The Disney Pride line is full of rainbow goodies.
Disney’s Pride Merch Is The Stuff Of Dreams

All the girls, gays, and theys are ready for Disney Pride.

by Cat Bowen
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Whether you’re LGBTQIA+ or an ally, Pride is one of the most exciting times of year for parades, parties, and of course, products. Every store worth their salt has a pride line, and perhaps no one’s is more magical than Disney. This year, Disney is rolling out tons of new Pride merch in honor of all of us happy queers and our families, and it is practically perfect in every way.

From hats to bags to Mickey Mouse ears, there is a little something gay and rainbow for everyone coming from the shops of the Magic Kingdom. I’m particularly excited about all of the new kids gear that they’re featuring, including a nifty cold shoulder tee shirt that will be just wonderful for when those vaccines become available for younger kids. (It’s two statements in one, and I am here for it.)

With Disney reopening, and the hope for Pride in person this year, we’re all going to want to be kitted out in our rainbow best, and Disney definitely made that a ton easier by offering all of these goodies. The toys, accessories, and blankets will keep all of that rainbow-colored Pride in your home and heart for the rest of the year.

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A Baby Bodysuit

I love how ringer tees are finally coming back in style after about 10 years off the market. This onesie has a ringer at the neck and the chubby thigh holes, so if it gets hot out, your baby can show off those rainbow stripes with pride. Plus, you don’t get much more classic than a onesie with the Disney fam on it.


Convenient Carrying Case

Carrying around a huge bag to Pride parades is not only a pain, it’s often not allowed. This 4-inch by 5-inch wristlet has just enough space for your phone and ID, with a little tube of sunblock and a few dollars in cash. It’s cute, it’s useful, and best of all, it’s Mickey and Minnie — but make it gay.


Family in More Ways Than One

I love this for so many reasons. As a baby queer in the early aughts, one of the ways we identified each other safely was to ask one another, “Are you family?” Which was code for, “Are you queer?” This shirt featuring Disney’s most chaotic alien, who gets to be a part of a chosen family like the LGBTQIA family, in rainbow, feels right.


The Vaccine Tee

Show off that bandaid with Pride in this spectacularly perfect rainbow Minnie tee. Note how Minnie herself is all bedecked in her Pride best, down to the bottoms of her very sensible heels.

I would love to see JoJo Siwa rocking this shirt at Pride with her girlfriend and her own brand of big bow, I’m not going to lie. However, she may want to ditch the sensible heels for sneakers, as Pride is a lot of walking.


Obviously, Ears

The ears needed to be on this list. They are the Disney accessory. Pride ears are the hottest ticket in the Kingdom, and if you’re not rocking them in June at Disney parks, then you’re just doing it wrong. I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules, I just report them.


Joggers, The Pandemic Statement We’re Choosing to Keep

I’m wearing these every day. Rosh Hashanah? Pride sweats. Celebrity interview? Pride sweats. Pride? OK, maybe shorts, it’s really hot. But every time there’s even a chance of an air conditioned environment? I’m slipping these on.

Hey, I’ll even dress them up with heels and a blazer. It’s called fashion.


Hey Mickey!

Look at his fancy pride shorts and shoes. Mickey is looking super queer-ally and super dapper in his shiny pride short pants, and frankly, we love to see it. He’s beauty, he’s grace, he’s a stuffed plush that you will have to buy multiples of just in case your toddler loses rainbow Mickey and then proceeds to lose their sh*t. It’s a thing that happens. Buy two. Or three.


Pop Of Pride In Your Home

I love this in a nursery, in a living room or dorm room, I love this as a wall hanging. There honestly isn’t much not to love about this durable, oversized throw blanket with rainbow Mickey Mouse faces. It’s so cheerful and soft, and would be the perfect going-away gift for a college freshman.


A Cup Of Pride

A rainbow Mickey mug is the perfect way to sip your afternoon cuppa during Pride or any time of the year. It’s a pick-me-up in the form of a cup, and darn cheerful to boot. The inside of the mug is inlaid with rainbow outline Mickey Mouses, and the outside has a layered rainbow look that screams “modern queer.”


Funko Pride

Wall-E feels really relevant right now. This Funko Pop! Pride Wall-E puts a rainbow spin on the once lonely bot, giving him a new lease on life. He’s sweet, he’s serving us all “be kind to the earth and to each other” vibes, and he’s doing it for under $15.


Pride, But Make It Target

Bless Target for making a Pride Disney kids’ tee shirt that’s affordable. The rainbow characters on the front of this cheerful tee are balanced by the “think happy thoughts” graphic on the back. And if you’re worried about the color and it gets too stained, you can tie dye it like any reasonable Martha Stewart gay.


This Is The Way Of Pride

A rainbow stormtrooper. What else could you possibly need?

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