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Suni Lee is among the many Olympic athletes on TikTok.
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15 Olympic Athletes Should Start Following On TikTok Right Now

Yes, they’ve already tested out those cardboard beds.

Whether they’re flipping, swimming, or running as fast as lightening, getting to watch Olympians do their thing is just fascinating. But it doesn’t have to stop at NBC’s broadcast or after the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics are over. In fact, a bunch of Olympic athletes are also stars on TikTok where they give their fans a behind-the-scenes look at everything you don’t see on TV.

While everyone can see what they do best on televised segments, Olympic athletes have been documenting how they spend their time at the Olympic Village, how they train, where they practice, and more. For example, Chelsea Gonzales, an Olympic softball player from Mexico, and her team seem to love a good TikTok dance while Raven “Hulk” Saunders of USA’s track and field team filmed her first time using a bidet. Australian diver Sam Fricker also gives some really entertaining chocolate reviews and Nigerian basketball player Erica Ogwumike confirmed that the beds at the Olympic village are comfortable on her page.

Basically, you see what life is like as an Olympic athlete, through their own eyes, coupled with TikTok trends, music, and filters. So sit back, relax, grab your phone, and follow some of the most entertaining Olympians on TikTok right now.

Abi Burton, Rugby, Team Great Britain

Rugby players seem like they have so much fun at the Olympics. Just take it from Burton, who has been posting some pretty amazing dance videos with her teammates.

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Chelsea Gonzales, Softball, Team Mexico

Softball player Chelsea Gonzales seems to be having the time of her life with her softball teammates representing Mexico. The 26-year-old and her teammates have nailed their dances before the opening ceremony and before their final game against Canada.

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Cody Melphy, Rugby, Team USA

The 28-year-old rugby player from Colorado is making the most out of his first trip to the Olympics. From riding in the autonomous cars at the Olympic Village, to taking naps in between rugby games, to showing the Covid-19 precautions taken at the Olympic Village food court, Melphy takes his followers everywhere with him.

As one commenter wrote, “Olympic Village TikTok is the best thing that has ever happened to America.”

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Courtney Hurley, Fencing, Team USA

Hurley, a three time Olympic fencer, has been incredibly honest about her time in Tokyo — like her struggles with losing her match and not enjoying the food. But her sense of humor gets her through everything and has her followers loving her videos.

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Erica Ogwumike, Basketball, Team Nigeria

As if Ogwumike wasn’t impressive enough being a second year med school student and basketball player for Team Nigeria, but she also has more than 78,000 followers on TikTok. Ogwumike’s account is filled with videos of her answering commonly asked questions about the Olympics and taking her followers behind the scenes when she isn’t competing.

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Francisco Caffaro, Basketball, Team Argentina

The Argentinian basketball player has been showing his followers what a day in his life looks like and how the Argentinian team can get so hyped up.

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Ilona Maher, Rugby, Team USA

This rugby player representing Team USA has amassed millions of likes for her amazing sense of humor and honest look inside of the Olympic Village. Maher is here to debunk common myths that you might have about the Olympics, all while wearing her signature tie dye bucket hat. Like those sustainable cardboard beds? They’re totally strong enough to host a dance party of Olympic rugby players.

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Katherine Nye, Weightlifting, Team USA

The 22-year-old weightlifter from the United States isn’t afraid to clear up some misconceptions about her event and how she got to the Olympics. “Me explaining that I’m an Olympian, but not in a Simone Biles/Michael Phelps super star kind of way, but in a niche sport, I still have to go to school, if you saw me on the street you would think that I’m painfully average sort of way, but also I could be your friend because I have a lot of free time,” she wrote in one viral TikTok.

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Laurie Hernandez, Gymnastics, Team USA

While Hernandez might not be representing Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics this year, she does have a bit of experience. Hernandez won two medals during her time at the 2016 Olympic Games and is now providing commentary for the Olympics this year for Peacock. Hernandez doesn’t shy away from showing off her super fun personality and being honest with her followers. “I’m grateful for Peacock for letting me commentate but it definitely hurts being here,” she wrote in reply to one commenter. “I don’t get to talk about it much.”

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Laviai Nielsen, Track & Field, Team Great Britain

Nielsen is a British sprinter who has been documenting all of the processes to get to Tokyo — from the routine Covid-19 tests, to her time staying in self-isolation before joining the rest of her team at the Olympic Village.

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Oksana Masters, Biathlon, Team USA

The four-time paralympian, who has won Olympic eight medals over the course of her career, gives a serious look at all of the hard work and dedication that goes into training for the paralympics. She’s a rockstar, and her TikTok videos are further proof of that.

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Raven “Hulk” Saunders, Track & Field, Team USA

This two-time Olympian and shot put competitor hasn’t been shy about showing off her new experiences in Tokyo. She seemed to really enjoy her first bidet experience, and take her word on what foods to skip at the food court.

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Sam Fricker, Diving, Team Australia

The Australian diver has been having a lot of fun in Tokyo, as evidenced by his chocolate reviews and showing off his Olympic hauls. Oh, and he posts some pretty amazing diving videos — but if you’re afraid of heights, the videos aren’t for the faint of heart.

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Suni Lee, Gymnastics, Team USA

So the 18-year-old gymnast might have just won the gold medal for best all-around at the 2020 Olympics, but she still takes the time to post to her TikTok account. You can find Lee showing off her silver medal for team all-around and listening to music to get pumped up before her meet.

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Tyler Downs, Diving, Team USA

The 18-year-old Olympic diver has quite the personality. Downs is constantly taking part in some super fun TikTok trends, and is just as big of a fan of Simone Biles as the rest of the world.

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