Everyone Deserves A Tiny Cookie On The Edge Of Their Mug

Fact: Things in miniature just taste better.

by Cat Bowen
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I don't know about you, but I love a cookie that looks like it could be a part of a Disney film. Sweet, whimsical little treats that are as cute as they are tasty. Whoever thought of cookies that sit on the edge of your mug is a diabolical genius, and I tip my invisible, tiny hat to them.

Whether you make your own or buy a dozen online or at a bakery is up to you. But it's clear that this trend isn't going away any time soon. They are the giant gingerbread houses' diminutive, edible cousin, and they're perfect for Santa, his elves, and whoever else might need a little holiday cheer. (So, basically all of us this year, am I right?) They are three-dimensional with a cutout on two sides designed to perch either on a cup or mug, or even on the edge of a tub of whipped cream if, like me, you have also fully given up on appearances. Thankfully, they're nowhere near as difficult to make as they look, and because they're so little, they bake up quickly and decorating them takes no time at all. Personally, I'm a fan of using a stiff sugar cookie dough for mine, but that's only because I'm dunking it into pumpkin spice coffee, and if I use a gingerbread mix, it's going to cancel out my pricey cream. If I'm just letting it take a swim in Cool Whip (that I decant into crystal because I'm fancy), then all bets are off.

These are a ton of fun, so don't get worried if they're not perfect. You can buy them pre-made, or try your hand at miniature baking. (Where is the mini Paul Hollywood to appreciate the snap of your gingerbread though?)

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Get It Premade

These take all the work out of it for you, and the package comes to your house all safe and sound. You could always buy an extra to give to the delivery person since it's the holidays and they've been your best friend for months and all.


Tiny Gingerbread Swimmers

Did you squeal with joy when you saw these? Same. Pick a few to put out at a hot cocoa bar, and your pod of people and family members can have a blast taking them all for swim, or having them hang on the edge of the mug.


A Splurge

This is a gift for someone. It's big and perfect and pre-wrapped and honestly? It just screams holiday cheer.


One For Hanukkah

This is the only one I could find with a Star of David, and while it's in a set, they're pretty versatile. Make your favorite cookie recipe with these cutters and you can have mug cookies all season long.


Traditional Gingerbread Men

These are great for kids to decorate, and if they mess them up, you just make more. Who would've ever thought you'd purposely make cookies with extra space in the armpit for your mug?


Custom Cookies

These are gorgeous and you'll be supporting a small business. What could be better?


Make Your Own Gingerbread House Topper

Use whatever dough you like, whatever frosting you like, and if you're daring -- candy. It's economical and something fun to do that isn't a puzzle. Plus, there are few things as zen as piping tiny windows onto tiny cookies.


Spiced Cookie Hangers

Trader Joe's ginger mug hangers

While not available for sale online, Trader Joe’s sells these little babies for just $2.49 per box, and reader, they are delicious. They have a rich molasses flavor with a nice ginger kick. I’ve paired them with both tea and coffee, and honestly, I cannot wait to try them in cocoa, too.

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