'Tis The Season

A Giant List Of Christmas Presents Your Wife Actually Wants

Everything on this list is thoughtful, unique, and will not inspire resentment.

by Romper Staff
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Holiday gift giving can be a bit of a fraught experience — though it’s theoretically a fun, festive way to show appreciation and love, it sometimes devolves into a stressful project where mind-reading is required and expectations are unmet. Sound familiar? We are here to help with our gorgeous array of Christmas wish list ideas — a dreamy collection of unique and truly thoughtful gifts for your wife or partner.

Every item on this list is something that lives on a Romper writer or editor’s actual wish-list — something that at least one of us (and in most cases, most of us!) would truly be thrilled to unwrap. We feel confident that there is at least one perfect present here for the special person on your list, whether you’re looking for an inexpensive item that will still be a true treat, or wanting to splurge on something decadent. Happy shopping!

—The Romper editorial team: Anne Vorrasi, April Daniels Hussar, Elizabeth Angell, Jamie Kenney, Kaitlin Kimont, Katie McPherson, Meaghan O’Connell, and Miranda Rake

(A note: This list is in no particular order, and is simply numbered to make it easy for us to forward to our mates, because moms are efficient, what can we say.)


Fancy jammies for lounging in serious style

If I had a pair of these pajamas made with Tana Lawn® cotton in a Liberty of London fabric printed at Liberty mills in Northern Italy, I might never take them off.


A book that sees her

Maira Kalman is one of my all-time favorite artists, but her latest book, filled with portraits of, yes, women holding things, is maybe my favorite yet. Profoundly moving, it’s an engrossing meditation on all we carry as women.


A magnetic leather watch band

This Apple watch band marries the earthy chic of leather with the high-tech futurism of magnets. OK, maybe not so high tech, but this clicks together in a very satisfying way and looks good with anything.


Bright & colorful bling

Made with ethically sourced diamonds & recycled gold, these beautiful rings come in an array of cheerful and extremely cool colors.


An really pretty but actually comfortable bra that fits

Not only does Bravissimo make this gorgeous and non-torturous Millie bra shown here (as well as a plethora of other styles), the brand also offers a free virtual bra fitting. For a very nice gift, purchase a gift voucher that covers the cost of one or more bras, so your giftee can do a fitting and choose the perfect option(s.)


A chic & useful accessory

Keep those hands free for carefree swinging! Made from Argentinian leather lined with soft cotton lining, this crossbody bag is beautifully made and holds all the essentials.


A lovely way to hold flowers

A sweet little something that seems frivolous, but would get a ton of use in my house and make me happy every time I saw it.


Warm hands

These hand-embroidered mittens are made with mostly mohair for a beautiful (and warm!) look, but they're lined with fleece so they’re extremely cozy and comfortable.


A gift that says “I know what you want is just to be left alone for an hour”

Facials and ~treatments~ are something I rarely (basically never) splurge on for myself, but in which I would truly love to be able to indulge regularly. A dream gift would be a monthly membership to Alchemy 43, which currently has locations in New York, Texas, and California, but I’d also happily take a gift card. If you’re not in those states, get to a-googling for a similar business near you.


Pasta bowls for filling up the hole inside you

Real girls eat their dinner out of troughs. Everything from pasta to ramen to cereal is better in a beautiful plate-replacement bowl.


Ethically-made diamond earrings

Created from lab-grown diamonds and 24-karat gold, this stud set comprises a solitaire (starting at $275 each) and the teardrop accessory ($440 each). You can wear the solitaire alone or together with the add-on. So pretty, and conflict-free.


A cozy, chic coat to last for years

This extremely luxe and beautiful single-breasted wool-cashmere coat from Aritzia has been on my wish list for several winters now. Maybe this will be the one...


A charger for all the devices

This compact little charger will power up a phone, a watch, and even airpods, and folds up into a little square. No more remembering 3 different chargers (or worse, running out of juice).


