New mom's rules for meeting newborn goes viral on TikTok.
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Pregnant Mom's List Of Rules For Meeting Her Newborn Baby Goes Viral On TikTok

“I really don’t think I’m gonna be up for socializing when a baby has literally just come out of me."

With over a million views on TikTok, 20-year-old-mom-to-be Maisie Crompton struck a nerve when she shared her list of rules for meeting her newborn baby once the little bundle of joy arrives. While some might think Crompton went a tad bit overboard with her humorous and specific list, plenty of fellow moms agree that it makes sense to let your friends and loved ones know what you can expect from them when you’re expecting.

Crompton, a personalized tote-bag entrepreneur who is documenting her journey to motherhood on Instagram and YouTube, was inspired to share her own boundary-setting version of this list after watching other mothers share their own treatises on TikTok. “I’ve seen a lot of people do rules for when I have a baby,” Crompton said in her viral TikTok video, “but I’m actually pregnant, so I thought I would do mine.” The list is super-relatable, comprised of pretty common sense, and filled with some pretty funny asides. Here’s what the first-time mom came up with:

1. Please don't kiss the baby.

2. No unannounced visitors. (I really don’t think I’m gonna be up for socializing when a baby has literally just come out of me.)

3. Don't announce our baby has arrived until we do, on social media or in person.

4. No photos posted of the baby until we do.

5. Do not come if you're sick. (I don’t care if it’s just, like, a small cough.)

6. Wash your hands before holding them. (You’ve probably touched loads of stuff.)

7. Do not ask to see the baby if you haven't spoken to me or asked how I am throughout my pregnancy. (Just, no.)

8. If our baby cries please hand them back to me or their dad (because I do not want to watch my baby cry from a distance).

Many were quick to back up Crompton in the comments. “If people are upset by this list then they don't deserve to be near you or your baby, this is perfectly reasonable and should be the norm anyway,” wrote one viewer. “I *had* a one week No visit rule and then my SIL slagged it off behind my back so I upped it to two weeks - my baby my rules,” another fellow-mom commented.

Crompton has gotten a kick out of her social media fame, and mentioned this is not her first brush with the tabloids. And while not everyone agreed with her, Crompton stuck to her guns and insisted her rules are not too strict. “If you think they’re strict, then you’ve got a problem,” she said in a follow-up TikTok video.

In response to so many people asking how she planned to actually enforce the rules with her family without creating awkwardness, the mom-to-be even posted a “Part 2” to her original viral video. Crompton explained that she will ease the blow of any recipient feeling potentially offended by her wishes by prefacing her TikTok list with a warm welcome such as, “we would love you to come over.” She also said she would be clear and “super casual” and explain that she was sending the rules out to everyone, so no one would feel “targeted” or singled-out. The ultimate goal, Crompton’s said, is of course, her baby’s safety.

Hopefully Crompton’s loved ones will hopefully study up before they meet the new baby. And once they’re given permission to cross the threshold of the nursery door, here are some nifty ideas for what to bring along.