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10 Crafts To Do With Grandparents

Because they are way more patient than you are.

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One of my favorite memories is drawing with my Granddad. He died when I was 14, and our pictures still sit in my memory box. Crafting with grandparents doesn’t sound that big, but it’s going to stick with your kids forever.

And bonus: grandparents totally want to keep the crafts.

Scrapbooking had a huge moment in the early ‘00s, but it’s still an easy activity for grandparents and grandkids. Print out a bunch of pictures of them together and let them make a scrapbook all about their favorite memories. This is one they can work on together for years.Professional Studio/E+/Getty Images
A classic craft is always a hit. If you have a grandparent that loves to knit or crochet, use their yarn to help make some God’s Eyes. They’re super easy to do and are so pretty to look at. Some grandparents may have memories of making these themselves when they were younger.Shutterstock
Maybe grandma or grandpa has a friend they still mail letters to, or maybe they just want to always have a sweet reminder that their grandkids are thinking of them. Either way, these flower pop-up cards are a fun craft for them to make together, and are so special.blackCAT/E+/Getty Images
Friendship bracelets are best for older kids, but they’ll adore making these and sharing them with their grandparent. You absolutely know grandma or grandpa will show off their bracelet whenever they get the chance, and it’s a sweet way to keep the generations connected.Shutterstock
Grandparents are great storytellers, so this story wheel is so fun. They can help create it, then spin and make up stories with their grandkids. You could also draw things like a school so that if grandparents land on it, they tell a story about that thing from their childhood.rudi_suardi/E+/Getty Images
Silhouettes are classic, and having grandparents work on them with their grandchildren is extra special. They can create a silhouette of each other and frame the both, or even do one of them sitting together, showing off those matching profiles and a love that spans generations.FG Trade/E+/Getty Images
If a grandparent doesn’t feel very confident with glue and pom poms, have them take their own hobby and show it to their grandchild. Woodworking is one sweet craft activity, and can leave your child with a craft they’ll cherish forever like a birdhouse or treasure box.zeljkosantrac/E+/Getty Images
If a grandparent loves to sew, now’s the perfect time to have their grandchild pick out a sewing craft and work on it together. It could be a tiny purse, a pillow for their bed, or even something big like a Halloween costume. Plus it’s a life skill that will serve them well as they get older.mikimad/E+/Getty Images
Sometimes crafting with grandparents can be as easy as setting up an easel and having them paint right alongside each other. They’ll love making a masterpiece together, and kids love how much grandparents love everything they do.simon2579/E+/Getty Images
Family cookbook. Need I say more? Grandparents can write down old family recipes and, together with their grandkids, organize them into some kind of book. Bonus: make a recipe after you’re done for the best kind of craft.The Good Brigade/DigitalVision/Getty Images

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