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The 26 Best Subtle Couple’s Tattoos You Won’t Regret Getting

No names involved.

by Lindsay E. Mack
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Tattoos are a powerful, beautiful way to honor just about anything in life, so of course romantic relationships are expressed in ink all the time. If you would like a lasting reminder of your own love story, consider these minimalist tattoos for couples. They can be sweet, funny, or sentimental ways to commemorate your relationship.

Before getting a piece about your partner, however, there's one bit of tattoo culture that's important to know: In general, getting a tattoo of your partner's name can be a divisive decision, tattoo artists warn (some even think it to be bad luck for the relationship!). You're welcome to put any image on your body, of course, but just be aware of this connotation in the tattoo community.

With that said, there are unlimited ways to get a couple's tattoo that don't involve anybody's name. Just think about everything else in your relationship. Shared interests, a favorite travel destination, and even beloved pets are just a few of the best tattoo ideas for couples.


Music Notes


Get a few notes from your favorite song, or simply create a design that features music notes. It’s a simple, universal symbol that can still have tremendous personal meaning to you as a couple.



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It’s a classic design, and there are so many ways to put your personal spin on it. Maybe you get matching stars in the same place on the body, or you choose a collection of stars in the shape of your favorite constellation.


A Shared Hobby or Passion


Get a tattoo that commemorates whatever you do as a couple. Whether it’s sailing, gaming, hiking, or playing dodgeball, get a tribute to your shared hobby in ink.




Fireflies, butterflies, and ladybugs are only a few of the insects that make gorgeous tattoo subjects. Pick a cool bug that suits you as a couple.


Something That’s Uniquely *You*


What’s totally unique to you as a couple? Maybe it’s a pet name, or an inside joke. Consider a tattoo that represents the most particular (and maybe even a little weird) aspects of your relationship.


Meaningful Word

Is there a meaningful word or phrase that you share as a couple? How about a pet name? There's limitless possibilities when it comes to cool script tattoos for couples.


Zodiac Signs


If you're in love with a Leo, consider getting that sign's symbol tattooed. Or, get a tattoo for the sign's constellation, or even a tiny lion. Zodiac signs open up a whole world of possibilities.


Sports Logo

Are you die-hard fans of your city's basketball team? Did you meet at a football game in college? If sports play a major role in your relationship, then consider matching tattoos of your team's logo. In the same vein of don't-get-your-partner's-name, it's probably wise to consider this option only if you were a fan of the team before you started dating your S.O.


Pet Paw Print

If you and your partner have a pet together, this is a great way to commemorate your bond. Get a design of your pet's actual paw print, or have an artist design a custom work. Watercolor style tattoos can look seriously amazing.


Single Letter

Don't want to get your S.O.'s entire name? Consider a single letter. Whether you choose their first or last name, it's a sweet and simple way to symbolize your bond.


Shared Interests

Did you fall in love while watching the entire Game of Thrones series together? Or do you share a serious devotion to Harry Potter? Commemorate your geeky interests with a tattoo.


Favorite Animals

If you're both wild about a certain animal, whether it's beta fish or bears, then get a custom tattoo designed around it. There's a ton of different ways to approach the image, from photo-realistic to cartoony. Also check out some geometric designs of that animal, which can be seriously cool.


An Important Date

Whether it's the day you met or the day you married, most couples share an important date. Maybe you get a simple tattoo of the date itself or just the year. Another option is to get a Roman numeral style design.


Matching Abstract Designs

It's also possible to let your tattoo artist have free reign over a custom abstract design. It will be totally unique to you as a couple, and it's always fun to let artists follow their creativity. Whether you're into watercolor designs, linear works, or something else entirely, the sky's the limit with this type of tattoo.


Favorite Foods


If you and your partner share a deep and abiding love for pizza or pancakes, make a lasting tribute to your shared favorite food. This is another one that can be super-realistic or cartoonish and cutesy. Plus, how many people can literally wear their love for avocados on their (tattoo) sleeve?


Ring Designs

Designs that encircle the finger can take the place of a wedding band, or simply act as a very cool design that you share. From a simple line to more elaborate designs, there's a lot of ways to approach this particular style of finger tattoo. Your tattoo artist can even create a design that looks like a piece of jewelry that never comes off, which is pretty rad.


Extremely Minimalist Designs

Sometimes a simple circle, or even a line, is all you need. You and your SO can get shapes or lines that match or simply coordinate. For instance, one partner gets a filled-in triangle, and the other gets the outline of a triangle.



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It's basically a tiny love letter you can carry everywhere. Envelope or postcard designs can be especially fitting for couples who are long-distance, or those who have to spend a lot of time apart. It's a sweet and timeless romantic symbol.


Lucky Number

Maybe it's your partner's birthday, or a particular number you both like for some reason. Whatever the case, matching lucky numbers make for memorable and subtle tattoos. Nobody else will know what it means unless you tell them.


Tiny Symbols

Consider matching peace signs, yin yang symbols, or smiley faces. Basically, any symbol that appeared on a Claire's necklace in the late '90s is a fun and retro choice. It's like a long-lasting version of the best friend necklace, really.


Matching Objects

If your S.O. feels like your other half, then consider a tattoo that combines matching objects. Maybe it's a cup and saucer, or a jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly. Pick a set that works for you as a pair.



This super-popular tattoo design can also work for a couple. If your partner is really your anchor in life, then it's meaningful to you. Plus, there's just something timeless and eternally cool about an anchor tattoo.


Vacation Tattoos

Get a tattoo that represents a cool place you visited with your partner. Whether it's a subtle outline of mountains or a tiny seashell, the tattoo will serve as a reminder of your shared adventures. Even something like matching Eiffel tower tattoos could be super fun.



Use your tattoo as a way to express something about you and your partner's identity. Maybe it relates to a country of origin, or a native language, or your spirituality. Make it personal to you both.



If you identify as members of the LGBTQ community, then consider matching tattoos to reflect that. Play around with gender symbols, rainbow designs, and anything else that appeals to you. A quick search for Pride tattoos will bring up tons of amazing and unique designs for inspiration.


Super Subtle Floral Designs

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Get teeny, tiny matching tattoos of your favorite flowers. Go traditional with a single romantic rose, or choose something fun like a little potted mum. Floral designs are super sweet, and they can hold a lot of meaning for you as a couple. Whatever design you choose, there are countless ways to rock couple tattoos that are original and personalized to your relationship.

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