I Tried Prima’s “Chill Out” Chew & They’re Absolutely Perfect For Stressed Out Parents

Not only do they help you relax, but they’re also packed with vitamins and minerals.

After having my daughter back in 2017, I didn’t really take very good care of myself. It was hard — and surely, all parents know the struggle. For that first year, you feel like you’re in a fog. Lack of sleep catches up, and suddenly putting on pants becomes a victory instead of a habit. My mom-brain focused all of my attention on her, and she was my main priority. While she’s still my main priority, I’ve finally made some time for a little bit of self-care now that she can (finally) feed, dress, and entertain herself. And, it’s been fantastic.

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While self-care has always been important, new products have been released throughout the past few years to make it easier to take time for yourself. Prima is a company that jumped on that bandwagon, realizing that relaxation and self-care can take many forms.

And, they may have created somewhat of a miracle product.

It’s literally a chew that adults can pop twice a day that contains CBD. Now, you might be a little hesitant on CBD, especially since it’s seemingly popped up out of nowhere.

What’s CBD, really?

CBS is a chemical found in cannabis, but it’s not the component that’ll get you high. So, while you will want to keep these out of reach from the kiddos, it’s nothing that’ll impair you during the day. It’s short for Cannabidiol, and many people have used it to help with relaxation and pain relief.

CBD can take many forms. For the Chill Out chew, it actually looks a little bit like a Starburst.

So, does it really take the edge off?

While your mileage may vary, they definitely work for me. They don’t make me drowsy, but help me feel more at ease during the day. And since my days consist of at-home parenting and remote work, much like yours might, it’s nice to have a little bit of extra support when things get chaotic.

How is Prima different to other CBD gummies?

Prima’s chews are different from the rest because they not only have 20mg of bioavailable and organic hemp CBD, but they also have a nutrient-dense formula to address the vitamin and mineral deficiencies that contribute to stress and fatigue.

They’re also pretty tasty. Consider it as a treat to go along with your breakfast and coffee.

If you’re not battling stress as much as you are insomnia, Prima’s got products for that as well.

If you’re a new parent, you’re probably used to sleepless nights. Even when your newborn is successfully catching Z’s, you might be fixated on the baby monitor to make sure that everything is okay.

One of the best parts about the Sleep Tight softgels is the fact that they’re guaranteed. If you don’t improve your sleep in 30 days, you can contact them and they’ll take care of it. This softgel is free from melatonin, so if you’ve had a negative experience with that before, feel good knowing there are other options out there.

Prima knows that chews and softgels aren’t the only way that parents can treat themselves and feel better. They’ve also got a ton of skincare products that you can add to your routine.

Their body oil is a best-seller.

And, it’s also a great way to start exploring the world of CBD if you’ve still got any hesitation. This particular stress remedy is also packed with omegas and antioxidants, so you can feel good inside and out.

They also have a really cool bath soak, if baths are more your thing.

And if they’re not, maybe you should look into it. It’s amazing how good some hot water feels after a day of hectic parenting. This soak includes arnica and magnesium, along with CBD and botanical oils. You’ll feel rejuvenated after you use it.

However, my favorite product of all is the enlightenment serum.

You can use this serum on your own, or mix it in with your favorite lotion for an extra boost. Your skin will look more hydrated, and you might appear more well-rested than you actually are. If you’re feeling a bit conscious after a sleepless night and have a big meeting ahead of you, this might help you feel more like yourself.

This serum also includes vitamin B, which helps your skin stay radiant.

Prima’s got a ton of other products worth perusing through, all with excellent reviews from people who’ve added Prima products to their daily routine.

If you really want to pamper yourself, you should consider looking at their sets.

If anxiety and stress are your top battle, you might want to pair your chill out chews, with this particular set called the “Tension Tamer Duo.”

If you have a partner, consider kindly asking them to give you a shoulder rub with this R&R cream. With help from the stone that’s included, it may be the best massage you’ve ever had.

It’s almost like Prima products were designed for exhausted parents to help them regain their sense of self. You deserve a break and some time to just chill out. If time is hard to come by, a little pampering with CBD can make up for it.