You Somehow Have 2 Elves, So Here Are 20 Clever Ways To Prop Them

Twice the fun.

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My love of The Elf on the Shelf is usually off the charts at the start of the season, but as December wears on, that love dwindles. It's freakin' hard work finding new places for our elf to appear. So I can totally see the value in investing in two elves so that there are more playful possibilities. Two can get into a lot of mischief, after all. If you're looking for funny The Elf on the Shelf ideas for two elves, you've come to the right place, because these double trouble The Elf on the Shelf ideas are next level.

You'll have double the fun when there are two little red helpers in the mix, but let me first say that this list is strictly G-rated. You've all probably seen the risqué images of The Elf on the Shelf doing some very scandalous things with Barbie, or the ones of Santa's poor assistant getting "tortured" by other toy characters, but you won't find them here.

I'm not going to lie, I do find some of those NSFW Elf ideas pretty entertaining, but I have to keep things a little more toddler-appropriate in my house. Rest assured that all of the funny The Elf On The Shelf ideas for two elves are completely innocent and wholesome.


A Party Game For The Elves

The beauty of having two elves is that they can play together, and this classic party game is no exception. The Elf On The Shelf website has a ton of clever ideas and free resources, like this free pin-the-tail-on-the-elf-pet game printable


The Elves Go Skating

If you’re really trying to make your kids search for your elves, try sticking them in the freezer in this super creative take on ice skating (just look at those tiny candy cane skates). If you want to make it look great, print the “elf crossing” sign for free.


Trapped Elf

theadventuresofdashandeve on Instagram

Elves are known to get a little wily, and their tricky ways are on full display in this fun scene from @theadventuresofdashandeve. Don't have the right size jar? Don't worry, you can always use a cut-out milk jug or other package you have around the house.


Operation Elf

Get creative by pulling out some old board games, like @heartsandcartsparties did with Operation. One elf can be the patient, and the other the doctor. Let's hope they know their way around a scalpel.


Game On

Elves are flexible little things, so of course they're going to be total Twister pros. I love how @trixieledoux even included a little Elf-sized spinning board.


Party On

Why not recreate a scene from the '90s classic, Wayne's World? One elf can be Wayne, and one can be Garth. Just don't forget to queue up some Bohemian Rhapsody.


Elfie Acrobatic

I've seen some pretty creative pics of Elves hanging from chandeliers and off Christmas trees. Well, with two Elves to work with, you can really get your Cirque du Soleil on.


Frosty Fun

Have some Frosty fun, like @heartsandcartsparties did, by using some white balloons or white marshmallows to have the elves, "build a snowman." C'mon, that's so cute it could melt even the Grinch's heart.


Go Fish

There's nothing wrong with pulling out some bath toys to keep the elves "occupied." I love how @mamadoitblog made it game for both the elves and the kids.


Elves Love Netflix Too

Even elves look forward to turning on their latest binge-watching obsession. But in the case of @heidii.louise, it looks like elves can have technical difficulties too.


A Sweet Elf Kiss

You can have some real fun by recreating the famous noodle scene from Lady And The Tramp, and have your two elves getting a little smoochy.


Sneaky Elf Footprints

Is there anything more adorable than little elf footprints? Pour some flour or sugar on the ground, and have your elves leave a little trail for your kiddos to follow.


Mmmm, Toasty!

If you're looking for a little elf inspiration, the kitchen is a good place to find it. Use some good old-fashioned toast, like @heidii.louise did, to make a fun winter pun.


Babysitter's Club

With two elves babysitting, what could go wrong? I love how @mamadoitblog included in a cheeky little note for her elves. And yes, you earn bonus points if pay your elves in candy.


Bath Time Romance

If two elves fall in love, they have to go on dates to keep the romance alive. Stage cute dates for your little red sweethearts, like @adventuresofbuddyandtrixie did in this sweet bath time scene.


Movie Night

A classic holiday flick, some snacks... and some elf snuggles. Your kid will want to do the same thing, except maybe on a couch.


Elves Gone Wild

Got some silly string leftover from Halloween? Perhaps your elves went a little bit overboard when everybody was sleeping. The next evening's tableau could include a clean-up crew and an apologetic note.


Snowball Fight

As shown in the photo on the bottom righthand corner of the collage above, the big marshmallows make a super cute "snow" fort while the little ones make perfect "snow" balls. (Just imagine your 2nd Elf in Woody's place.)


Poker Face

Whether you have two Elves or a bunch (or one Elf and some stuffed animals), a card game is an incredibly easy scenario to create. If you don't have poker chips, jelly beans are always great for betting.


Baby Shark

It's an Elf, doo doo doo doo doo, with another elf, doo doo doo doo doo doo, in a boat, doo doo doo doo doo doo... you get the idea. Row away!