the best nursery rugs
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The 7 Best Nursery Rugs On Amazon

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When you're putting the finishing touches on your baby’s space, the best nursery rugs can help pull the room together while adding some major coziness. Finding a rug that complements your decor might be the driving factor in your search — and luckily there are tons of rug looks ranging from ultra-fluffy to themed and patterned rugs — but you’ll also want to choose a rug that’s durable and easy to clean, since young children are notoriously messy. Many rugs can be spot cleaned or vacuumed for quick cleanups, but if you don’t want to pay for professional cleaning for a deeper clean, there are some that are machine washable, too. Bright patterns and darker colors typically hide stains better, so keep that in mind if it's a major concern.

Ease of cleaning aside, a rug’s material and pile height can also determine how well it holds up. Synthetic materials like polypropylene and polyester (sometimes blended with other materials) are durable and usually stain-resistant, though textures vary. Cotton isn’t quite as durable, but it is soft and comfortable to walk on. Wool rugs have many benefits including general hardiness, and they’re naturally flame- and water-resistant, though they can shed more than the average rug. Take note of the rug’s pile height (essentially, its thickness); low- or mid-pile rugs less than half an inch thick are less of a tripping hazard but are also not as cozy, while high-pile rugs more than half an inch thick feel cushioning and look chic, but are harder to clean.

Rugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and determining which rug is appropriate for your space is super important. Think about whether you want the rug to fill most of the room to anchor the furniture or if you’d like it to be a small accent beside a crib or chair, and choose a shape and size based on that. Don’t forget to measure the room before you buy!

These rugs would make the perfect addition to your child’s nursery. All of the picks on this list are durable and easy to keep clean while being positively adorable.

1. A Highly Rated Geometric Rug In A Range Of Sizes & Colors

Modern yet minimalist, this area rug from Unique Loom would work in a wide range of nursery designs. And it’s clear that Amazon reviewers are wild about this pick, too, hence the knockout 4.5-star rating overall they give the rug on the site, after more than 9,000 reviews. The rug is made from durable polypropylene with a cotton backing, and it has a pile height of about 0.33 of an inch. The rug shouldn't shed and it’s actually stain-resistant, too. In terms of cleaning, this pick can be spot cleaned or vacuumed, so it'll be easy to keep it looking good.

Choose from a wide range of sizes and colors, as well as shapes like rectangular, square, octagonal, or oval, so you can be sure to match your little one’s nursery decor and setup.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "So glad I bought this! I got it for my sons nursery. So great for the price. No weird smells, and the corners weren’t hard for me to get to lay down flat. I want to get another one for the house!"

  • Available sizes: 24 inches x 36 inches — 120 inches x 168 inches

2. A Cloud-Shaped Faux-Fur Rug

This rug from Kroma Carpet will make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud... and hey, it even looks like one, too! The white cloud-shaped rug boasts some seriously fluffy faux fur (it’s about 1 inch thick, to be exact) that’s made from a blend of synthetic materials. It's machine washable, which is extra important since white isn't the most stain-resistant.

The rug is small in size, so it would make a great accent piece near a crib, rocking chair, or changing station.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "This is the cutest rug! Perfect for my baby boys nursery. Really soft and love that it is machine washable."

  • Available size: 31 inches x 43 inches

3. A Rug With Colorful Rainbow Stripes

For the ultimate rainbow-colored nursery, this rug from nuLOOM would make the perfect addition since it features vibrant stripes in a range of hues. The rug is rectangular in shape, but the stripes jut out in a fun and playful way to give this pick just a bit of extra flare. Made from 100% polyester, the rug can be spot cleaned or vacuumed, and it has a 0.5-inch pile height. If you're worried about tripping on the jagged edges, it might help to tape it down.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Love this rug. Was nervous about it but its perfect for my nursery. Evened out not long after opening. Vacuumed a couple of times to get rid of fluffies. Its soft and just the right thickness. So colorful / bright and fun!"

  • Available sizes: 30 inches x 72 inches — 90 inches x 114 inches

4. A Polka-Dot Wool Rug

Hand-spun from plush New Zealand wool, this Safavieh Kids rug is high-quality, and frankly, it's adorable to boot. The rug comes in two colors — a gray-colored background with large ivory polka dots, or an ivory-colored background with black polka dots — and it has a pile height of about a 0.5 inch. That makes it thick enough to be incredibly comfortable underfoot, but not overly plush.