For the plant lover who dreams of a Cotswolds cottage

The perfect crossover of houseplant and English country chic, a paper geranium that will always bloom.


Cathartic workouts

Whether she’s a longtime devotee of The Class or on the lookout for a new, truly amazing at-home workout, she will love this gift. The holiday bundle shown here, valued at $311, includes a 90-day subscription to The Class Digital Studio, The Class Mat, The Class Resistance Bands, The Class Yoga Strap, and The Class Meditation Eye Pillow. If you’re not sure about the whole kit, just the subscription is a fab option.


Music wherever she goes

A portable smart speaker that sounds amazing and is super easy to connect to your phone, laptop, or tablet via bluetooth or Apple Airplay? Yes please! One speaker is a really nice gift; another idea is the Move indoor-outdoor set — both speakers can sync up, so they’re great for entertaining (and impromptu pajama dance parties).


The ultimate beauty gift

This is the gift for someone who still dreams about her Barbie makeup set. The “My Magical Pillow Talk Makeup Vault” comes stocked with 14 full-size Charlotte Tilbury makeup products — a literal treasure chest. For something less extravagant but still dreamy, consider the Pillow Talk lip set ($49) or the iconic (and fantastic) Magic Night Cream ($145). Use glowto for 20% off at checkout.


A fairly impractical but to-diiieeee-for pair of shoes

Even though my occasions for wearing such shoes are few and far between, I shall never stop longing for a pair until I finally get my greedy hands on one.


Judy Jetson’s airfryer

If an air fryer’s been on the list, this “retro” version is the way to go, because it will look so stinkin’ cute on the kitchen counter. Plus, isn’t there something extremely fun about a “retro” air fryer?


Stylish boots she can actually walk in

Aerosoles is a magical footwear brand that manages to create shoes, boots, and sandals that look and feel luxe and on-trend, but that are truly comfortable. These cute, sleek ankle boots made of leather will go with just about anything, and take her just about anywhere.


A gift that is exactly what she wants because she picked it out

SnappyGifts lets your recipient choose from a curated selection of excellent options (just choose the value amount and the category, from beauty and home to self care), so your recipient is 100% sure to get exactly what she wants.


A nifty tablet that’s also a laptop

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 is a cool combo of a tablet (with a touch screen) and a laptop (just plug in the detachable Keyboard). This is an especially cool gift for someone interested in digital art (or watching movies in bed!). The Microsoft store is offering free two-to-three day shipping for all orders and free returns through January 31, 2023.


Slippers that are actually comfy and cute enough to wear to the bus stop

Dusen Dusen towels save me from the winter blues on the regular, and my Subu slippers are my lifeblood. This Subu x Dusen Dusen collab feels made 4 me and I think STRIPES are the winner.


The promise of flowers in the months to come

We love doing a local veggie CSA but Siskiyou Seeds has one for FLOWER SEEDS. Enrollment is now and it feels like a fun way to look forward to spring. Plus I am *sure* I end up spending this much on random seed packets anyway, and this way I could support a farm I love.


Some fetching art that also says “I read”

I was obsessed with this Paris Review cover and the painting is called “Lint” — it's giving highbrow horny and I would totally hang it in my bedroom. OK, I would also like a Paris Review subscription, which I definitely read for the articles.


Luxurious base layers

Wear them for a winter run, or to lounge around the house without having to crank the heat. Merino wool is simply the best, but the price tag means most of us aren't willing to buy it for ourselves.


This perennially luscious escapist read

Plush London interiors, sprawling country gardens, and manor house decorating tips so good you might just convince yourself that a $19,000 couch is worth the investment. For now, though, a year-long Home & Garden UK subscription suffices.


The best Champagne stopper

File under: Seems kind of stupid, will actually be used constantly decades to come. Parenthood often means not finishing the bottle, but this stopper means that bubbly will still be fizzing whenever they're ready for another glass.


A platter serving up White Lotus vibes

A trip to Sicily may not be in the cards this winter, but this sunny citrus serving platter just might scratch the itch (for now).


