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10 Ideas For An Epic Super Bowl Party

Come for the game, stay for the snacks (and the commercials).

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As the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals prepare to go head to head for Super Bowl 2022, you can get ready to throw an amazing Super Bowl party to celebrate. Does it even really matter who wins if your snacks are on point?

Make A Halftime Show-Inspired Playlist

The Super Bowl 2022 halftime show will be legendary: Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar — need I say more? Blast their hits at your party to get pumped up for the show… I mean game.
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Appetizers Are Your Meal

Kickoff is at dinnertime, but you absolutely don’t have to serve anything other than apps at a Super Bowl party. Anything quick to grab and eat with your hands is fair game — deviled eggs, loaded potato skins, and pigs in blanket are total winners.

Jazz up your Super Bowl party spread with football-themed party supplies. Or, take sides and use team colors. (FYI: Rams are blue and gold, Bengals are black and orange.)Shutterstock

Offer Dips Galore

Chips and dips are true football-watching staples, so stock up on Costco-sized bags of potato and corn chips for your guests. Make a batch of corn salsa, heat up a crockpot of queso, or go all-out with a buffalo chicken dip.
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Serve Delicious Drinks

Beer may be the standard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t serve a special drink while you watch the biggest game of the year. Make a batch of creamy lemonade or a punch bowl full of sangria that can be enjoyed with or without alcohol.

Lean Into Convenience Snacks

Head to the frozen food section at Walmart or Costco and grab easy-to-make heat-and-serve foods like mozzarella sticks, taquitos, and pizza rolls. These appetizer-style snacks are easy to throw in the oven and come in large quantities.
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Make Lots Of Wings

Naturally, wings are a go-to Super Bowl party food. You can actually make wings that are super crispy right in your air fryer and then toss or dip them in your favorite wing sauce.

Watch Old Super Bowl Commercials

The game itself is definitely entertainment enough, but this idea is great for before the game or to keep kids occupied. You can find funny compilations on YouTube to replay some of the all-time greats (like Betty White playing football).
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Don’t Forget Dessert

Score big when you whip up a batch of these Football Cookie Bars from Inside Bru Crew Life for your Super Bowl party.
Inside Bru Crew Life
Do you have to get super fancy and make a charcuterie board in the shape of a football? No, but you can. Just arrange some meat, cheese, fruits, and veggies on a tray like this one, or make it into a football field.Shutterstock

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