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The Lucky Color For 2021 Is Totally Going To Be Your New Favorite

You'll want to paint the entire house immediately.

If you're hoping for a better year ahead (like everyone else on the planet), then consider your color choices. What is the lucky color of 2021, according to astrologers? It might provide the colorful boost you need to enjoy a positive new year.

"Each year we look at what sign Jupiter is transiting in to determine the lucky color (in Western Astrology)," as Kyla Derkach, founder of Hatha Astro, tells Romper via email. For the upcoming year, it's a pretty powerful sign. "Jupiter, the planet of luck, wealth, and expansion, is in bold, paradigm-shifting Aquarius in 2021," Kristin West, celebrity astrologer, tells Romper via email. "Most people associate Aquarian energy with violet, black, and blue." It looks like the upcoming year will be all about the cool tones. "Aquarius is associated with the colour turquoise and aquamarine which are great stress relievers and calm the mind and emotions," says Derkach.

In addition, it's time to enjoy vibrant, intense shades of these hues. "Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, is a game-changer and a rule-breaker by nature, so bold choices are called for in 2021," says West. "With Uranian energy in the mix, there's an element of electricity added to Jupiter's influence, so shocking, daring color combinations are rewarded in 2021." As it turns out, bold pops of color are a big part of 2021 makeup trend predictions, according to Bustle. It looks like artists and astrologers alike are feeling the pull toward the super-saturated sides of shades.

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So how do you invite these lucky colors into your daily life? "Try these colors out as accessories or jewelry to start. If you feel bolder and more confident, then add a larger piece to your wardrobe," says West. It's also a good time to invest in some new crystals, if you're a stone collector. "Connecting to crystals or rocks that are turquoise or aquamarine can also be advantageous. Focus on these colors during aura meditations," says Derkach. Connect to these lucky colors in 2021 to (hopefully) bring some of that big Jupiter luck in your direction.