11 Sagittarius Nail Designs To Show Off Your Inner Archer

Your aim is true and your nails are on point.

People with the star sign sagittarius are known for being honest, logical, optimistic, and downright hilarious. So, Sagittarians, if you’re going extra with your birthday nails this month, here’s some inspiration (peep this set by @paigedoesmynails for starters).@paigedoesmynails
Want a classic nail look for your birthday month? This design from @nailsbymadonna features shorter, pointed nails, shiny black lacquer, and matte nails with the Sagittarius symbol on top in a topaz-colored glitter.@nailsbymadonna
This Sagittarius nail design from artist @rpnailz is seriously stunning. Ask your manicurist for almond nails with blue and white bases, with Sagittarius symbols, and your birth year emblazoned on top in gold.@rpnailz

Want a more subtle take on Sagittarius nail designs? Sagittarius means archer in Latin. This arrow manicure from @by.daniellesparkle incorporates the arrow motif using black polish and gold accents on a nude jelly nail base.

Wondering what color nail polish is good luck for a Sagittarius? Well, they tend to be philosophical and spiritual, so purple is the color most often associated with them. An all-over purple shimmer polish, like this set from @bellacures, is a low-key nod to your sign.

Sagittarius’ birth stones are topaz and turquoise, so if you’re into astrology and crystals, opt for a burnt orange and teal manicure like this one from @bellacures. You can harness all the topaz’s powers of mental clarity and turquoise’s creativity with this minimalist look.

Want a set with stunning topaz hues and Sagittarius symbols? This manicure by @leanne.beaut incorporates so many things about being a Sagittarius into one nail look. Her design would look just as beautiful on short nails as it does on long ones.

Want to really hone in on all things turquoise? While it’s not obviously a Sagittarius nail design, this realistic set by @paragonnails is perfect for those who really embrace their birth stone.

Want to lean in to the purple and turquoise concepts without going full on astrology themed with your Sagittarius nail design? These tips by @sihamsalon incorporate both colors in a more muted palette with delicate floral accents.@sihamsalon
Want to really lean in to the astrology theme? Ask for neutral and navy nails with moon, star, and Sagittarius nail designs to accent them. Take advantage of longer nails by adding your literal star sign with a constellation detail, like this design by @aymee_lacandyx.@aymee_lacandyx

Show short nails some love this Sagittarius season too. The bow and arrow symbol is perfect for a minimal look, and the nude nail base is not only gorgeous, but grows out without being obvious. Ask for short, square nails to get this look from @nailskiezzbyclari.

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