Parents Are Praising NFL Player Carl Nassib After He Came Out As Gay

by Jen McGuire

“My son is gay. Every time someone of your status comes out it makes life better for him.”

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Sesame Street Introduces Family With Two Gay Dads In Groundbreaking New Episode

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In Two-Father Families, Who Gets To Be Called Dad?

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Everyone Can Watch Pixar's Short Out For Free On YouTube

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Am I A Dad Yet? Do I Even Want To Be?

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I am who I say I am. A (complicated, non-binary) dad (and baba).


24 Moving LGBTQ+ Children’s Books For Young Allies

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Because love is love.


The Natural Mother Of The Child Is A Memoir Of Nonbinary Parenthood

by Zan Romanoff

“If I were to elevator pitch the book It's about how I, as a dude, had a baby.”

Transitioning Into The World Of Fathers

The First Time A Stranger Recognized Me As A Dad

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I always knew my father wished I was a boy. By the time I was, it was too late.


These 25 Fabulous LGBTQ+ Instagram Accounts To Follow Stat

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How To Celebrate Pride As A Family

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How Do Two Queer Moms Build An Ethical Boy? It’s Trickier Than We Thought

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We decided the giraffe in a bow tie was a handsome butch woman.

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20 Amazing Shows With LGBTQ+ Characters To Watch With Your Kids

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10 Of Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union’s Best Quotes About Raising Their LGBTQ+ Child

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The NBA star and actress are proud, supportive parents to their 14-year-old transgender daughter Zaya.


12 Joyful Children’s Books That Explore Pronouns & Gender Identity

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Lance Bass & Michael Turchin Reveal They're Expecting Twins With A Fun TikTok Video

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10 Great LGBTQ+ Movies To Watch With Your Kids

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LGBTQ+ representation in family-friendly media can unfortunately be hard to find, but here are some beautiful movies to get you started.