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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts For Even The Wee Leprechauns To Try

Think rainbows, shamrocks, and lots of gold glitter.


It doesn’t take much to create some fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts. You just need something cut in the shape of a shamrock and a lot of gold glitter, but these ideas expand on the holiday fun a bit more.

A classic St. Patrick’s Day craft is to use construction paper on a toilet paper roll to make your own little leprechaun to hang out. Make sure he brings some gold coins with him.Shutterstock
A St. Patrick’s Day card is a great craft to make, especially for older family members and friends. Use very thin strips of paper and some glue to create shamrocks for a 3D St. Patrick’s Day greeting.
Leprechaun traps are such a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft to make with your kids, and there are tons of ideas available. One of the easiest is to create a box with a hole in the top and “bait” the leprechaun with rainbows and gold to make him fall in.Shutterstock
How sweet is this craft? Paint popsicle sticks in rainbow colors and either paint a white outline of a shamrock on top, or cut a shamrock out of some cardstock and glue on top for a cute St. Patrick’s Day craft.Shutterstock
I’m obsessed with this St. Patrick’s Day wreath. Find just a nice, full green wreath at your local craft store and add in the shamrocks, either made out of cardstock, or buy some premade and glue in big gatherings along the greenery of the wreath.Shutterstock
If you want to go super simple (and delicious), make some St. Patrick’s Day cupcake toppers out of cardstock and then make some cupcakes with lots of green icing. Shutterstock
Rainbows are such a cute part of St. Patrick’s Day, and this craft could not be simpler: use pipe cleaners to make a rainbow and attach them to a bunch of cotton balls for clouds. Add it to a leprechaun trap or just hang it with some shamrocks.Shutterstock
This one looks especially great when you have a bunch in different sizes to hang. To start, draw a shamrock on a posterboard, and have your kids get different shades of green tissue paper and tear into small pieces, then glue inside the shamrock. So pretty!Anna Bizon/Gallo Images ROOTS RF collection/Getty Images

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