55 Cheap Things That Make Your Home Look A LOT Better With Little Effort

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by Andrea Hannah

Let’s be real: Renovating your home can cost a small fortune. While it’s tempting to invest in brand new furniture or put down fresh flooring, small changes can actually make a huge difference. And the best part is there are some great home products that are pretty cheap, too.

If you think about it, it’s really all the details in your home that tend to stand out. A couch is just a couch, but that flower-shaped throw pillow with velvet petals? You don’t see design details like that just anywhere. Cute throw pillows or ultra-soft blankets make a huge difference in the overall aesthetic of a room. Other forms of textiles can also take things up a notch. A macrame wall hanging or rope basket can add character and visual interest. Plus, they’re super affordable.

Fitting in with the aesthetic is a must, but you also want to consider items that make your home more functional at the same time. It’s amazing how ditching cardboard boxes and storing your cereal in clear airtight containers can transform your pantry or kitchen. Even smaller items, like a sleek new spice rack or drying rack, can make a big impact without breaking the bank.

A totally new look is right around the corner, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Check out these cheap and stylish products for an instant home upgrade.

These Color-Changing Lights That Are Motion-Activated

Place these color-changing LED lights just about anywhere for an instant glow. This 5-foot strip features a super-strong adhesive, so you can simply stick it under your bed, in your closet, or underneath cabinets. The lights are motion-activated, and you can choose from 12 color settings or have them rotate automatically.

These Soy Candles That Smell Like A Garden

These soy candles leave an incredibly fresh scent in your home, and their colorful vessels decorate, too. The candles come in a set of nine, and each one has its own essential oil fragrance: cedar, rose, magnolia, gardenia, jasmine, apple cinnamon, vanilla, lemon, and lavender. Each candle offers 15 hours of burn time.

These Appliques That Add Detail To Your Furniture

Instead of investing in brand new furniture, update what you have with this set of four wood appliques. The floral design adds a fun detail to dressers, frames, cabinets, and more. You can even apply them to any large mirror to mimic that Anthropologie one that’s gorgeous but expensive. Apply them by drilling small holes or using wood glue, and you can even paint them any color to mix and match with your furniture.

This Geometric Tray That Holds All Your Trinkets

Whether you need a place for your jewelry, nail polish, or other bits and bobs, this geometric tray is the perfect solution. Measuring 6 by 9 inches, this tray fits on most surfaces without taking up too much room. It features a unique gold design as well as a soft surface so your items won’t budge. Plus, for less than 20 bucks, it’s a total steal.

These Geometric Planters That Hang On Your Wall

These geometric planters add an elegant detail to any wall. Each of the two planters features a gold geometric frame around a porcelain planter that fits right in with modern home decor. They’re the perfect size for succulents or other low-maintenance house plants.

This Decorative Trim That Sticks To Any Smooth Surface

Instantly add character to your home’s baseboards, picture frames, cabinets, and more with this flexible molding. The 16-foot roll of decorative trim is backed by strong adhesive, making it extremely easy to apply this molding to any smooth surface. Plus, it comes in a few colors to match your style.

This Outlet Cover That Looks Like A Painting

This gorgeous outlet cover adds an artistic flair to even the tiniest details in your home. Gray, green, and gold paint are swirled for a marble-like effect, and a high-gloss finish protects the design over time. This outlet cover installs as easily as a traditional white one.

These LED Fairy Lights That Change Colors

These LED fairy lights are versatile, affordable, and conveniently remote-controlled. And they’re rustproof and weatherproof, so feel free to hang them in your bedroom, patio, or garden. With 12 settings, including static mode, twinkle mode, and flash mode, know that you can even sync the lights to your music when you’re in the mood for a dance party.

This Colorful Duvet Cover That’s Buttery Soft

As one reviewer says about this brushed microfiber cover, “This is an incredible duvet.” The buttery soft material feels like a dream against your skin, and it comes in bright, unique patterns that catch your eye as soon as you enter your bedroom. It has a zipper closure instead of a button closure, which reviewers insist is great because it keeps your duvet from slipping out of the cover.