While this pick is not machine washable, reviewers on Amazon indicate that it's super durable and it can easily be vacuumed. Some reviewers warn that this pick does shed, though that doesn't seem to be a dealbreaker for the majority of users, who gave the rug an overall rating of 4.2 stars. There is no indication from the manufacturer as to whether this pick can be spot cleaned, but as a general rule of thumb, wool rugs usually can be.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "We put this in our kids' room and it's been wonderful. Holds up to whatever they dish out. The dots are raised, but in a fun way, not annoying - the kids love jumping on them, pretending they're "rocks" in lava! It does shed, but not any more so than I expected for a wool rug - the durability is worth the trade-off, and from experience with other wool rugs I know that'll stop within a few months of sweeping. Great price for the product, too."

  • Available sizes: 30 inches x 96 inches — 96 inches x 120 inches

5. A Budget-Friendly Shag Rug That’s Super Fluffy

While this shag rug from JOYFEEL is a major steal when it comes to price — the 4 by 6-foot size is only $30! — that doesn't mean you're sacrificing comfort or quality. The shag rug is super fluffy with a nearly 2-inch pile height, and it has a high-density sponge layer in the middle for added softness. Anti-slip dots on the bottom prevent it from sliding around on the floors — a major plus for a nursery. Made from polyester, the rug is stain-resistant and can be spot-cleaned if needed. When small spills or accidents occur, spray the area with a carpet cleaning solution and let it sit for a few minutes before blotting it dry.

Choose from three solid color options.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "This is the perfect rug for my daughter's nursery! It's just the right thickness and super soft! We're buying a second one for my 3 year old bedroom because she's always going into the nursery to lay on the rug with her books or toys!"

  • Available size: 48 inches x 72 inches

6. A Patterned Rug That’s Easy To Clean

Kids of all ages — babies included! — tend to be quite messy, and so you definitely can't go wrong in choosing a nursery rug that’s machine washable for ease. And luckily, this pick from ReaLife fits the bill; the rug can be tossed straight into the wash, and it’ll come out looking good as new each and every time. Beyond washability, this pick is seriously gorgeous, with a bunch of punch pattern options that are neutral enough to work in basically any nursery.

The rectangular-shaped rug is made from recycled synthetic fibers, so it’s durable and eco-friendly. It is a flat woven rug (so it doesn’t have much thickness at all), making it quite lightweight overall. A non-slip backing helps to keep it in place.

Choose from a range of colors and designs.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Rug is soft but not quite like a traditional rug. Washed it once already in our very large washing machine and came out perfectly. Good solution for toddler and dog mom life. Does [its] job and I feel good about the kids playing on a clean and easily cleanable surface. Will be interested to see how it holds up over time with heavy use. We will certainly put it to the test in this house."

  • Available sizes: 30 inches x 72 inches — 90 inches x 114 inches

7. A Round Rug With An Alphabet Design

Made from ultra-soft cotton, this rug from Blue Page is not only comfortable to walk on, but it also features basically the cutest alphabet design ever. And it’s obvious that I’m not the only one who thinks that; this pick has a whopping 4.6-star rating overall on Amazon after more than 900 reviews.

This pick is hypoallergenic, and it features an anti-slip backing to ensure it stays firmly in place. It can be spot cleaned or vacuumed as needed. Choose from a pink or gray rug with white letters, or a white rug with black letters.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "This rug is the perfect addition to our baby [boy's] nursery! It is the most complimented piece in the room :) We love the size (got the larger size) and it’s so soft!"

  • Available sizes: 47 inches and 59 inches

Also Great: A Classic Road Map Rug For Only $20

This road map rug from Amy & Delle would look totally adorable in a nursery, but it serves as a way to entertain your child once they get a little older, too. The low-pile rug features a vivid scene of ponds, runways, roads, houses, trees, and roundabouts that kids will love to "drive" on and explore. And can we talk about the price? For only $20, you really can’t go wrong to this pick.

The rug is made from synthetic materials with a nonslip latex backing. Reviewers on Amazon indicate that they’ve run their vacuum on the rug and spot cleaned it, too, and it has held up well.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "This is a nice kids play rug and is actually very decent for the price. It looks very nice in my son’s room. The rug is of a good thickness not too much not too little, the design on the rug is nice and not all cheap looking, and the overall durability of the rug seems like it will last a long time (you can re-use it for your next kid). I am glad I purchased this rug and my son is too!"

  • Available size: 36 inches x 60 inches