Twinkle lights for house plants

How did I not know these existed and I need them in my life immediately. I also suspect my kids, who live for twinkly lights and anything festive, would lose their minds over them (in a good way).


The coffee maker that makes coffee you actually want to drink

Not only does this pretty-attractive pour over coffee maker make extremely good coffee, it keeps it gently, perfectly warm for 90 minutes.


Glowing skin

Celeb favorite Aloisia Beauty is a clean beauty brand with impeccable products. This limited edition set comprises three full-sized hero products, including the double-cleansing duo of the oil-based NOURISH Oil Cleanser and water-based REFRESH Jade Purifying Cleanser, along with skin-smoothing GLOW Exfoliating Soft Peel. There’s also a cute terrycloth headband and matching wristbands to keep her hair and sleeves dry.


Earrings to dream in

If your wife takes her earrings out every night because they poke her uncomfortably if she doesn’t, she will be delighted to receive these clever inventions.


The most adorable lobster placemats

If you have a thing for lobsters, these made-to-order placemats will complete your fantasy summer dinner party table.


The spirit of New York in bird form

For your favorite urban dweller, these cast-iron pigeons say “I see you and your resilient spirit.” Also cute nestled on bookshelves.


Cozy wool classics with a twist

For the woman in your life who walks everywhere and has all the good sneakers already, these Clark Wallabees in moody wool.


For whimsically whipping up anything

I adore all things Kate Spade, and love to imagine mixing a cake in one of these adorable bowls that are perfect for baking and serving. There’s a “mini” version too!


The gift of hot coffee in the AM

If you and your partner share children, when's the last time either of you got to finish your morning coffee while it was still hot? Well, you can fix that. The Ember Mug warms coffee for up to an hour and a half, and maintains your ideal drinking temperature, which you can set in the (free) Ember app.


More of her favorite leggings

Take a peek at the tag in her favorite leggings to find out where they’re from (bonus points if you do the laundry after digging around in it for this intel), and order her a new pair. If they’re a wardrobe staple, like the Spanx EcoCare Seamless Leggings in black, having more than one pair will make it easier to get dressed each day.


A photo album with Mom in the pics

Moms are usually the ones capturing cute snapshots with their phone, so if you're not already doing so, you'll need to make a conscious effort to snap more photos of her with your children throughout the year. A photo book celebrating those slice-of-life moments together, like the Artifact Uprising Everyday Photo Book, will make her feel seen and celebrated.


Custom artwork inspired by her wedding bouquet

If your gal loves sentimental photos and artwork, a watercolor wedding bouquet painting will have her all up in her feelings. Browse through Etsy to find the perfect artist for her aesthetic. There really are countless options to choose from.


A new bottle of her signature scent

What perfume does she use day in and day out, or always spritz on for special occasions? Restock her favorite fragrance so she's ready for big meetings and date nights going forward.


A box of treats that you literally can't get wrong

Avoid the horror of getting her something that's a great gift, but not quite right. With a sugarwish gift, your wife can pick specific snacks, candies, cookies, and wine.


An all-purpose tote

This oversized market tote is the perfect errand tote — for sporting events, PTA meetings, “quick” Target runs, visiting the farmer's market, and so much more. And if giving back is a priority, a purchase of this structured tote provides 50 meals for children in schools around the world.


A soft blanket for new moms

If your partner is a new mom, AU Baby uses natural materials and sustainable practices to create beautiful, deliciously soft baby blankets that feel 10 steps up from their go-to swaddle sheet. She’ll love wrapping her baby (and herself) up in them.


Practical home slippers

Why should your wife put around a chilly house in too-bulky socks or house slippers that keep slipping off? Verloop's cozy knit slippers (in tons of fun colors) offer the best of both worlds — they’re cushioned enough to feel like slippers, but snug enough to stay put like a sock.


