Subscription Boxes

Image of Claire's new trio of subscription boxes.
Courtesy of Claire's

Claire's New Subscription Boxes Are Full Of Earrings, Toys, & Fun

Get delivered all the studs, hoops, accessories, and sparkles you've come to love from the trendy store.

If you want to get lost amid sparkles, shiny jewelry, colorful accessories, and trendy toys, all you have to do is walk into your nearest Claire’s store (there are over 2,000 of them on the globe). And if you can’t, you can now sign up for Cdrop, the brand new Claire’s subscription box service. Every few months you can score a square box full of the brand’s jewels, gadgets, accessories, and more. Because who doesn’t want a party dropped off at their doorstep? With outlets like Fortune reporting on the recent popularity of subscription box services, this might be a convenient way to have a little more fun in the coming year.

What’s Inside The New Claire’s Subscription Boxes?

Wouldn’t you love to know! But that’s part of the fun, isn’t it, being surprised? There are three different types of Cdrop subscription boxes from Claire’s for which you can sign up. And they’re based on what kinds of stuff you love the most. If earrings are your thing — wearing them, stacking them, trading them — then definitely check out GlitzyDrop, a collection of up to 12 pairs that can include a mashup of styles, like hoops, studs, and cuffs.

A peek at the kind of earrings you can find inside the Claire’s Subscription Box called GlitzyDrop.Courtesy of Claire's

If you want to get your hands on whatever’s trending, be it across fashion or beauty, think about signing up for Claire’s VibeyDrop; the box is packed with five to seven items, from rings to makeup to hair goods, designed for teens and, well, anyone beyond. But perhaps for the younger set (the Claire’s website suggests ages 3 to 8 might enjoy best), there’s BitsyDrop, a box bursting with up to seven adorable, playful discoveries; one shouldn’t be shocked to find a cool sensory toy, squishy stuffies, jewelry, and a whole lot of sparkle. In all three boxes, you can expect a mix of new items and brand signatures.

A peek at the adorable, fun items (like sensory and unicorn toys) subscribers might find in their BitsyDrop box from Claire’s.Courtesy of Claire's

How Often Will I Get A Claire’s Cdrop Subscription Box In The Mail?

If you subscribe to keep the fun boxes flowing, you can count on a treat once a quarter. But the plan is super flexible; goodies can arrive every three months and if you decide to take a time out, you can halt your deliveries and resume them again whenever you feel like it. If you subscribe, each box will come out to $30 (and nope, there’s no extra cash added on for shipping). And if you want to change up your type of box (say, from Glitzy to Bitsy) in the middle of a subscription, you can do it without a hassle.

How Do I Sign Up For Claire’s Subscription Box Cdrop?

You can subscribe right on the Claire’s website, with easy click prompts for either a subscription or one-box buy. That’s right: If you need to think about it, or aren’t sure how thrilled you’ll be with the boxes, or can’t really decide which one you’d like best, you can buy a box for yourself without signing up for the Cdrop subscription service. The one-time treat will then cost $32. This is a surprise to welcome with open arms.