Table spread with a pumpkin with the top cut off, filled with soup
Malcolm P Chapman, Getty Images

20 Delectable Pumpkin Recipes That Aren’t Pie

Donuts, salad, cobbler, pasta, and more.

To make these pumpkin waffles, you’ll need buttermilk, pumpkin pie spice, butter, sugar, pumpkin puree, and a handful of other ingredients. Top them off with a sprinkle of cinnamon and maple syrup and enjoy (with or without a mimosa). A Cozy Kitchen
For something with a mix of sweet and spicy flavor, try this instant pot recipe for Petha Vadi from Shweta in the Kitchen. It calls for ingredients like mango powder, red chili powder, and cumin seeds to create a delicious, hearty dish. @shwetainthekitchen