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Sex With A Tilted Uterus: How To Enjoy Yourself, Comfortably

A midwife explains what might work best for you.

by Irina Gonzalez
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Going to the gynecologist is stressful enough, but it might be especially unpleasant if you walk out of the appointment with the news that you have a tilted uterus. The first thing running through your mind might be “what now?” The second thing is probably, “is that why sex often hurts?” Having an answer about why you feel extreme discomfort during certain positions may be a blessing in disguise, because now you can try some of these best sexual positions for a tilted uterus, which may make sex — if you want to have it — feel much more enjoyable.

“Having a 'tilted' uterus, aka a uterus positioned more anterior or posterior in one's body, may produce different feeling for every person and these feelings may be different during the month or even lifetime,” explains Alexandra Bratschie, a certified nurse midwife with Spectrum Health West Michigan. Having a tilted uterus isn't as big a deal as you might originally assume, though, and it won't affect your chances of pregnancy. What a tilted uterus might affect, however, is your sex life.

Best Sexual Positions For A Tilted Uterus

“For some with a more anterior uterus (thus a more posterior cervix), lying on one's back might produce too much intense cervical pressure, especially with penetration.” Bratschie clarifies. “Side-lying or hands and knees might be a better fit. One with a more posterior uterus, might find the opposite. But again, no matter which way a uterus decides to be in the body, it's all about trial and error, and knowing that our body is forever changing and so should our sexual experimentation.”

If you have a tilted uterus, you're likely having some pain and discomfort during certain sexual positions. Thankfully, there are some sex positions that are good for a woman with a tilted uterus and sex hacks that can help you have a good time in the bedroom. Read on for seven tips on how to deal with having a tilted uterus, while still enjoying your sex life.


Don't forget about foreplay

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If intercourse is painful for you because of your tilted uterus, there is something to be said for focusing on the other parts of sex: Foreplay and oral sex.


Be careful with girl on top

The popular girl-on-top position painful for women with a titled uterus because there is deeper penetration than with missionary or spooning positions.


Face-to-face always works

Stick to forward-facing positions for less pain and more intimacy.


Try positions where you control penetration

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Controlling the depth of penetration during sex is important for women who have a tilted uterus — and for all women, always. Try to keep your legs straight and closer together, so that your partner is less likely to go deep and irritate your uterus while thrusting.


Resort to missionary

The missionary position may be a good fit for women with a tilted uterus. One of the better ways to do it is with your partner lying on top and your bellies touching.

Worrying about your tilted uterus, but remember, like Bratschie said, every body is different. Stressing about your tilted uterus during sex may actually cause more harm than the pain you feel. Relax, enjoy, and communicate with your partner about what hurts and what works.

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