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Spring Trends For Kids That Children And Parents Will Love

by Hannah Lawrence

When the time comes to go shopping for spring kids clothes, there are a variety of important questions to ask ourselves before you decide an item has a place in our child’s closet. You have to consider your budget, what our kids could wear said item with, and how long it will be before they outgrow it. All this rationale is important to us adults, but it's still super fun to shop with spring fashion trends for kids in mind. Luckily for parents everywhere, shopping for kids clothes has never been easier, more affordable, and more fun than it is today!

Graphic tees are an excellent place to start when your kid is in need of new spring clothes. Kids love them because they’re a bit sassy and playful, and parents love them because they can be so easily paired with almost any type of bottom. Another important staple of a kid’s spring wardrobe is breathable pants. Light-colored denim works well on warm days, and joggers are great for when the wind is still a bit crisp outside.

Romper has partnered with H&M to bring you kid versions of popular spring trends from their new spring line for young ones. Check 'em out to see how easy and simple dressing a child for spring can be, and let H&M be the source for their most fashionable and functional clothes.

Graphic Tees

Prints that reference iconic pop culture help achieve a fun look in fashion and are great for mixing with more fancy items. For the cinema-buff who's always dreaming of that galaxy far, far away, this tee would pair well with a nice, crisp pair of slacks.

Printed T-shirt, $9.99, H&M


Floral patterns are a huge player in spring fashion, and the 70s-style details on these bottoms will help ensure your little one has a great time gettin' down under the disco ball. To use it in an outfit, try pairing it with a white oxford top for a look that's fun and sophisticated.

Ankle Length Treggings, $14.99, H&M

Gold Accents

Gold has been super popular on the spring runways, and the sequins here are sure to bring on the shine. To dress your festive partier for a special event, match the gold and glittery dragonflies on this cardigan with a shimmery dress or skirt.

Cotton Cardigan, $14.99, H&M

Puffy Shirts

Fashion designers around the globe have been experimenting with ruffled shirts, and this top is a great representation of how the style can work for a child. When choosing a bottom to wear with the sleeves of this flutter shirt, go with something that compliments the pattern and the scalloped edges.

Top with Ruffled Sleeves, $6.99, H&M

Member's Only Jackets

Member's Only-style jackets are making a huge appearance at spring fashion shows, and why shouldn't they? They're totally comfortable, and wearable with virtually any kind of bottom.

Pilot Jacket, $29.99, H&M

Going Sleeveless

Off-the-shoulder fashion has popped up on runway after runway, but we're also seeing a ton of sleeveless jackets, dresses, and of course, shirts. Let your little one enjoy this trend by pairing this sassy shirt some distressed denim bottoms.

Tie-front Jersey Top, $6.99, H&M

Light Denim

Denim that's light in tone looks great on anyone and everyone, but it looks especially sharp on kids. To ensure your kid is dressed to impress, pair this shirt with a pair of Bermuda shorts.

Short-sleeved Shirt, $12.99, H&M

Hybrid Pants

Loose-fitting pants (or joggers) are not just comfortable — they're also incredibly stylish. They're incredibly versatile, so they're useful on both camping trips and family gatherings alike. To stick with the athleisure look, try layering tees in contrasting colors.

Twill Joggers, $14.99, H&M

Images: H&M

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