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How Long After Removing NuvaRing Can You Get Pregnant?

Women can take a variety of measures to prevent pregnancy until they feel ready to have a baby. But when it's time to start trying, you may be concerned about how it works after being on birth control. If you have been using some sort of hormonal contraceptive, like a NuvaRing, it can be even more confusing. Do you have to do any prep work? How long after removing a NuvaRing can you get pregnant?

Romper spoke with fertility expert Dr. Edward Marut of Fertility Centers of Illinois, who says that when it comes to getting pregnant after removing your NuvaRing, you should wait about a month to start trying. “Just like the pill, it is wise to have one natural cycle before trying to conceive," he says.

According to the Mayo Clinic, NuvaRing is designed to continuously release low doses of estrogen and progestin into your vagina, where they work together to suppress ovulation and prevent pregnancy. So once you remove the ring, and rid your body of the ovulation suppressing hormones, your body should go back to ovulating regularly in a cycle or two, suggested Parents.

Waiting for a few cycles to pass, the article explained, gives your hormones time to reset and allows you to figure out your cycle rhythm and ovulation timing. Because all couples are different, Parents noted that some will get pregnant sooner than others, so there is no set time frame for everyone.

But don't worry about fertility. The effects of NuvaRing are not much different from birth control pills, so similarly it should not hinder your ability to get pregnant when you stop using it. “A NuvaRing doesn’t have any lasting negative effect on fertility,” says Marut, “and theoretically it may even improve endometriosis, like the pill.”

If you are concerned about your ability to get pregnant after using NuvaRing, you can always consult a fertility specialist who will evaluate your situation and give you the guidance and answers you need. In the meantime, time your ovulation, and get it on when you can.