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A recalled Make It Mini Food sets

21 Million Miniverse Make It Mini Sets Have Been Recalled

Here’s what parents need to know.

by Kaitlin Kimont

If you’ve recently purchased a Miniverse Make It Mini playset for your kids, there’s a new recall to put on your radar. On June 25, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that MGA Entertainment has recalled about 21 million Miniverse Make It Mini sets as the liquid resin the toys come with, before it cures, could cause irritation to your little one’s skin, eyes, and airways.

The recall includes several models and series of the toy, with unused liquid resins, including the “Make It Mini Appliances,” “the Make It Mini Lifestyle” sets, and all models and series of the “Make It Mini Food” sets. You can find a full list, including item #s and product descriptions, here on the CPSC’s recall announcement.

“The recalled Make It Mini sets contain resins that, when liquid, can cause skin, eye, and respiratory irritation or sensitization when inhaled, touched, or ingested by children or adults,” the CPSC explains. “The resins contain acrylates (hydroxyethylmethacrylate ‘HEMA’ and isobornyl acrylate ‘IBOA’) in amounts prohibited in children’s products by the Federal Hazardous Substances Act. After the resins cure, they no longer present this hazard.”

For example, the liquid resin in a “Make It Mini Food” set is used to look like things like peanut butter, water, syrup, jam, or milk, and will eventually hardened to be played with as a miniature toy.

An example of what the liquid resin looks like before it cures on a Miniverse Make It Mini Food set. Doctor Squish/ YouTube

MGA Entertainment, which makes the toys, says it’s aware of 26 reports of children and adults experiencing skin burns and irritation, and respiratory irritation, and one person told the company their asthma was triggered when playing with the product.

The recalled Miniverse Make It Mini sets were sold between October 2022 through June 2024 at several stores across the nation including Target, Walmart, Family Dollar, Dollar General, ALDI, and Hobby Lobby. The toys were also sold online at,,,, and other sites. The toys sold as an individual sphere retailed for $7 to $13, while sets sold in boxes retailed for about $14 to $52.

If you find that you have purchased one of the recalled Miniverse Make It Mini sets with unused resins, the CPSC says to stop using it immediately and contact MGA Entertainment for a refund or replacement. You can find MGA Entertainment’s contact form for the recall here, or call at 800-222-4685 or send an email to