A great candle

As expected, Glossier's candles smell good, but the best and most surprising thing is how well the fragrance carries and feels like a quality product. You don't have to burn the candle for hours to feel like your room is drenched in the scent (in a good way... a short burn goes a long way). The scents are elevated — they don't smell commercial, like something you can pick up at the mall, but are not so unusual like some high end candles that actually smell more questionable than pleasant.


Underwear with no expectations (from you)

Has your wife been talking about wanting to upgrade her boring, regular panties (the ones she buys in bulk and are quite possibly as old as your relationship)? They’re not cheap, but these undies, available in different cuts and colors, are so, so buttery soft and stay that way. They’re made from 100% organic cotton and there's something great about gifting your wife lovely undergarments with no expectations. It says you just want her to have the best, just for her.


A buttery soft sweatsuit

Just like their name implies, Softwear’s clothes really are very, very soft. Their jogger sets, available in neutral solids or tie-dye patterns, are available in mens and womens sizes, so you can get a matching pair if you're the kind of couple that's into that kind of thing.


A fun puzzle

So puzzles are her jam, but what design do you settle on? You could spend hours looking at all the options, or you can add this one to your cart. Rainbow, LEGOs, under $20. Wins all around.


A classic treat

Some people really love Willams Sonoma's peppermint bark and stock up during the holidays. If you want to do something other than the classic or sampler, this year they really expanded their offerings and now have peppermint bark pretzels, paws (in an adorable Dalmation tin), s'mores, and more.


Fancy hand cream

If you're going to get your wife a hand cream, get her a good one. Something she can keep her in her car, purse, or office desk, and will remind her of you and make her smile whenever she reaches for it.


Her new favorite book subscription

Maybe she spent way too much money on audiobooks this year, or maybe she went through her entire Kindle Unlimited library. A Scribd subscription ($59.99 for 6 months or; $119.99 for the year) is an entirely new way for her to access content she would have to pay for individually through other platforms, including audiobooks, eBooks, magazines, and more.


*The* watch

Perhaps this is the year to get your wife that timeless watch she’s had on her wishlist for ages.


Her new favorite cashmere sweater

’Tis the season of cashmere, but it’s not always within reach. Introducing Quince, a relatively new brand that makes ethically made cashmere products (amongst other things). Their cashmere sweaters (starting at, kid you not, $50) are quality, beautiful, and well worth it.


A delicious no-cook dinner or festive girl’s night (just add wine)

The genius team behind Boarderie will ship your wife all the ingredients to easily put together a gorgeous and absolutely scrumptious charcuterie board. They have a variety of options, free shipping, and you can select your delivery date up to 365 days in advance.


The coziest night light for her bedside table

For the gal who hates all overhead lighting.


Earrings that show big love

Made of 10K yellow gold-plated brass, these three-dimension puffy earrings are lightweight but make a gorg statement.


Her favorite flower pressed in a keepsake

Avoid a Phoebe Buffay-style flower funeral and give her a way to enjoy looking at her favorite bouquet forever. Bonus points if you provide the flowers she saved from a special occasion.


A scalp massager for when she just wants someone to play with her hair

Gift her a way to recreate the best part of the hair salon at home.


The best cocktail shaker ever

There are a lot of reasons this is a must-have for all mixologists. The screw-on lid prevents spills and leaks and the double insulation keeps beverages perfectly chilled. The best part, however, is the fact that the lid has graduated measurements (in ounces and milliliters for all you metric system stans out there), so it’s the perfect shaker/jigger in one.


The most comfortable shoes ever

I know a lot of footwear makes this claim, but honestly: I have never found a more comfortable, convenient shoe than this. (And it’s cute!) This lightweight, flexible, slip-on sneaker is vegan and features Naot’s removable, anatomic cork & latex footbed, which is wrapped in microfiber and molds to the shape of the foot with wear. Perfect for errands, commuting, playgrounds, or wherever your day takes you.


