Make rainbow desserts like a naked rainbow cake to celebrate Pride Month.
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11 Vibrant Rainbow Cakes To Celebrate Pride

Share the love with colorful sweets.

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It’s officially June and Pride Month is in full swing! Celebrate the enduring symbol of the joy, love, and positivity of the LGBTQ+ community with gorgeous rainbow-themed cakes in bright hues.

Don’t be afraid to go all-out and bake a rainbow cake to celebrate Pride. Follow Simply LaKita’s recipe for vanilla buttercream rainbow cake to achieve colorful layers of perfection.


Look no further for fancy rainbow cake inspiration to celebrate Pride. This stunning tiered cake is covered completely on one side with a cascading sheet of rainbow chocolate. Simply gorgeous!Shutterstock
Pride flags, but make them cake toppers. How fitting for Pride are these slices of rainbow fudge from Mom on Timeout? White chocolate chips with sweetened condensed milk and gel food coloring create a pretty layered look to top off your rainbow cake.Mom on Timeout


Mirror glaze in a rainbow of hues hand-poured oh so beautifully over your favorite flavor of bundt cake to celebrate Pride? Yes, please!

Give your rainbow cake a refreshing twist by topping it with fresh berries and flowers to celebrate Pride Month in the most beautiful way. Shutterstock
One simple way to celebrate Pride with a rainbow cake is to DIY rainbow decor on a store-bought cake. Just decorate the outside of any cake with bold stripes of rainbow frosting and top it off with a white chocolate ganache drip and lots of rainbow sprinkles.Shutterstock
Create a gorgeous rainbow cake topper for any Pride cake using multicolored strips of rolled fondant. Cut each strip of fondant to size and curve them so that they nest into one another just like a rainbow and attach to your cake with dowel rods.
Create rainbow swirl buttercream frosting with gel food coloring to top decadent chocolate cupcakes — or any cake — using this tutorial from Baked By Rachel. These mini-cakes are the prettiest (and tastiest) way to celebrate Pride.Baked By Rachel

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Layers upon layers of paper-thin crepes can be stacked with alternating layers of vanilla frosting to create a beautiful cake to celebrate Pride Month.

Instead of even layers, you can create a rainbow swirl cake right inside of a single round cake pan. When you serve up a slice, the whole colorful swirl will show through. Top it off with chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles to celebrate Pride Month. Shutterstock

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