Earth Day

exploring nature is one way to celebrate earth day with kids
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15 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Kids

Enjoying, appreciating, and protecting the great outdoors.

The most obvious way to celebrate Earth Day with kids is by helping them plant something. Have them start their own veggie garden, plant a tree nearby, or pick out some seeds to plant at a local nursery. Kids will love it. Chalisa Thammapatanakul / EyeEm, Getty Images
If you live nearby a science museum, take the kids to check out all of the different exhibits that have to do with earth. Check out your museum’s website before you head over, because there may be special kid activities you can attend. Peter M. Fisher, Getty Images
Spend some time on Earth Day reading nature-themed books with your kids. Opt to get copies from the library rather than having them shipped to demonstrate ways to reduce waste and carbon footprints. Patricia MacLachlan & Francesca Sanna /Amazon
Grab a jar (preferably a recycled one), some soil, and some seeds to help your kids create their own terrarium. NASA has a great tutorial that will teach you how to DIY like a pro. Adriana Duduleanu / EyeEm, Getty Images
Take the kids out on a walk and have them gather up some leaves they find on the ground (don’t pick them off the trees). Bring the leaves home and use them for fun art projects. Click here for some leaf craft ideas. enigma_images, Getty Images
Create a fun challenge for the kids this Earth Day. Have them gather up recyclable items from the house and then use them to build something. Let them get as creative as possible and watch what they can bring to life. JulPo, Getty Images
If you live nearby a farm stand or farmer’s market, take the kids along on an adventure to show them how the planet provides food for us. Even better, go on a slow day so they can ask the farmers questions and learn a little more about the process. SolStock, Getty Images
Get the kids excited about reusable bags by letting them decorate their own. Pick up a pack of plain canvas bags and some fabric paint or a tie-dye kit and let your kids have fun making a one-of-a-kind bag that they will love taking to the store. Lea Scaddan, Getty Images
Whether you live near a national forest, an environmental reserve, or a small nature park, take the kids over to spend a few hours outside. You can hike, play in streams, have a picnic, bird watch, or even walk through fields of flowers. Mike Tittel, Getty Images
There are litterbugs everywhere, but you and the kids can help clean up their mess by joining an official Earth Day cleanup event or just heading over to your local park and picking up trash you find laying around.Ariel Skelley, Getty Images
Help your kids understand the effects of water pollution with this activity from Curriculum Castle. Fill two glass jars with water, and stuff a bunch of trash in one of them then observe what happens to that jar of water over the next few days. @curriculumcastle / Instagram
With this DIY solar oven from NASA, kids get to learn about renewable energy and enjoy a s’more as a reward. You can find a step-by-step guide for this activity on NASA’s website, including what materials you’ll need and how long to “cook” the s’mores. jaclynwr, Getty Images
While it’s always nice to get outside on Earth Day, if it’s rainy or cold, consider watching a movie that will help teach your kids about the importance of protecting the planet, such as WALL-E, The Lorax, or FernGully: The Last Rainforest. Disney Pixar / Cartoon Chill / YouTube
Teach your kids how to identify trash, recycle, and compost items with this project from @imperfectmomof3babes. She used cardboard to make the bins and cut circles out of paper with items on each for her kids to “throw away” in the correct bins.@imperfectmomof3babes / Instagram
If all else fails, a family bike ride is one of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day. Not only does it get them outside to enjoy the earth, but it’s also a chance to talk about the ways cars can impact the environment. Inti St Clair, Getty Images

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