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Have Allergies? You Can Get A Personalized Treatment For 50% Off Right Now — & It’s SO Cheap

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“You’re allergic to happy,” one of my post-college roommates said many years ago after I recited to her my list of known allergens while sitting on our gold crushed velvet couch (procured from a thrift store, obviously). As I named them off one by one, her face settled into abject horror as it became obvious to her that my hyperactive immune system doesn’t jive with Christmas trees, cute dogs, bouquets of fresh flowers, pony rides, or picnics in the grass. (For the record, I’m also allergic to less happy things, including mold, weeds, and dust mites — that dusty used thrift store couch was probably not doing me any favors.)

Figuring out my antihistamine game has been an ever-rotating merry-go-round of trial and error — sometimes something works and then all of a sudden... it doesn’t? That fact has been made only more frustrating in the recent past — I can’t tell you how many plans I’ve canceled based on the “Is it allergies or COVID-19?” question. So when I read about Picnic’s personalized allergy treatment plans — and the fact that they’re currently offering 50% off — my itchy, watery eyes lit up.

A Personalized Regimen For Allergy Relief

Allergies come in so many forms; one person may be dealing with a year-round runny nose punctuated by sneezes, another may deal with a scratchy throat as soon as April hits, and another may experience all of the above — at random and sporadic times. That high variability in symptoms is exactly what Picnic seeks to address. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all solution, they offer personalized treatment recommendations based on your specific experience, then ship medication directly to your doorstep on a subscription basis — i.e., no more standing in a drugstore aisle with eyes glazed over, trying to guess at which nasal spray or bottle of pills you should stick in your basket.

How It Works (Like Having An Allergist At Your Fingertips)

So how does Picnic curate your medication treatment plan? Through a simple and surprisingly satisfying-to-take online quiz. The quiz asks a series of questions, including what your symptoms are, the severity of the symptoms, and whether you experience them seasonally or year-round. After you’ve completed the quiz, you’re given tailored medication options. If they recommend a prescription instead of an over-the-counter drug, they’ll connect you with one of their doctors for a telemedicine appointment that costs — wait for it — $5. (A doc appointment that costs the price of a latte? And I don’t have to sit in a waiting room? Yes, please.) Helpfully, you can continue to message your doctor through a secure online portal, so you won’t be left hanging if you have further questions or concerns.

The Offerings

For my (ahem) comprehensive list of known allergens and symptoms, they recommended an intra-nasal spray to tackle my stubborn sneezing and nasal congestion, along with eye drops to clear up itchiness and irritation. What I really appreciated was that I could refine my results even further by letting Picnic know what treatments I’ve tried in the past, and whether or not they were helpful. This little bit of magic helped whittle things down to even more specific recommendations, for a better chance at targeted, highly personalized relief.

If you’d rather forego the quiz, you can check out all their products and decide for yourself what you’d like to order. The medications are super reasonably priced (similar to what you might pay at the drugstore), but the explanation of what each medicine actually does helps streamline the shopping process. I appreciate that they don’t hem you in by forcing you to buy the products they recommend based on your quiz results — that being said, decision fatigue is real, and I’d personally rather rely on the expert-guided quiz, and eliminate the extra stress of figuring things out for myself.

‘Tis The Sneezin’: Get 50% Off An Expert-Recommended Allergy Plan

Just in time for spring, Picnic is offering 50% off a personalized treatment plan, so if you’re at all interested, now’s the time to experiment. If this treatment route ends up not being your cup of tea, it’s very easy to cancel or amend your plan and subscription options (because you’re already stressed enough dealing with your allergies).

The Reviews

“3 days after starting my treatment I was able to stop sneezing, coughing, and get rid of congestion. My allergies hit hard this spring to the point I was about to move to the desert. Picnic has been a game changer.”

Erika S.

“Finally my eyes are getting back to normal and it all started with Picnic’s help. I got the prescription eye drops I needed and competitive priced allergy tablets that work”

Ann D.

“I’ve been using Picnic nasal spray for a little over a month now and it’s totally changed my day to day. One spray in the morning and I’m set for the day, my congestion is cleared up. What a lifesaver especially during allergy season.”

Catherine R.

“Found this place because it was the cheapest amount of allergies pills for 3 months and the medicine has been wonderful. Thank you!”

Savanna L.

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