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The 18 Best Kids PJ Brands — And Some Even Make Matching Sets For The Family

There's a whole world of adorable jammies out there.

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Between how quickly kids grow and how cute little pajama sets are, it can feel like you’re constantly on the hunt for new sleepwear. The problem is that even the best kids pajama brands only offer so many styles, so it’s hard to find sets that are new and unique. However, with a bit of internet digging, you can find some really fun, cozy, and quality sets from kids pajama brands that are on the rise.

As much as everyone loves Carter’s, Cat & Jack, and Hanna Andersson pajamas, they’re so popular that it’s sometimes near-impossible to find a set in your kiddo’s size or, even if they do have their size in stock, it seems like everyone’s’ kids are sporting the same styles. Also, not all brands are created equal in terms of quality. Kids wear their pajamas every night so they go through the washer and dryer a lot, and sometimes it’s worth spending a little extra money to get a set that’s durable and won’t end up with holes in it after a month.

You can tackle many, if not all, of these issues by shopping smaller, under-the-radar brands. There are so many places that only use organic fabrics, have a wide variety of sizes in stock, or offer styles that are totally different from the larger kids pajama brands. Here are a few great places to start.

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Little Bum Bums

You’ll find adorable options for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults at Little Bum Bums. The company was founded by a mom who was on a mission to create a line of baby sleepwear that would regulate body temperature throughout the night, would be gentle on sensitive skin, and also look cute. It’s safe to say she nailed the mission because all of Little Bum Bums’ PJs are made from bamboo fabric which is breathable, stretchy, soft, and safe to throw into the washer and dryer. Plus, there are a variety of amazing patterns and prints to choose from that your little one (or you) will look absolutely fantastic in.


Little Blue House

Little Blue Houses started out as a company selling cutesy aprons back in the 1980s, over the years, the business grew and expanded and now they sell all kinds of products, including some very cute pajamas for kids and babies. Each piece or set has a fun kid-friendly pattern that you won’t find anywhere else (just look at this adorable bear and camp combo set) and is made from 100% cotton. They’re all safe to toss into the washer and dryer, a must when it comes to kids clothes. And, if you love the kid styles, you’re in luck because Little Blue House also offers some matching family pajama sets, too.


Sleep On It

Kid pajamas are all they focus on at Sleep On It, so you know they put a lot of thought into their products. The company’s founder worked in the clothing/textile industry for years and was inspired to start his own line of pajamas. All of the pajamas feature fun, whimsical prints, some of which are chosen because they represent kids’ big dreams (like becoming an astronaut or having a pet unicorn). At Sleep On It, you’ll find cute and cozy pajamas for babies, toddlers, and big kids in a variety of fabrics including cotton, jersey, velour, fleece, and more.


Posh Peanut

Posh Peanut offers a wide range of clothing products for kids, but their PJ sets are especially stand-out. Available in sizes for babies, toddlers, big kids, and grown-ups (including family matching sets), their pajamas are made from super soft bamboo fabrics that are breathable, durable, and aren’t harsh on sensitive skin. All of their pieces are designed to fit snug for comfort and safety, and they’re safe to toss into the washer and dryer. The pajamas come in a handful of style options as well as a wide variety of patterns like balloons, tie-dye, flowers, sailboats, and there is even a pattern with s’mores.


Lucky & Me

At Lucky & Me, you’re going to find an assortment of kids pajamas that are made from 100% organic cotton, are super soft and durable, and are downright adorable. They offer 2-piece long john-style sets in four colors/patterns for boys, girls, as well as gender-neutral options. Every PJ set is made without tags and with smooth seams for extra comfort, so, while they’re great for any kid, they’re especially good for kids with sensory sensitivities. These pajama sets are available in sizes 2T through 10, but it’s important to note that since they are not flame resistant they are specifically designed to fit extra snug for safety.


Bambi + Birdie

Bambi & Birdie is a small clothing company based out of Canada that was founded by two moms, Brittany and Ali. They started the business because, after they had kids, they both struggled to find quality clothing for little ones that was ethically made. Suffice it to say, their pajamas are especially great. They offer PJs for babies, kids, women, and men in different patterns and colors (all of which are gorgeous). Pajama styles vary by size, such as footie PJs for babies, snug long sleeve/pants and short sleeve/shorts sets and dresses for kids, and a little bit of everything for adults. All of the pajamas are made from bamboo fabric so they’re extra soft and cozy and will hold up after several washes.


Little Pajama Co.

Whether you’re looking for comfortable pajamas for your kids, yourself, or a mommy and me set, you’ll find them at Little Pajama Co. The company was founded by a mom of three kids who wanted to make PJs for kids that were high-quality and covered in whimsical prints, and she definitely succeeded. The store offers one-piece options for babies and toddlers, two-piece sets for toddlers and big kids, and a small selection of button down sets for moms. All of the products at Little Pajama Co. are made with super soft fabrics, are tagless for extra comfort, and are designed to fit snugly for safety.


Peregrine Kidswear

As the owner of a children’s boutique, Kristie, the founder of Peregrine Kidswear, was constantly on the hunt for gender-neutral kids clothing to sell in her store, and found herself extremely frustrated after she’d come up empty handed again and again. So, she decided to solve the problem herself and created a genderless clothing line full of PJs in just about any style you can think up. From newborn footies to tank top and shorts sets to kids patterned PJs that match adult-size robes, there is something for every kid (and parent) to love. Peregrine Kidswear pajamas are made from soft bamboo fabric and range in size from baby to big kid.


