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Kids Who Love Legos Will Love These 10 Building Toys, Too

These are just as fun, and (maybe) less painful to step on accidentally.

by Lindsay E. Mack
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Some kids are born to build, and fortunately there's a whole world of toys devoted to this talent. The building toys for kids who like Legos will appeal to budding architects of all ages. Whether you like classic wooden building toys or modern sets with all the bells and whistles, there's a new building toy just waiting to be discovered here. With any luck your kid will be busy constructing all kinds of imaginative designs for hours on end.

To be clear, this is not at all about disparaging Legos, because plenty of kids (and adults) love their iconic bricks. For some families, visiting Legoland is the *ultimate* family vacation, after all. But if you're feeling little Lego'd out as a parent (because those bricks do get everywhere), then there are so many similar toys that will fulfill that building need. There are soft and squishy blocks for the younger kids, as well as super-intricate and sometimes motorized sets for tweens and teens. Some sets include magnets, and others come with lights. Whatever the case, your kid can still enjoy the benefits of this creative play while working with a new set of toys. Read on to find the perfect building toy for your Lego-obsessed kiddo.

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Brain Flakes

With over 500 interconnecting disks, kids can create just about anything they can imagine with this set. The set also comes with an idea booklet to get you started.

Bristle Blocks

Ideal for the younger set, these soft and rubbery pieces are great for sensory play, as well as simple construction. This set includes 68 colorful, bendable pieces.


For some next-level building creations, try the K'Nex replica of the London Eye, which stands at two feet tall and comes with a battery-operated motor. With 1,861 parts that click in place, your kid will be busy building this iconic Ferris wheel for some time.

Laser Pegs

Because lights make everything cooler, the Laser Pegs toys are another solid option. With 100 blocks in this set, your kid can build four different light-up trucks.

Lincoln Logs

The classic building toy is still around, and this set of Lincoln Logs comes with 83 pieces of real wooden logs. Designed for ages 3 and up, it's also made in the USA.


Made with vivid hues and food-grade plastic, these magnetic tiles can encourage your kid to build some amazing (and honestly beautiful) pieces. This set includes 32 tiles that click together easily

Plus Plus

Filled with 400 pieces, this set helps kids learn to build both 2-D and 3-D designs with these unique blocks. There's also a guide book to help your kid construct everything from buildings to animals.


Billed as "the construction toy of the future," Qubits are an open-ended building set that can teach kids about shapes, architecture, and creativity. This set includes 50 pieces and an instruction booklet.

Tinker Toys

A beloved toy for over 100, years, Tinkertoy is still encouraging kids everywhere to build unique creations. This set includes 100 pieces that can be combined to make a windmill, a car, and whatever else your kid dreams up.


Created by an architect and designer, the Texo building toy comes with rods, planks, and connectors that connect to build just about anything. This 100-piece set also includes a detailed activity book.

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