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Simone Biles of the United States competes during the Women's Qualification at the Tokyo 2020 Olympi...
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10 Times Kids Were Totally In Awe Of Simone Biles

For years, the Olympian has left kids questioning whether gravity is real.

Simone Biles has been inspiring children since almost the first time she tumbled into the international world of gymnastics competitions in 2013. Her journey from foster care to Olympic gold medalist has shown that with determination and hard work (a lot of hard work), anything is possible. At 24 years old, Biles is the most decorated gymnast in history thanks to her combined 30 Olympic and World Championship medals. But as impressive as Biles’ resume is, there’s nothing quite like actually watching her fly, flip, and twist through the air as these captivated kids prove.

One day after removing herself from the women’s gymnastic team final at the Tokyo Games after losing her bearings mid-air on a vault rotation, Biles withdrew from the individual all-around competition to protect and prioritize her mental health. Prior to announcing her decision to withdraw, Biles, who’s widely regarded as being the greatest gymnast of all time, noted on Instagram that she “truly” did “feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.”

“I know I brush it off and make it seem like pressure doesn’t affect me but damn sometimes it’s hard,” she wrote.

But perhaps Tokyo is where Biles shared with young fans her most important lesson yet: Take care of yourself. While a number of Olympic gymnasts have, in the past, been pressured to continue competing even when seriously injured — often exacerbating their injury to the point where it becomes career-ending, Biles had the courage to prioritize her own health and well-being.

Below, 10 captivated kids prove Biles will always serve as an inspiration to those who dare to dream big:


“The Bravery To Know When To Say Enough.”

Along with encouraging a new generation of gymnasts, Biles’ experience at the Tokyo Olympics gave parents the opportunity to discuss with young children the importance of taking care of themselves, even if it might mean disappointing others.


“Gravity Is Taking A Break.”

Watching highlights from Biles’ career left one 6-year-old girl so impressed she concluded, “It’s like gravity is taking a break when she moves.”



Of course, sometimes Biles pulls off a move so impressive, so spectacular, that there really isn’t much you can say beyond just “wow.”


“I’m Gonna Be Like Simone.”

While Biles serves as an inspiration and role model for gymnasts of all ages (yes, adults can be gymnasts too!), she’s influenced a number of young aspiring gymnasts to dare to dream big. “Daddy, I’m gonna be like Simone when I get big,” one Twitter user reported their daughter claimed after watching Biles.



Despite Biles’ decision to withdraw from the final individual all-around competition and the women's gymnastics team final, the Tokyo Olympics remained a fantastic opportunity for children to watch Biles “do her thing.”


The Princess Meets The GOAT

Darien Harris proved children are never too young to be introduced to Biles, who has been nicknamed “the GOAT,” an abbreviation of the phrase greatest of all time. Harris welcomed his daughter Naomi on July 20 and was watching Biles compete in Tokyo with her just five days later.


“Dream Big.”

At least one parent on Twitter noted that watching Biles with her two daughters was an opportunity to encourage them to dream big.


“I’m Simone!”

Parents who’ve watched any of Biles’ competition performances with young kids will likely know how hard it can be to keep kids from attempting to emulate the gymnast with their own tumbling and jumping.


“Our Simone”

One young girl who shares Biles’ first name couldn’t help but inch closer and closer to the TV while watching the Olympian compete in Tokyo. Thankfully, experts have told Romper children are much better than adults at focusing at close distance, meaning their penchant for standing directly in front of the TV doesn’t signal an eye issue.


“Just A Bunch Of Dudes.”

Of course, children aren’t the only ones who have been left completely awestruck by Biles. Even grown adults have been known to stop whatever they’re doing and stare in wonder as the 4-foot 8-inch gymnast flips and flies through the air.