Valentine's Day

young girl creating a valentine

12 Adorable Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids

You don't have to be a DIY master to make these.

For some window art, look no further than this stained glass heart craft from PBS. You'll want to keep it up long after the holiday has passed. Cavan Images/Cavan, Getty Images
It doesn't get much simpler than bending a toilet paper roll into a heart shape, then stamping it in paint to make a sweet card.@caitlinparkerladd, Instagram
Cut out a bunch of colorful hearts, put some glue and markers out, and your child will be busy making valentine (for at least 20 minutes).Cavan Images/Cavan, Getty images
Show your creativity by crafting a mailbox for receiving Valentine's from friends. Grab a plain mailbox (found at Target or Hobby Lobby) and decorate it with colorful paper, tassels, or heart stickers.@melodyinthemaking, Instagram
For a quick craft, put out some paint and paper and have your little one make a heart picture to brighten someone's day.Ariel Skelley/Photodisc, Getty Images
Turn your egg cartons into something beautiful for Valentine's Day. You can find out exactly how to make these cool egg carton lanterns here.Nellie's Free Range Blog
Never underestimate the humble but mighty pipe cleaner. You can help your child twist the colorful sticks into heart shapes, then give them to friends or wear them as festive bracelets.Meg Takamura/IZA Stock, Getty Images
These brightly colored origami hearts are actually really easy to create. Use them to decorate a frame, as a festive filler for a wrapped gift, or even as a makeshift card. Watch a tutorial to make them here. FotografiaBasica/E+, Getty Images
How cute is this heart made of balled up tissue paper and pom poms? Kids will enjoy making some creative decisions like what color paper to use.@littlebuttondiaries, Instagram
Make your own eco-friendly Valentine's Day wrapping paper by stamping hearts onto brown paper bags (or really any paper you have lying around). Anna Blazhuk/Moment, Getty Images
Do you have an old pillowcase that could use a funky upgrade? Break out the needle and thread (or simply use fabric glue) to create this decorative pillow. Rhys Hayward/Moment, Getty Images
A simple felt heart garland can be used to dress up a mantle, present, or tabletop.Fotosearch/Fotosearch, Getty Images