A perfect pair of everyday gold hoops

The perfect size earrings, with just a little sparkle, that she can wear all day long on her errands, at her yoga class, or happy hour. And they won't get caught in her hair.


A hug she can hang in

Yellow Leaf’s signature hammock is handwoven with the softest (but strongest) yarn ever that envelopes you in breezy comfort. Available in a variety of colors and two sizes “classic” and “family,” each hammock is handwoven by the expert craftswomen of the Mlabri Tribe of northern Thailand.


Her new favorite digital frame

This sleek, minimalist, freestanding frame is the perfect place to gather all your favorite pictures in one place. And because it’s cloud based, you can enjoy unlimited storage. You (and anyone you choose) can add photos easily from the free Aura app.


The biggest blanket she’s ever seen

How many times have you and your loved ones fought over “the good blanket” while watching TV? Or tried to have a cozy family moment only to have someone’s feet sticking out the bottom. This blanket, which comes in a variety of styles and colors, is a whopping 10 feet by 10 feet, meaning there’s room for everyone!


Fresh flowers all the time

Close your eyes and imagine how happy she is when you surprise her with a bouquet of flowers. Now, imagine that face but all the time. Farmgirl Flowers offers burlap wrapped bouquets in a variety of sizes – Fun Sized, Big Love, and Just Right (our pick!) – as a subscription option. Just click the box that says “Make it a Subscription” when ordering to send weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly bouquets that will brighten her room and her day.


That anniversary band she’s been wanting

Whether for an anniversary or just because you know she’d love love love some bling, this Noémie eternity band is stunner. As in all of Noémie’s designs, the diamonds are conflict-free.


Bespoke badassery

There are some pieces that just never go out of style: a little black dress, a sharp pencil skirt, and we’d like to add a leather jacket to that list. Choose from their off-the-rack designs (starting at around $250) or work with the brand’s consultants for a tailor-made look.


Lounge in luxury

It’s always fun to channel one’s inner diva and how better than in an exquisite, dramatic robe. Perfect to add a touch of drama to an everyday t-shirt and jeans look or just to wear lounging around the house because why not?


A sentimental necklace

Make the gift an ode to her loves with these gorgeous gold disk necklaces featuring engraved birth month flowers. Such a thoughtful way to acknowledge a specific birthday, or even the flower for the month you were married, had your first kiss, etc.


A sassy cozy nightgown

Super soft, super cute, and totally hawt. Perfect for a date night and then to ACTUALLY SLEEP IN, unlike fussy lingerie.


The perfect tea pot

Give her the gift of intention — her own personal teapot encourages her to sit and enjoy a cup of tea instead of sloshing hot water onto a bag in a mug. It's the perfect gift.


A new piece of everyday glamor

This lightweight, solid gold bangle is meant to be stacked with other bracelets, but it will also look elegant alone. Fine jewelry that’s simple enough to wear daily — yes, please.


A fancy AF hair tool

The Beachwaver curling iron rotates itself, making the hair-curling / at-home-blowout process so much easier. This version, with a 1.25" barrel, is good for long, loose waves; another great option for beachy waves is the 1” barrel.


The prettiest cocktail glasses

Don't be afraid to go pink for her, and then make her the perfect cocktail in these gorgeous glasses.


Some chill

Molly J. cbd gummies are a Romper editor favorite — they do their job and actually taste delicious, unlike many competitors. This 3-pack includes a Chill Mini Sparkling Sampler in high 50mg dose (flavors include Sparkling Pomegranate, Elderflower Grapefruit, Pear Ginger), a 3-pack Blackberry Rose Sleep Mini, and a 4-pack Revive Hangover Mini. Perfection.


Scrumptious body lotion with a refill

Simply the gold standard for body and hand lotion. A 1-liter pump bottle of Creme de Corps along with an environmentally-friendly 1-liter refill pouch makes for a HEAVENLY gift that will last for months.


Only what she wants to hear

High-end, noise-canceling earbuds make listening to music and podcasts so much better.