Fall Activities

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10 Fun Corn Mazes To Get Lost In This Fall

Prepare to be a-maized.

Get lost in a 2-acre Super Mario Brothers adventure at Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm in Lockport, Illinois. After navigating the maze (which is open on weekends and on Columbus Day), pet some goats, play a giant game of checkers, or climb the huge spider web.Siegel's Cottonwood Farm
A serious challenge awaits when you enter these 28 acres of corn stalks with nine miles of trails. Richardson Adventure Farm is actually home to four mazes put together, but there is a perimeter path so there’s a shortcut if you get tired. Richardson Adventure Farm
Modeled after a theory of quantum physics, the Schrodinger’s cat maze at Treinen Farm in Lodi, WI is truly amazing. If your kid isn’t much a physicist, there’s a pumpkin patch, climbing wall, a hike with hidden fairies, plus animals for petting.Treinen Farm
Dive into Where’s Waldo with this intricate corn maze at Davis Mega Maze in Sterling, MA. With three miles of puzzling trail, you’ll be happy to hear that there are porta-potties in the maze, as well a secret snack-shack at the halfway point. Davis Mega Maze
Wind your way around a cow, a pig and other barnyard friends at this corn maze at Connors Farm in Danvers, MA. For an added challenge, come back on one of the farm’s “flashlight nights” where you navigate the maze at night.Connors Farm
Within the larger corn maze at Kingdom Corn Maze you’ll find a princess castle, a dragon, and a knight hiding inside. Perfect for families with younger kids, there’s also a smaller maze which takes about 20-30 minutes to complete.Kingdom Corn Maze
The 10 acre labyrinth at Devine's Corn Maze in Harrodsburg, KY is tons of fun, but if you’re looking for something little kids will enjoy, the hay maze, pumpkin picking, and giant slide are a good bet.Devine's Corn Maze
It may not look like much at first, but the maze at Queens County Farm Museum is modeled after Andy Warhol’s cow print and it’s pretty spectacular once the picture clicks. It is New York City’s largest farmland and a great place to support.Queens County Farm Museum
The 12-acre labyrinth at Denver Downs Farm in Anderson, SC celebrates all things bees and honey. Along with trivia checkpoints about the farm, there's QR code that tracks your completion time; competitive people will enjoy that the top times are posted online. Denver Downs Farm
Idaho is known as the “gem state” because it’s home to 72 different types of gems. You’ll have a jewel of a time getting lost in this 18-acre maze at Lowe Family Farmstead in Kunda, ID (and there’s a mini maze too that’s great for kids).Lowe Family Farmstead