The best outlet covers
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The 5 Best Outlet Covers For Babyproofing Your Home

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Child-proofing is a must once your curious kiddo is on the move, and you don't want to overlook the electric outlets. The best outlet covers are designed to prevent your tot from sticking their fingers (or who-knows-what else) into the sockets, which could cause electric shock. The best covers are simple to install and fit snugly and securely so that your kiddo can’t easily remove them. There are several designs to choose from, and selecting the right ones for your home depends on how often you need to access the outlets and your budget.

Plastic plugs are a low-cost solution that are usually sold in bulk. Plugs insert directly into the outlet’s sockets, and are fairly difficult to remove once in place (but when you do take them out, don’t leave them lying around since they’re a choking hazard). Some plugs boast added security measures like a dual-action release feature. Another way to cover an outlet is with a shield, which is a plastic panel that covers the entire outlet, so that everyone — including your kiddo — essentially forgets that it was ever even there.

Plugs and shields are effective, but may be frustrating if you actually need to use your outlets. That's why bulky box outlet covers exist, allowing you to completely enclose the outlet and cords for devices that are semi-permanently plugged in, such as TVs. And if you simply want an outlet to be available for use when you need it and covered when you don't, sliding faceplate covers ensure that the socket can’t be accessed until you slide the cover to plug in a cord.

This list contains a variety of styles, so that you can find the ones that will work in your home. They've helped hundreds of parents child-proof their electric outlets.


A Fan-Favorite Set Of Round Plastic Outlet Plugs

With more than 26,000 reviews on Amazon and a standout 4.8-star rating overall, these Mommy’s Helper outlet plugs are a favorite on the site for being effective and super cheap — you get 36 of them for less than $5! The plastic plugs are simple to install: All you have to do is push them directly into each individual socket, no tools required. I use these plugs in my home, and can attest that they’re quite snug once in place. And my daughter hasn’t been able to remove them, despite repeated attempts.

The clear plugs can be utilized in two- and three-prong outlets. They’re for indoor-use only.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "These are a lifesaver if you have a baby who is on the go! Of course they are drawn immediately to the outlets, my baby girl was, and only because I thought ahead, I had these on hand. She cannot pry them out, and they have fit all my outlets snuggly, but not too snug that I cannot get them out myself without trouble! I like that they are also quite unnoticeable if you are not looking right at them, so they do not look out of place in the house."


A Box-Style Outlet Cover That Allows You To Keep Cords Plugged In

To cover both an outlet and the cords that are plugged into it, consider this tamper-resistant box-style cover from LectraLock. While installation is a bit more involved than some of the other picks on this list — you’ll have to replace the original faceplate with the box outlet cover — this appears to be a fair trade-off for many Amazon reviewers. Tons of people indicate that this pick successfully protects little fingers while still allowing stuff to remain plugged in. "Worked perfectly to cover our Alexa plug - our baby absolutely cannot get into it! Super easy to install — very hard to remove! (A good thing when it comes to a curious baby)," wrote one happy reviewer.

The outlet cover is compatible with most standard sockets. It’s available in three sizes — small, large, and flat — and four colors. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and is intended for indoor-use only.

The only downsides to this outlet cover? It's more pricey and bulky than the other picks on this list.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I love these, they are great! My baby loves to play with plugs and gives us heart attacks, even with other types of safety devices. *Perfect* for outlets where you keep things plugged in regularly, like a lamp or Alexa device. Not so great for a plug you move often, I wouldn’t want to open the clear part often."


A Shield That Will Totally Cover The Outlet

If your kiddo is persistent in trying to gain access to an outlet, you may want to give these shields from Safety 1st a try. The shield covers the entire outlet with the goal that your child will forget that it was ever there — it can be painted the same color as the wall to blend in even further. And since the shield fits right over your existing outlet, installation is as simple as pushing it directly into the sockets.

The shield is compatible with two- and three-prong outlets. The manufacturer does not list whether it's suitable for outdoor use so you'll want to stick to indoor use.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "We have an 11 month old who wants to explore everything except her toys so it should come to no surprise that now that she is standing and mobile, outlets are a fascination. We have installed these guards throughout our home and they are strong and sturdy. They take a real good bit of effort to pull them out, and unless your child is a miniature Arnold Schwarzenegger, they are not pulling them out. They can become a slight pain in the behind when you need to take them out to plug something in, but well worth the hassle to know our baby girl will not be exploring the powers of electricity any time soon!"


A Set Of Oversize Self-Closing Faceplate Covers

These Safety Innovations outlet covers are self-closing, so you’ll never have to worry about accidentally forgetting to put a plug or other cover back in place. The cover replaces your existing faceplate (you’ll just need a screwdriver to install it), and it’s slightly oversized to cover small flaws or damage on the wall. Once in place, the outlet cover is super simple to use — slide it over to plug in your cord. And when you unplug it, the cover automatically slides back to its original position, so your little one can’t stick their fingers or items in the socket.

This pick is designed to fit standard outlets with a single center screw. It’s available in a two-screw style as well. The manufacturer does not list whether these are also suitable for outdoor use so you'll want to stick to indoor use.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "These are the best way to baby proof an outlet. I wouldn't buy anything else, they are so easy to use, nothing to pull out of the outlet just use the plug in your hand to slide the shield to the side and slide the plug in with one motion. Automatically closes behind you when you pull a plug out so even if something is plugged in and a child gets a hold of the cord it will be safe as soon as the cord is tugged out. I used these for my [son] and 10 years later I've purchased then again for my daughter they are still the best product on the market."


A Set Of Plastic Plugs That Lock

If your child tends to remove basic plastic plugs, these Safety 1st outlet plugs have extra security measures to ensure they’ll stay in place. The plugs are designed to lock into outlets, and they won’t budge unless you press both the top and left tabs at the same time to remove them so it's a lot harder for kiddos to do.

The plugs are compatible with two- and three-prong outlets. However, they’re intended for indoor-use only.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I had the clear plastic plugs that did not lock-- once my mini was up and exploring she immediately accepted the [challenge] that the basic plugs posed and had them out of the wall in record time (much to my chagrin). I browsed multiple options and decided on these. The fact that they lock is invaluable. I no longer have to worry about her getting access to the outlets. Once you have these plugged in you need two hands: one to hold in the sides and one to press down the top to unlock the anchor."