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The Best Jack-O’-Lantern Ideas For 2022

All the spooky inspiration you need.

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Once you’ve picked the perfect pumpkin, it’s time to break out the knives and get lit. Whether you’re in the mood for a gorgeous gourd or something scary, use these jack-o’-lantern ideas to inspire your design. (Before it rots on your porch, of course.)

Keep it classic this Halloween. Outline and carve out simple shapes for your jack-o’-lantern’s eyes, nose, and mouth. The glow of a wide, toothy grin is just the right amount of spooky.David Izquierdo/Getty
Whether you think the idea of one jack-o’-lantern puking on another is gross or just gutsy, there’s no denying the genius of it. To achieve this gruesome look, carve up two gourds and place one on a step above the other.Shutterstock

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A black cat may be an unwelcome sight any other time of year, but not when it’s on a jack-o’-lantern for Halloween. If you’re not into free-handing the cat outline, a stencil can help you get the details just right.

This jack-o’-lantern trend to try is sure to be a hit this Halloween. Simply add a colorful smoke bomb (Shutter Bombs is a popular choice) to a carved jack-o’-lantern, stand back, and get ready to snap some of the coolest pumpkin pics ever.Olesia Valentain/EyeEm/Getty Images
It doesn’t get much creepier than one jack-o’-lantern eating another, but it’s also pretty funny. Follow this YouTube tutorial for this jack-o’-lantern idea that’s sure to satisfy your spooky sense of humor. Photonygraphy - Antoaneta Karadzhova/Moment Open/Getty Images


Who says pumpkin carving can’t be a form of self-care? Use paint to add a face mask or lipstick and plop a small towel on top to get your jack-o’-lantern ready for a spa day.


Give your jack-o’-lantern an extra creepy vibe this year and add toothpicks to the mouth. The jagged grin paired with lopsided eyes really enhances the scare factor.

Jack-o’-lantern or Jack Sparrow? Add interest to a simply-carved face when you add an eye patch across one of the eyes. You can even top it off with a pirate hat if you want.Shutterstock


Looking for jack-o’-lantern ideas that are more silly than scary? Grab an oblong pumpkin and carve out a mouth with huge eyes and a snaggle tooth or two for a fun look.

Paint faces on your pumpkins to create adorable (or scary) jack-o’-lanterns without wielding any sharp objects. Be sure to use acrylic paint if you’re putting them outdoors so you don’t have a mess on your hands come Oct. 31.Denise Panyik-Dale/Moment Open/Getty Images

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