Valentine's Day

little girl with two valentine's heart cards
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These Adorable Valentine's Day Cards Will Make Your Kid's Heart Skip A Beat

Maybe Cupid will send you a few, too.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean roses and scrambling to get a dinner reservation; instead, it can be a quiet day to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Whether or not you believe the holiday warrants gifts, a small token is always appreciated... which is why these 12 Valentine’s Day cards for kids are so great.

If your kids are in virtual school, they may be missing the fun of giving and receiving a Valentine from everyone in their class. And because this year Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) falls on a Sunday, it could be fun to play Cupid with your kid by dropping off cards in their pals' mailboxes. Or if you’re looking to spread a little joy the old-fashioned way, there’s still plenty of time to send snail mail (or a digital greeting card if that’s more your speed).

From a Baby Yoda pop-up card to a craft kit where creative kids can make their own, your kid will be happy to give or receive these 12 Valentine’s Day cards that are way more fun than chalky candy hearts.

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1. A Pizza Valentine

This virtual card is a cutie no matter how you slice it. Featuring heart-shaped pepperonis plus a punny saying, this one will get sent straight to your kiddo's inbox (and bonus points if you pizza for dinner).

2. Friend-chip Cards

Your little one will have a blast mailing or delivering these personalized cards to all their best pals (you'll get 15 cards for $14). They can customize the card to have their named printed on the front, and there's also room to have their picture on the back. You can also choose to have these printed on recycled paper.

3. A DIY Valentine Craft Kit

Kids who love to create will enjoy making their own Valentine's Day cards with this craft kit. It includes tons of supplies including 16 felt hearts, washi tape, three gel pens, glue, glitter and so much more.

4. A Baby Yoda Pop-Up Valentine

You didn't think I would leave Grogu off this list, did you? Fans of The Mandalorian will get a kick out of this Baby Yoda pop-up card (which is a bit expensive for a single card, but kids can play with this all year).

5. Boxed Card Sets For The Classroom

Parents of kids in the '90s were onto something: sometimes the easiest thing to do (and the thing that assures that none of your kids' buddies wind up without a Valentine) is to buy a set of cards for the whole classroom. Usually in packs of 24 or 28 (though some of these are 12-packs), there should be plenty to go around and they come in cute designs (like Frozen or superhero themes) that are sure to be a hit.

6. Animal-Themed Valentine's Cards

Kids will have fun making their own cute creatures with this DIY set of character cards. It comes with stickers, cards, and googly eyes and it's a fun activity the whole family can enjoy doing together.

7. A Robot Valentine

Let your little cyborg-fan know how much you love them with a Valentine's Day card featuring a friendly robot. The inside is blank so you can write your own note.

8. A Card With A Squishy Toy

It's beyond satisfying to squeeze one of these squishy toys, and since they come with included Valentine's Day cards, this pack of 36 is sure to be a hit (and it's a serious deal, too). Just remember to snag one for yourself so you have something to squish in stressful moments.

9. An Etch-A-Sketch Valentine

Etsy reviewers are raving about these unique Valentine's Day cards where kids can write their own secret message. You don't need any special equipment either to make this magical card; using any pen or pencil kids can write their message than cover it with the provided scratch-off sticker.

More than just a card, this waste-free kit from Love Beauty and Planet x East Olivia features a plantable card that grows into wildflowers. Planting something even more beautiful: The brand is donating $38K+ (equivalent to the cost of all kits produced) to Urban Growers Collective, a Black- and women-led non-profit farm in Chicago working to create a fair and equitable local food system.