Old navy's all-idays campaign celebrates diversity and gives back to charity
Old Navy

Old Navy’s ALL-idays Campaign Is Giving Back In A Major Way

Cute pajamas with representation and charitable donations make for a good holiday season.

It’s not uncommon to see everyone from major corporations to individuals donate to charities around the holidays. This year, Old Navy’s ALL-idays campaign not only celebrated diversity, but also another year of the company’s This Way ONward program by making a major donation. Thanks to this campaign, there’s a new graduating class of Santas who were trained with diversity in mind, a huge selection of holiday products dedicated to representation, and even more funding for the store’s mission to help narrow the opportunity gap for young people.

Old Navy’s ALL-idays campaign kicked off back in November with its Santa BOOTcamp, a free virtual training that invited anyone with the desire to play Santa. In the training, trainees learned how to respond to frequently asked kids questions, learned some key phrases in Spanish and American Sign Language to better communicate with all kids, and, of course, how to pose for the perfect photo. Additionally, in December, Old Navy also brought in a diverse group of Santas to take pictures with customers in their New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago stores. Not to mention, the store expanded even more on its line of products featuring their diverse Santa prints, including pajamas for the whole family.

The good cheer doesn’t stop there, either. Old Navy also kicked off the holiday season by donating $1 million to its This Way ONward partners through the Imagine Mission Fund. This program is intended to help young people between ages 16 and 24 build the skills they need to grow and succeed in the workforce. Those who participate in the program get assistance in landing their first jobs, are partnered with mentors to help them succeed, and get help with essential resources like transportation to and from work, housing assistance, and a clothing allowance. Old Navy’s This Way ONward program has been around since 2007 and is on track to hit its goal of providing 20,000 jobs to participants in the program by 2025.

Old Navy’s ALL-idays campaign has proven to be more than just good marketing, it’s truly a mission for the company. And, there’s still time to pick up some of the merchandise, like jingle jammies, before the season is over (it’s never too early to stock up for next year). If you’re all shopped out this year, that’s okay, because their collections will only continue to grow from here.