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Cancer, Your 2021 Horoscope Says Your Luck Is About To Change

Isn't it about time?

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After the dumpster fire that was 2020, it wouldn't hurt if 2021 were full of good things. Luckily for those born under the sign of the crab, the Cancer 2021 horoscope predicts a pretty fantastic year. The same good fortune is true for kid-crabs, too. Basically, 2021 is a good year to be a Cancer.

In an email to Romper, celebrity astrologer, Kyle Thomas explains that for both Cancer adults and children, relationships will be the focus of 2021. However, that's only the start. Helene Cierzo, founder of Heart House Astrology, tells Romper that Cancers will also be thriving financially and professionally. "When it comes to finances, and following your dreams, it is time [for Cancers to] own [their] worth."

There will be a lot of learning and evolution that happens throughout the year, and it will all end up being for the better. Here's what to expect.


Throughout the year, Thomas says, "Powerful planets will be teaching you important life lessons about relationships in business and love." Cancers can expect to fall even deeper in love around the full moon in April and new moon in November, and this love can be with an existing partner or someone new. If you happen to be longing for a lost love, Thomas says 2021 is the year you may be able to reconnect with them, and by the end of the year, you might even reunite.

You can also expect your sex life to be pretty amazing in 2021. "Goddess of beauty, Venus, will bring you an irresistible allure in June," says Thomas, "and bring laughter and pleasure to you throughout September, too." You can also expect things to get a little heated in November, a time when Thomas says things will be "immensely passionate and sexy for you."


Your luck doesn't stop with love and sex this year, it creeps right into your finances, too. If you're on the hunt for financial assistance of some sort, Thomas says it's likely to come into fruition in 2021. "Financial luck, whether by loans, scholarships, assistance, large payouts, or venture capital" is highly probable this year.

Cierzo notes the impact Saturn and Jupiter will have on a Cancer's finances this year. "Jupiter can bring an increase in finances. Your partner could get a raise or bonus this year. You could also see financial gains through investments, inheritances, or joint resources." This is exciting in itself, but what's even better is that you have the potential to use and save this money wisely. "Saturn in the 8th house wants to teach you to budget and pay off debt," explains Cierzo, "So as much as Jupiter is blessing your finances in 2021, Saturn is the father figure teaching you to not squander your resources."


As you move through 2021, you'll feel more and more supported in your personal relationships. Thomas says, "The glorious union of Jupiter and Saturn at the end of 2020 [means] you will have more fulfilling relationships than you ever have had before — especially ones that support you in the emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual ways that you need." He explains that Saturn will be a big influence in your relationships and partnerships for the next two years. The planet will put some pressure on these relationships but they will ultimately become stronger and end up with you getting the support that you need.


Thomas says the planetary influence on your relationships in 2021 will expand into your business relationships, too. Cierzo agrees, and says "you will begin to gain greater discernment and make relationship-based decisions, both business and personal, accordingly." So you can expect to strengthen the partnerships that matter, and walk away from the ones that don't.

You can also expect to be pretty busy in 2021, specifically "in April until June, as well as at the very end of the year," according to Thomas. If you've been pondering whether or not to take a new job, the end of 2021 might be your opportunity. Cierzo says, "The total solar eclipse on December 4th in Sagittarius, could bring in a new job opportunity. So, if you are looking, you could really land a stellar job around the end of the year." This won't be just a lateral move or even a step up in a field you dislike, "This will be a job that you feel more spiritually aligned with and... will be empowering," Cierzo explains.


Little Cancers can also look forward to a year of exciting growth and possibilities. Thomas says, "A Cancer child in 2021 will be highly focused on learning about their friendships and relationships, particularly in what their needs and wants are and how those balance with someone else." Additionally, if they're on the lookout for some financial assistance, whether for school, sports, or another pursuit, Thomas indicates they're in luck in 2021.

Cancers are really in for a treat in 2021. Relationships will be tested but come out stronger, you'll make some big career moves, and even finances have the potential to fall into place. This is a great horoscope in any year, but it's a little more amazing after everything you endured in 2020.

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