Little Sleepies

Take one look at the Little Sleepies website and you’ll fall in love with their adorable prints and style collections. All of their pajamas are eco-friendly and made from bamboo viscose, so they’re super comfortable and consciously made. They offer just about every kind of pajama style out there, too, including zippered one-pieces, two-piece sets, and even some adorable matching family options (which are good for any time of the year, if you ask me). There are so many cute colors and patterns to choose from, including styles for girls or boys as well as gender-neutral options. Basically, you’re going to want to buy up the whole store.



The store Giggle was founded by a mom over 20 years ago, starting as a small children’s clothing boutique with a mission to provide quality products to customers. Now, it’s expanded exponentially and while they still offer products from a variety of brands, they also have their own label, which has some very cute, quality-made pajamas. They offer long-sleeve/pants and short-sleeve/shorts sets for kids ranging from 12M to 6X. Each piece is consciously made from 100% Peruvian Pima cotton. Also, every (adorable) pattern in Giggle’s label is designed to coordinate with their other prints like stars, stripes, hearts, monkeys, spaceships, and more.


Under the Nile

If you’re looking for pajamas that are quality and ethically made, then Under the Nile is the place to go. It was founded 20 years ago by a mom who struggled to find clothing for her kids that wouldn’t irritate their skin (not to mention, also sustainably made). Now, all of the products from Under the Nile are made from 100% organic Egyptian cotton that is super soft to the touch and comes directly from a farm in Cairo that prioritizes sustainability and global welfare. So, basically, not only are their pajamas adorable, with a variety of different styles and cute patterns, but you can also feel really good about your decision to buy them.



At Esme, you’ll find pajamas for babies as young as 3 months old all the up to kids size 16, as well as Mommy and Me and Daddy and Me sets. They offer styles with some seriously cute prints and patterns, like comic bubbles, stars, rainbows, and cupcakes. Every piece of clothing is made without any harsh chemicals, with super soft and cozy tri-blend fabric, and are quality made to maintain their shapes after going through the washing machine and dryer. Also, Esme is a US-based company, so it’s a great place to shop if you’re wanting to support smaller businesses.


Roller Rabbit

It’s not terribly hard to find kids' pajamas with cute prints, but if you’re looking for some with totally unique patterns, then you need to check out Roller Rabbit. All of their styles are either hand-drawn or inspired by gorgeous prints you’ll find across the world. They offer pajamas for babies, kids, and adults, as well as matching family prints, in both short and long-sleeve sets. Each piece is made from high-quality 100% Pima cotton, making the PJs extra soft and cozy, and Roller Rabbit prides itself in not being a fast-fashion brand because all of their products are made mindfully and take as long as they need to be made well.


Sammy + Nat

For anyone looking to dress their kiddos in the most luxe sleepwear, you need to check out Sammy + Nat. All of their pajamas are made from 100% Peruvian Pima cotton that naturally adjusts to the body’s temperature, so your kiddo won’t overheat or feel too chilly at night. This cotton is also super soft and will continue to get even softer with every wash, so it’s especially great for little kids with sensory sensitivities. Sammy + Nat offers pajamas in sizes running from baby to big kid (around 12 years old), as well as a handful of adult-size products, and they even have monogramming options.



Noomie is another kids clothing brand that was started by two moms who were tired of feeling frustrated over the lack of quality options for their kids. The company offers (very cute) pajamas ranging in size from NB up to 12Y. All of their pajamas are made from soft and snuggly 100% Pima cotton, which is both durable and allergen free (so it’s especially great for babies with sensitive skin). You can choose from a wide variety of styles and patterns like this adorable camping set, tank top and shorts sets, and footie pajamas. Oh, and you can feel confident that the PJs are a good investment, because every new style is tested for practicality by real moms before it's released for sale.


Free Birdees

You can stock up on pajamas from Free Birdees for the baby, kids, and yourself thanks to their wide range of sizes. You’ll definitely be tempted to buy in bulk here, too, because all of their PJs are made from bamboo viscose, sized a little longer to prevent tops from riding up overnight and won’t pill. In fact, they’re specifically made to be long-lasting so that they can be passed along as hand-me-downs as your kids get bigger. They offer a variety of PJ styles including footie designs for babies and toddlers (up to 3T) and two-piece sets for toddlers and big kids (up to size 10). There are also multiple cute patterns and prints to choose from like this cute floral set, tractors, animals, basic stripes, and more.


Jellifish Kids

If you’re looking for more big kid or classic styles, Jellifish Kids has a wide selection of everything from classic long-sleeve and short-sleeve sets to big-kid-size onesies (which are about as wonderfully ridiculous and cute as you’d imagine). Their PJs come in kids sizes XS to XL, with most available as full sets, but a few can be purchased as single pieces. These fun shark pajamas come as a set that is made from breathable fabrics that will keep your kiddo comfy throughout the night, and the pants feature cuffed ankles for a snug fit and to ensure they don’t ride up the legs overnight.


Colored Organics

Colored Organics is another label that was founded by a mom who was frustrated as she struggled to find clothes for her kids that were ethically made. All of the pajamas from the brand are made from 100% organic cotton and colored with non-toxic water-based dyes. Even better, Colored Organics is committed to manufacturing all of their clothing ethically, meaning all of their facilities offer safe working environments, and every employee is paid a fair wage, provided with medical benefits, and has a cap on how many hours they can work in a week (plus they’re also given vacation time and holidays). All of this is reason enough to shop at Colored Organics, so their adorable PJ styles and prints are just the cherry on top.

For parents who don’t want their kids wearing the exact same clothes as all of their friends, you can’t go wrong with any of these amazing pajama brands. And, even if you don’t care if your kids' clothes are unique, you should still consider shopping these collections, because they’re all quality made (not to mention, they’re also super cute).

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