This Macrame Hanger That Holds Your Stuff

This macrame hanger adds a bit of texture to your decor, and it’s functional, too. This woven tapestry features a large pocket you can use to store mail, keys, magazines, and more. It could even be a pretty spot to store diapers or swaddles in a nursery. The wooden dowel and extra-long cotton tassels add a natural element to any space, and the ivory hue fits in anywhere.

These Mini Hexagon Mirrors That Stick On Your Walls

For under $20, this set of mini hexagon mirrors makes a stylish statement in a room. You can even mix and match the pieces to create your own wall design. And the best part? Each of the 32 hexagons has its own backing and sticky adhesive, so it couldn’t be easier to apply them in any shape and pattern you like.

This Floating Shelf That Looks Like Mountains

This rustic mountain shelf is so adorable that it works perfectly on your wall without any trinkets. That said, if you do want to fill the shelves, you can fit your favorite frames, candles, knick-knacks, and more. This shelf is also made from recycled wood, and it comes in three different finishes so you can find the best match for your home decor.

This Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener With A Cap Catcher

Not only does this wall-mounted bottle opener keep you organized, but it adds a bit of vintage decor to your home, too. You can mount it onto any wall, closet, or cabinet, and the mesh-enclosed basket on the bottom collects all the caps. The bottle opener itself is made from cast iron, so it’s strong enough to pop off any cap and will hold up to wear and tear over time.

This Toothbrush Holder That Also Squeezes Your Toothpaste

It’s easier than ever to keep your bathroom sink neat and tidy with this genius toothbrush holder. It fits four standard toothbrushes and two tubes of toothpaste. When you’re ready to brush your teeth, just open the cover, grab your toothbrush, and insert it into the toothpaste slot. When your brush hits the lever, it automatically releases the perfect amount of toothpaste without making a mess.

This Stainless Steel Drying Rack That Hangs Over Your Sink

This stainless steel rack gives you a place to dry your dishes without taking over your countertops. Unfurl the 17-inch rack over your kitchen sink, and washed dishes can drain directly into it. Once everything is dry, the rack conveniently folds up for storage.

This Woven Basket For Indoor Plants

Give your favorite plant a new home with this stylish rope basket. The soft basket fits over any 10-inch pot, and the handles on the sides make it super simple to pick up your plants and move them around your home. The neutral colors match most decor, and reviewers report using these baskets to hold laundry or toys, too.

This Outlet Cover That Doubles As A Night Light

If you’re looking for a night light that doesn’t take up outlet space, this SnapPower outlet cover is a must-have. All you have to do is snap it on over your outlet — no wires, tools, or batteries required. A soft LED light glows from the bottom as soon as it gets dark in your home, and it turns off during the day to save on energy. Plus, it’s much chicer than your kid’s night light.

This Cabinet Rack That Keeps Your Pot Lids Organized

Instead of digging through your cabinets for the right lid, this stainless steel rack keeps your cupboards organized. The five inserts can hold lids of all sizes. All you have to do is install it onto the inside of any cabinet, and you’re good to go.

These Dreamy Curtains That Are Made From Luxe Linen

These luxe linen curtains filter just enough soft light while providing privacy. They’re slightly sheer, so they won’t feel heavy and still let in natural light. The geometric print adds a fun detail to any room. Plus, they’re machine washable and easy to maintain.

This Faux Fur Blanket That’s Super Affordable

For less than $20, you can have this super soft faux fur blanket. It has a shag fur aesthetic that feels heavenly against your skin and adds incredible texture to a sofa. It’s available in six neutral or pastel shades, and for the super affordable price point, you can add one to every room.

These Colorful Hooks That You Can Put Anywhere

These colorful wall hooks can be installed on walls, cabinets, or furniture, and they’re sturdy enough to hold up to 22 pounds. Some reviewers even use these hooks in their bathrooms to hold wet towels. The set includes the necessary hardware, and you’ll love the pop of color this simple addition brings to your home.

