but most importantly, don’t forget to write them a nice card to express just how grateful you are for all their above-and-beyond efforts.

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