Let's Hear It For The Birds


How To Attract Birds To Your Backyard

And have the most epic birdwatching experience.


There are few things more lovely than seeing a bunch of birds in your own backyard, and these tips can help you attract all of the feathered friends.

I mean, birds love to eat. If you want to make your yard a hot spot for birds, try making one of those homemade bird feeders out of peanut butter, bird seed, and a pinecone. It’s nice and natural, and you’ll get lots of visitors.
If you want birds to stay for a while and make a home, consider leaving a brush pile of nesting supplies for them, like old grass clippings, twigs, and more. They’ll know the materials are there to build a nest and will feel safe in your yard.Shutterstock
Another great bird feeder idea is to upcycle an old milk jug into a feeder (and a little bit of a shelter) for your bird friends. This one’s especially great if you don’t have a lot of pinecones in your area, and the rain won’t wash away the birdseed.Shutterstock
And if you’re not the crafting type, don’t worry — there are tons of great bird feeders out there. This Hape Window Bird Feeder is so sweet — it suctions to the window so your kids inside can get an up close and personal view of their bird friends.
Birds are pollinators, so try planting lots of native plants and wildflowers to encourage them to stop by and hang out for a while.Shutterstock
A water source will definitely attract birds to your yard, both for splashing and for drinking. Just in the warmer months, change it out often so you can avoid mosquitoes. Shutterstock
Bird feeders are great, but so are bird houses — aka nesting boxes — so that your feathered friends can set up shop and really make a home in your yard.Shutterstock
Birds love natural shelter, so plant some shrubs or make sure to keep the ones you have in good shape so that they are encouraged to make their nests right in your yard.
And then once you’ve attracted all the birds to your yard, buy your kiddos some great binoculars so they can really pay attention. A book on native birds or even some flash cards would be great for identifying.Shutterstock

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