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Adorable Fireworks Crafts To Celebrate The Fourth

They’re dynamite.

This rocket cake topper from Studio DIY is easy to make, and you won’t need much more than cardstock, mylar tissue paper, and a stick. Using something blunt like a chopstick or straw will let this firework craft double as a toy (because you know it will anyway).Studio DIY
Add some sparkle to your festivities with this DIY firework pom pom mobile from The Merry Thought. You’ll need metal rings for the base of the mobile, some nylon string or fishing line, and metallic pipe cleaners to give it some shimmer.The Merry Thought
Who knew the humble cupcake liner could make such a cute (and easy) Fourth of July craft? A Little Pinch Of Perfect has all the tips to make this kid-friendly project come together.A Little Pinch Of Perfect
These “calm down bottles” from Lovely Indeed are such a clever idea (especially for kids who feel overstimulated by fireworks). Making this one is fun too and it allows kids to measure, pour, and use as many sparkles as they’d like.Lovely Indeed
While this firework craft from Studio DIY is technically a drink stirrer, if you use a straw or chopstick as a base it becomes a toy kids can wave around all day. Best of all you probably already have some shiny ribbon and construction paper laying around.Studio DIY
Don’t want to deal with paint and glue? Try this mess-free firework sewing craft from A Little Pinch Of Perfect. You’ll punch holes in a paper plate and then kids can use thicker yarn to create starry shapes.A Little Pinch Of Perfect
Your kids will look like Fourth of July royalty in these crowns from Handmade Charlotte. The project involves blowing paint out a straw to get it to splatter (make sure your kid knows the difference between inhale and exhale).Handmade Charlotte
Who needs rose-colored glasses when you can rock these stylish firework specs instead? Studio DIY makes this funky Fourth of July craft with a Cricut machine, but if you’re willing to be a little less exact, you can absolutely make these with scissors and cardstock.Studio DIY
Make your dessert look bangin’ with the help of these DIY fireworks. The template for the cute and colorful cake toppers is available on The House That Lars Built for $4, and they would just as cute tucked into styrofoam (as a centerpiece) or hanging from fishing line.The House That Lars Built
First, download the free template to make these cute paper fireworks globes from Handmade Charlotte. Kids will have fun cutting the strips (they don’t have to be super exact) and the end result looks so pretty hanging all summer long.Handmade Charlotte