Nearly 11,000 Cartons Of Ice Cream Have Been Recalled

A customer found "an intact piece of metal equipment" in their ice cream.

by Casey Suglia

More than 11,000 cartons of ice cream have been recalled because they may be contaminated with bits of metal. Although temperatures in your area might be sub-zero, you might want to double check your freezer if you've shopped at mid-Atlantic grocery chain, Weis Markets.

Weis Markets has issued a recall on 10,869 48 oz. containers of Weis Quality Cookies and Cream Ice Cream sold at Weis Markets and 502 3-gallon bulk containers of Klein's Vanilla Dairy Ice Cream, according to an announcement shared through the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The recall was issued because the products may be contaminated with extraneous material, "specifically metal filling equipment parts." There has only been one report of a customer who discovered a piece of metal equipment in their carton of Weis Quality Cookies and Cream Ice Cream, according to the FDA, but there is concern of there being an additional piece of equipment present in the ice cream, which could present a choking hazard.

Here's how you can tell if your carton of Weis Quality Cookies and Cream Ice Cream is a part of this recall: The more than 10,000 cartons of ice cream come in 48 oz. containers and were released for sale on Oct. 29. The recalled container has a UPC of 041497-01253 and has a sell by date of Oct. 28, 2021 located on the carton. These cartons were sold in 197 Weis Markets stores located in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia and have since been removed for sale, according to Food Safety News.

The Klein's Vanilla bulk ice cream containers were not for retail sale, according to the FDA, and were only sold to one retail establishment in New York, and have since been removed for sale.

Customers in possession of a recalled carton Weis Quality Cookies and Cream Ice Cream are being asked to discard the product or return it to a Weis Markets store for a full refund. If you have any more questions or concerns about the recall, you can contact Weis Market's Customer Service department at 1-866-999-9347, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. through 5 p.m. EST.