Happy, colorful rainbow pattern made of fluffy pom pom balls.

11 Pom Pom Crafts & Activities For Kids

Because this tiny little craft supply makes everything better.

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Pompoms are cheap, easy to find in any store, and super colorful. They make for great sensory experiences, too, and your kids will have a blast trying to make so many different crafts and games up with these little fuzzy balls.

Make a caterpillar with colored bottle caps and match the colored pompoms to the caps. If you don’t have enough different caps, try numbering them and having your child put pompoms into them in a counting sequence, or try to match the number of pompoms to the number on the cap.Shutterstock
You don’t even have to get super crafty with pompoms. Count them, sort them, hide them in plastic Easter eggs, or just glue them into shapes and pictures on paper for easy entertainment. (Bonus: they come in such pretty colors.)Shutterstock


Seasonal crafts are a great way to use up your pompoms, and I’m obsessed with theses. From grouping a bunch together to make a pumpkin, or adding pipe cleaners for spiders, there are lots of spooky little pompom crafts you can do.

I can not get over how pretty and chic this looks. But grab some sticks (or go to the craft store and get “pretty” sticks) and just glue pompoms to them. Pop them into a pretty vase or jar for a sweet little touch of color and whimsy. Even the littlest ones can handle this.Shutterstock
You can use anything to make a wreath base. Cut out some cardboard, get a floral foam ring, or even a traditional wreath, and simply hot glue all kinds of pompoms to it. Different sizes and colors really give a fun effect.Shutterstock
Give your kids an easy motor activity with a whisk and a bunch of pompoms. They can put them in the whisk, pull them out with their fingers or a pair of tweezers, and count how many they can use in one go.Shutterstock

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Thread some yarn and run it through a whole bunch of pompoms, or even sew them onto a pretty ribbon to make a beautiful garland. Different colors work for holidays, but honestly these just look pretty hanging in the kitchen.

Busy Toddler has a super fun way to play with pompoms: throw them in water. Fill a bin with water and dump the pompoms in along with some spoons, tweezers, and other cups and containers. The pompoms are squishy (but dry well after!), giving your kids a great sensory experience.Shutterstock
For big kids, this is super fun. Cut slits into a cardboard canister and put measuring spoon handles inside. Fill each spoon with a pompom, pull them down and see if you can catch the pompoms into the tube. A little engineering and problem-solving, and a whole lot of fun.Shutterstock

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Even the smallest kids will enjoy filling cups and other containers with pompoms and either throwing them at each other, or simply pouring them in and out. Throw some tweezers and spoons in for motor development.

Adding googly eyes to pompoms is a whole craft on its own, but stuff them into other craft supplies to make cute little ice cream cone buddies. (Or turn them into bunnies, funny little aliens, sock puppets, and more.)Jennifer A Smith/Moment/Getty Images

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