'Tis The Season

Dollar General's 2022 Christmas hours are good for procrastinators.
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Dollar General’s 2022 Christmas Eve Hours Are Good News For Procrastinators

Christmas Day, not so much: there’s a limit to procrastination, after all...

Some places were just made for a certain kind of holiday shopping. And when it comes to the kind of little treats you need for birthday parties, kids’ crafts, and Christmas stockings, Dollar General has you covered. But what are the Dollar General Christmas Hours for 2022? AKA: how long can you push off that last-minute shopping? Romper spoke with a representative from the company to get the information you need to put things off until the last possible minute.

Is Dollar General open on Christmas Eve 2022?

In this department, the General will not let you down. Dollar General’s Christmas Eve 2022 store hours might, in fact, cater to the Tardy Tommys among us. Not only will Dollar General be open on Christmas Eve, a representative confirmed to Romper, but some stores will even offer extended hours, opening an hour early at 7 a.m. and remaining open until 10 p.m. While there may be some store to store differences (more on that in a bit), it’s safe to say that you’ll be able to get last minute gifts and stocking stuffers at Dollar General on Christmas Eve.

Is Dollar General open on Christmas Day 2022?

While late-shoppers can find a reprieve on Christmas Eve, Dollar General’s Christmas Day 2022 hours offer no quarter. Dollar General will be closed on Christmas Day and, honestly, good for them: their employees should be able to spend a holiday with their loved ones.

Get everything you need before Dec. 25: Dollar General is closed on Christmas 2022.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you didn’t get gifts before the day you’re supposed to give them, well, not to procrasti-shame you or anything, that only works for the birthday party your kid told you about the day before, not Christmas.

Dollar General’s holiday hours vary by location.

A representative from Dollar General confirmed to Romper that while none of their locations will be open on Christmas Day, Christmas Eve hours can vary by location. So while shoppers can generally (#pun) expect to be able to do a last minute Christmas Eve run, and may even have the benefit of an extra hour, other stores might have traditional or even shortened hours. To be sure, you can visit dg.com to select your local store and view hours for the Dollar General Christmas 2022 hours.