These Rose Gold Lights With A Geometric Detail

If you want to add a warm glow to your room and decorative flair, these string lights are a great pick. The 10-light string extends 6 feet with rose gold diamond-shaped frames over the twinkle lights. Hang them anywhere indoors, perhaps over your bed frame, in your living room, or even in your office for a warm, relaxing ambience.

These Satin Pillowcases That Have Over 40,000 Reviews

You can grab two of these popular satin pillowcases for less than 10 bucks. Reviewers love them in particular because they’re ultra-soft but still hold up to daily use over time. They’re completely wrinkle-free and resist picking up pet hair, so this set always looks neat and tidy on your bed. Even better? Sleeping on satin can reduce hair breakage and leave you with smoother hair in the morning.

This Wine Rack That Sits On Top Of Your Counter

If you love wine but don’t have a ton of space to spare, this tabletop wine rack is a game-changer. The wooden rack has an upper shelf that holds up to four wine bottles at a time. Underneath, there’s space to store up to eight wine glasses, and you can keep special corks in the bottom tray.

These Wine Stoppers That Have Fun Designs

Not only are these wine stoppers extremely useful, but their Van Gogh-inspired details are fun to look at, too. They feature stainless steel stoppers that fit into any standard wine bottle. Each stopper also has a rubber “grip” for an airtight seal that keeps your wine fresher for longer.

These Magnetic “Handles” That Dress Up Your Garage Door

These magnetic accents dress up your garage door in a snap. They instantly snap onto any steel garage door and look exactly like vintage carriage handles. The best part is you can easily take them off whenever you want to paint your garage or change up the look of your home. Plus, they’re made from UV- and weather-resistant plastic, so they’re sure to last for a long time.

This Metallic Trashcan That’s Easy To Clean

Whether you tuck this metallic trashcan into a cabinet or show it off is up to you, but either way, it’s a winner all around. It’s only 10 inches tall and fits neatly into most spaces, like under a sink, next to a toilet, or beneath a desk. And you’ll love that this compact bin wipes clean with a damp cloth.

This Couch Caddy That Holds Your Drink For You

No need to hang onto a hot beverage when you have this silicone couch caddy by your side. The heavyweight silicone ensures that it stays perfectly in place as the flaps drape over each side of your couch arm. The top features a flexible silicone cup holder that cradles your mugs and cups without overheating, and there’s even a section for your book, remote, or other small items.

This Toilet Paper Stand That Makes Your Bathroom Look Elegant

This toilet paper stand would look great in your bathroom and help keep things organized, too. The stand holds extra rolls of toilet paper, and there’s a small drawer at the bottom that can hold small essentials, like tampons or wipes. And at about 2-feet tall, it’s the perfect height for most bathrooms.

These Decorative Vases That Have Rave Reviews

You can spice up any area of your home with these fun decorative vases. They come in three different heights and eye-popping colors, and you can place them anywhere from a countertop to the center of your dining room table. Reviewers love how versatile these vases are in particular, and have filled them with everything from greens to lavender to fresh flowers.

This Sleek Desk Pad That’s Waterproof

This sleek and soft desk pad is an easy way to spruce up your workspace. Made from faux leather, it sits comfortably on your desk and offers the perfect amount of padding for typing comfortably. It’s also just visually appealing with a smooth surface that defines your work area.

These Wood-Colored Markers That Touch Up Your Furniture

Instead of replacing your old furniture, grab this set of wood-colored markers to touch it up. Their felt tips make nicks and scratches disappear, and they also come with six wax crayons that fill in small cuts and dents. You’re bound to find a match for your furniture since this set includes markers and crayons for wood in black, mahogany, oak, cherry, walnut, and maple finishes.

