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a little girl in a flower garden in an article about seeds to plant now for cut flowers all summer
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Seed To Sow Now for Home-Grown Bouquets All Summer Long

Plant these easy-to-grow flowers for a lush garden outside and brimming vases inside.

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Easy beauty

After all danger of frost has passed (depending on where you are, that means now), it is time to finally use those flower seeds you've been collecting all winter. Here are some of the most reliable, easy-to-grow flowers to plant for lovely cut flowers, all summer long.

Nigella or ‘Love in a Mist’

This airy, wispy flower is so very easy to grow — it “likes damp, neglected land,” say Amy Fielding and Melissa Richardson in their book The Modern Flower Press. It makes lovely bouquets, and is nice for drying, too.
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