Don't Be Surprised If Your March Baby Ends Up In This Career

Fly high, March babies.

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They say March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb — but what, if anything, does that mean for babies born during the third month of the year? If you’re having a baby in March (or you already have one) you may be looking to glean a bit about what they’ll be like and these fun facts about babies born in March can help because as it turns out March seems to produce babies who share some very unique traits.

And it's not just astrology, either: Everything from eventual career path to personality can apparently be affected by a person's birth month (though of course nothing ever holds true for every single person). Some of these facts might seem super random, but most are based in statistics. Plus, it just makes sense that March would be an auspicious time to enter the world: As a March baby myself, I’ve always enjoyed that the month signified the end of winter and the beginning of spring; plus the days are getting longer and your birthday doesn't fall irritatingly close to any major holidays that involve the giving of gifts. Score! Read for for fun facts about your Pisces or Aries March-born baby.


They may be taller than their peers.

Children born in spring may be taller than their fall or winter-born peers, according to a study out of University of Vienna, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. The theory is that the mothers who give birth in spring produce more melatonin (the hormone is produced in darkness and these mothers are pregnant through the dark winter months) and melatonin can cause the secretion of human growth hormone. While kids born in April were tallest, March babes weren’t far behind (and October babies were shortest, though only by .2 inch).


They could have a high-flying career

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Good news for parents who like to travel: You could be just a few decades away from a life of free flights. A UK study conducted by the Office for National Statistics found that babies born in March are more likely to become pilots than those born during any other month (though no one knows exactly why), per the Daily Mail. They also have greater odds of becoming musicians — so maybe your little one will grow up to be a rock star who pilots his own private jet?


They might be especially creative

The damp, unpredictable weather this time of year might seem like a curse when you have a newborn, but it could pay off later in your baby's life. A study conducted by researcher Mark Hamilton from the University of Connecticut found that babies born in "wet" months are more likely to be creative types as adults, according to an article in The Huffington Post.


They're more likely to be CEO someday

You may be parenting a future president, principal, or CEO. As the same article in The Huffington Post revealed, another study conducted at the University of British Columbia in Canada revealed that babies born in March (as well as April) have a greater chance of becoming company leaders. Researchers theorize that this might have something to do with the fact that these babies are usually among the oldest in their classes at school, making them natural "leaders of the pack," so to speak.


They're either a fish or a ram (astrologically speaking)

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Depending on where in March your baby's birthday falls, her astrological sign will either be Pisces (February 19 to March 20) or Aries (March 21 to April 19), according to Astrostyle. As the site explained, Pisces tend to be "helpful, wise, comforting and artistic," while Aries are known for being "headstrong and willful" as well as "heroic and caring." If they’re born on the 20th or 21st, they may be considered on the cusp of two signs.


They get two birthstones

Why settle for one dedicated personal jewel when you can have two? March babies have the distinction of being able to claim both aquamarine and bloodstone as their birthstones, according to the American Gem Society. Aquamarine is a pale, blue-green stone (as its name suggests), while bloodstones are actually dark green, sometimes with red veins.


They have a super cheerful birth flower

Since March signals the start of spring, it's only right that this month's birth flower is the daffodil (one of the springiest flowers of all!). Even the meaning of daffodil is spring-appropriate, as Teleflora's website explained: The bloom is associated with "rebirth and new beginnings."


They share their birth month with some major A-listers

No matter what day of the month your baby is born on, she'll be in seriously famous company. Celebs with March birthdays include Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Eva Mendes, Bryan Cranston, Bryce Dallas Howard, William H. Macy, Shaquille O'Neal, Lauren Graham, Lily Collins, Bruce Willis, Elton John, and Holly Hunter, according to Newsday.


They look on the bright side of life

"Hyperthermia" might sound like something that happens if you stay outside too long without a coat, but it actually means "general optimism" — and according to an article in TIME, March babies (as well as April and May babies) score high on the hyperthermia scale. Get ready for all the glasses in your house to be half full

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