These Storage Boxes That Look Like Books

Not only do these storage boxes hold important memories, but they also look like books on your shelves. They come in a set of three, and each box features a fold-over flap that actually looks like the cover of a book, as well as a soft fabric cover. The set matches, yet each box has its own unique pattern. Each one has plenty of room to store photos, trinkets, ticket stubs, and other important mementos.

This Lamp That Projects A Sunset On Your Wall

Saturate your walls in warm sunlight with this projector lamp even when it’s actually cloudy outside. The warm glow instantly sets a relaxing mood, and the effect makes for cool photos, too. This sleek little lamp rotates a full 180 degrees so you can adjust the size of the projected sunset.

This Throw Pillow That Looks Like A Flower

This sunny throw pillow will brighten up any space. This cheery pillow resembles a spring flower and features a vacuum-sealed insert and zipper to seal the cover. The petals are all hand-sewn and feature delicate, elegant detailing that really makes this pillow stand out. And at 12-inches in diameter, it’s the perfect addition to most pieces of furniture.

These Adhesive Strips That Make It Easy To Hang Pictures

It takes two seconds to hang up an entire wall full of photos with these Command strips. There are 36 strips in one pack, including 10 small pairs and eight medium pairs. To use, just remove the plastic backing after applying to your frames and stick right on the wall. That’s it. The small strips can hold up to four pounds, and the medium strips can hold up to 12 pounds with ease.

This Macrame Rack That Holds Your Books And Magazines

This gorgeous macrame rack is a fun and unique addition to any room. It’s made from soft, woven cotton that’s spun in an eye-catching geometric pattern. Like other storage racks, the frame opens up so you can store multiple magazines or books inside. On top of that, this rack also features luxe ivory weaving and a natural wood frame, so it matches with just about any decor.

This Shower Head That Filters Out Impurities

Whether you’re looking to update your bathroom or you’re after shinier, healthier hair, this filtration shower head in the solution. The transparent handle is filled with mineral and charcoal beads that help to soften hard water and remove other impurities that can build up in your hair over time. The shower head itself is made from rust-proof stainless steel and has three modes, including normal, waterfall, and jet mode. This shower head looks great in your bathroom, but it works even better.

This Self-Adhesive Paper That Looks Like Marble

This marble paper looks like the real thing at a fraction of the cost. It features an ultra-realistic marble pattern that’s just as glossy as real marble and looks amazing on any tabletop, counter, or even floor. To apply, just remove the backing and smooth on this paper. One roll has almost seven feet of paper, so you can use it on a ton of different surfaces and for a variety of projects.

These Floating Shelves That Keep Your Bathroom Tidy

Reviewers rave about the quality of these rustic bathroom shelves. They come in a set of three, and each one has its own unique features to help you stay organized. One shelf is a standard shelf that’s the perfect size for your bath and beauty products, one shelf has a hanging towel rack, and the last is specially designed to hold your styling tools and products. On top of that, all three are made from damp-proof wood so they’re perfect for your bathroom

This Organic Towel That Dries Super Fast

This organic Turkish towel is so luxurious that some reviewers use it as a throw, while others prefer to dry off with it. It features a diamond weave texture, which allows the super soft cotton to absorb more water without being too thick and bulky. It also features gorgeous tassels along the edges, making it the perfect accessory to hang on a towel rack or even the back of a chair.

This Handy Hose That Cleans Your Dryer Vents

This vacuum hose attachment makes it ridiculously easy to clean your vents so your dryer can perform more efficiently and you’ll be less likely to find lint rolling around in there. Here’s how it works: Just attach this hose to the end of your vacuum hose and place it inside the dryer vent. It reaches all the way to the bottom to suck up every last pet hair and lint ball. It even comes with two extra attachments so you can get into every crevice.

This Runner That Instantly Dresses Up Your Dining Room

Reviewers can’t say enough good things about the quality of this table runner. At 70 inches long, it fits most dining room tables, and at just over a foot wide, it adds elegant detail to your table without overtaking it. This runner is lightweight and features a soothing striped pattern that matches with just about any style. Plus, it’s machine washable and easy to clean.

