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The Best Jack-O’-Lantern Ideas For 2022

All the spooky inspiration you need.


Once you’ve picked the perfect pumpkin, it’s time to break out the knives and get lit. Whether you’re in the mood for a gorgeous gourd or something scary, use these jack-o’-lantern ideas to inspire your design. (Before it rots on your porch, of course.)

Keep it classic this Halloween. Outline and carve out simple shapes for your jack-o’-lantern’s eyes, nose, and mouth. The glow of a wide, toothy grin is just the right amount of spooky.David Izquierdo/Getty
Whether you think the idea of one jack-o’-lantern puking on another is gross or just gutsy, there’s no denying the genius of it. To achieve this gruesome look, carve up two gourds and place one on a step above the other.Shutterstock

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A black cat may be an unwelcome sight any other time of year, but not when it’s on a jack-o’-lantern for Halloween. If you’re not into free-handing the cat outline, a stencil can help you get the details just right.

This jack-o’-lantern trend to try is sure to be a hit this Halloween. Simply add a colorful smoke bomb (Shutter Bombs is a popular choice) to a carved jack-o’-lantern, stand back, and get ready to snap some of the coolest pumpkin pics ever.Olesia Valentain/EyeEm/Getty Images
It doesn’t get much creepier than one jack-o’-lantern eating another, but it’s also pretty funny. Follow this YouTube tutorial for this jack-o’-lantern idea that’s sure to satisfy your spooky sense of humor. Photonygraphy - Antoaneta Karadzhova/Moment Open/Getty Images


Who says pumpkin carving can’t be a form of self-care? Use paint to add a face mask or lipstick and plop a small towel on top to get your jack-o’-lantern ready for a spa day.


Give your jack-o’-lantern an extra creepy vibe this year and add toothpicks to the mouth. The jagged grin paired with lopsided eyes really enhances the scare factor.

Jack-o’-lantern or Jack Sparrow? Add interest to a simply-carved face when you add an eye patch across one of the eyes. You can even top it off with a pirate hat if you want.Shutterstock


Looking for jack-o’-lantern ideas that are more silly than scary? Grab an oblong pumpkin and carve out a mouth with huge eyes and a snaggle tooth or two for a fun look.

Paint faces on your pumpkins to create adorable (or scary) jack-o’-lanterns without wielding any sharp objects. Be sure to use acrylic paint if you’re putting them outdoors so you don’t have a mess on your hands come Oct. 31.Denise Panyik-Dale/Moment Open/Getty Images

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