Image of the new My Squishy Little Marshmallow toy.
Courtesy of WowWee

Meet My Squishy Little Marshmallow

Come on. You know you want to give this new marshmallowy toy a squeeze.

Sometimes toys are so irresistibly adorable that even parents can’t resist the joys of unboxing them. Enter this squishy square named Mel: Arriving on Amazon early enough to claim a spot on your kid’s holiday gift lists, today the world meets this newest My Squishy Little pal, who joins Dip, Doe, Dee, Dot and Coco in all their giggling, singing fun.

What’s Special About My Squishy Little Marshmallow Mel?

Um, it’s a marshmallow, first of all, so the squish factor is basically implied. With an adorable smile and signature little pop-out body, Mel comes with sunglasses and headphones. And Mel delivers all of the endearing features of a My Squishy Little character, like the various responses to your child’s squeezing, shaking, tossing, and cuddling you’d gleefully expect. It’s loaded with 50 different reactionary sounds and light-up moments, so your kid can enjoy the discovery of cause-and-effect actions. Mel might even make an appearance on stage with The Squish, an infectious group of animated singing buddies from WowWee and the My Squishy Little characters. (Be warned: Before you play their peppy tune “Can You Resist The Squish,” for your kids, prepare yourself for hearing it on loop for the rest of the day. It’s that catchy.)

Are There Other New My Squishy Little Characters?

Yep — say hello to Peach. The round little fruit has a stem top, glasses, and butterfly headband to make kiddos smile, along with a green-clothed body that pops out with a satisfying squeeze. Its eyes close, its voice laughs, and its body plays along with your child. If you’re looking to pick this fresh Peach, you’ll have to head over to Target for the exclusive.

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There’s an obvious collectible quality to these little toys. To some, they may offer a similar squealing, happy satisfaction that brings to mind the ‘90s must-have doll Tickle Me Elmo. Whatever their appeal, one thing’s for sure: These hand-size goodies have all the early signs of best-seller status. They’re already appearing on 2021 hot toy lists, so you may want to grab fast.