Guinea pig in unicorn fairy costume from PetsMart
PetSmart’s New Costumes For Dogs, Cats, & Gerbils Do Not Disappoint

No trick, all treat.

Between the spooky decor, jack-o-lanterns, and piles of candy, there is a lot to love about Halloween. Still, what stands out the most about the holiday are the fun costumes, which is why the release of PetSmart’s new 2021 Halloween costumes for dogs, cats, and small animals (like guinea pigs), is so exciting. While nothing is quite as adorable as a little kid dressed up for trick-or-treating, an animal in costume is a very close second.

Every year, a new line of PetSmart Halloween costumes is released, allowing animal lovers to dress their fur babies up, somehow making them even cuter than they already are. PetSmart’s 2021 Halloween costumes hit stores and online starting August 2, and the collection doesn’t disappoint. They have all kinds of cute getups sized for either small or large pets that range from silly, to spooky, to downright scary (looking at you, creepy clown costume).

All of the costumes are made to be comfortable for your pet, but whether or not they will enthusiastically wear it depends a lot on their temperament. For instance, I once tried to dress my cat up in a costume and she laid on the floor, lifeless, playing dead until I put her out of her misery. That was several years ago, though, and the adorable options in PetSmart’s new 20201 Halloween costumes collection have me considering giving it another shot. Seriously, just look at them. They’re kind of impossible to resist.


Dragon Pet Costume

This sequined dragon costume attaches to your pet around its neck like a cape and is secured in place with a band around its torso. The costume is especially great for a dog tasked with guarding your home (or palace).


Cactus Costume For Dogs

Who knew an animal dressed up as a cactus could be so cute? All you have to do is put this hood over your pet’s head, secure it around its waist, and you have yourself the snuggliest cactus, ever.


Doctor Halloween Costume

Paging Dr. Barks; do you want to go for a ride? Okay, but really, this costume is amazing. When your pet runs (or saunters) it's way over to you, it’ll look like it’s rushing into surgery for a very important patient.


Small Pet Hot Dog Costume

A hot dog is a classic Halloween costume, and now your pet can get in on the action. This costume is made for smaller pets, like gerbils, and will look totally adorable skittering across your floor.


Banana Pet Costume

Finding a bunch of bananas in your package of Runts Candy is more of a Halloween trick than a treat, but coming across a pet dressed up as this banana while you’re out begging for candy is a downright joy.


Jack-O-Lantern Costume For Small Pet

The Jack-O-Lantern is a tried and true Halloween costume, and your small guinea pig will look absolutely perfect in this little costume. It even comes with a pumpkin top headband for a little added cuteness.


Bumblebee Halloween Costume

There’s just something about dressing your pet up as another animal that is both precious and hilarious. This bumblebee costume for cats is no exception, and your animal will steal the show in it this Halloween.


Scary Clown Pet Costume

For pet owners who like to keep things very creepy around Halloween, you can dress your animal up as this scary clown (who looks to be serving your pet on a platter). Depending on how you like to celebrate the holiday, this costume is either the stuff of dreams or nightmares.


Pet Peacock Costume

Add a little fancy to your pet this Halloween by turning into a pretty peacock. This costume features a backside tail of feathers, sparkly fabric, and a hood complete with a beak. Filling your pet’s bowl with sparkling water when it’s wearing this lavish costume is optional, but encouraged.


Unicorn Costume For Small Pets

Dress your small pet up as something magical this Halloween with this unicorn costume. It’s super soft, featuring a furry mane, tail, and back cover as well as iridescent wings and a horn, for good measure.


Ketchup & Mustard Halloween Costumes

If you have two pets, you must consider dressing them up as ketchup and mustard this Halloween. The costumes are sold separately and each features a buffalo check harness with a condiment bottle attached to its side.


Frankenstein Pet Costume

Put away the torches, because this isn’t actually Frankenstein, it’s just a cat wearing one of PetSmart’s new Halloween costumes. This one fits over your pet’s head and has holes for its front legs to go through, so that when it’s walking or running it will appear as though Frankenstein is coming your way.


Animal Witch Hat

If your pet is anything like mine and doesn’t seem to be a fan of costumes, then maybe you can ease them into it a bit with this witch hat. It goes around your animal’s head and just sits there, so it should make your pet too hot or feel confined. Plus, it’s really stinking cute.


Pet Vampire Costume

If Dracula looked anything like this cute pup, then it’s no wonder he lured in so many victims. Get this getup for your large animal from PetSmart’s 2021 Halloween costumes collection, just make sure to keep a little garlic handy in case your pet starts to get any blood-sucking ideas.


Ladybug Costume For Guinea Pigs

Little guinea pigs are cute all on their own, but dress one up in a ladybug costume and it just doesn’t get much cuter. This costume is sized just right for your small pet and is full of details from the wings to the little antennas. Plus, it’ll keep your little pet warm on a chilly Halloween night.

These are just some of the many options in PetSmart’s new 2021 Halloween costumes collection. Exchanging treats for tricks has never looked so darn cute.