These Lavender Bundles That Make Your Home Smell Fresh

Just place these dried lavender bundles into any vase or holder to instantly spruce up any room. These bundles are naturally grown and hand-picked by farmers, and they have no dyes or fragrance additives whatsoever. They smell like completely natural lavender, plus these gorgeous bundles instantly brighten up your space with their elegant purple flowers and lush greenery.

This Peel And Stick Tile That’s Simple To Install

To instantly revamp your home, this peel-and-stick tile is one of your best bets. This pack comes with 10 sheets of “tile,” and each sheet features sticky self-adhesive on the back. Your only job is to stick it to create an accent wall or backsplash in minutes. This tile paper also features a high-gloss finish and it’s heat and moisture-resistant.

This Sleek Box That Hides All Your Cords And Cables

If you can’t stand the way tangled cords and cables, look, this genius cable box is a life saver. It’s the perfect size to hold an entire power strip, and it features slots on both sides for the cords to slip through. It also features a heavy-duty wooden lid to keep all the mess covered until you’re ready to pop it open again and deal with the cords and electronics hidden out of sight.

These Wool Pillow Covers That Are Extremely Luxe

These ultra luxe covers are super soft and extremely high quality. Made from short wool and velvet, they’re petal-soft against your skin, and the woven pattern adds a bit of texture to your bed or couch. These covers come in a pack of two, and you can get them in a variety of soft neutral colors and different sizes, depending on the rest of your home’s decor.

This Night Light That Flickers Like A Real Candle

This vintage night light is totally unique, yet fully functional. When you plug it in, it covers your entire outlet with the unique brass plate. The night light itself looks just like a candle, and it gives off the same warm glow and intermittent “flicker” that candles do as well. This light also turns on automatically as the light in your home begins to dim, and it clicks off again at daylight.

These Globe Lights That Are Solar Powered

Reviewers love how lovely and low-maintenance these solar-powered globe lights are. Once you hang them up in your yard, the attached solar panel does the rest of the work for you. These lights will turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn so you never have to worry about fiddling with a switch. They emit a warm glow that isn’t overpowering, and they’re completely weatherproof, too.

This Bamboo Stand That Holds Your Books And Tablet

This lightweight bamboo stand in perfect for holding cookbooks or a tablet in place when your hands are busy. It features an adjustable stand that allows you to position it at five different angles, as well as a. bottom “shelf” to prop up your reading material. There’s even two prongs that help to pin down the pages so they won’t flip.

This Caddy That Suctions To The Side Of Your Sink

You never have to pick up a wet, gross sponge from the bottom of the sink again with this stainless steel caddy. It attaches right to the side of your sink with an ultra strong suction cup. One compartment of this caddy is the perfect size for a scrub brush, while the other larger compartment can easily hold a soft sponge. It even has a drainage hole at the bottom so your cleaning tools can dry out between uses.

This Tiered Spice Rack That’s Expandable

This tiered bamboo rack makes organizing your spice cabinet easy breezy. It features three steps, and each one is 3-inches deep so it can hold any spice jar, jelly jars, or other small bits and bobs that need organizing. At its smallest, this rack is about 9-inches long, but it doubles in size when you pull it to its fullest extension.

These Wicker Baskets That Keep Your Snacks In Order

It’s amazing how much these wicker baskets can change your entire pantry. They come in a set of two, and each basket is specially designed to have a lower front wall so you can easily see inside them, even when they’re on a shelf. They’re large enough to hold bagged snacks, jars, spices, and more. Plus, the wicker is tightly woven to protect the contents and the wired frame inside keeps everything neatly together.

These Containers That Have Over 20,000 Positive Reviews

Ditch the cardboard boxes and store your cereal and snacks in these airtight containers. The lids snap on tight to keep food from going stale, and the transparent containers allow you to easily see the content. Plus, these containers are also super slim and easy to store, even in tight space. They even come with eight chalkboard stickers so you can apply cute and fun labels.