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Talika’s Lipocils Mascara Helped My Lashes Grow Post-Pregnancy

The French pharmacy brand’s mascara has a cult following for a reason.

by Carly Cardellino
Had To Share

I’ve never been loyal to a mascara, but Talika’s Lipocils Mascara might have made me into a one-mascara woman. As a beauty editor for almost two decades, I’m super careful with what I try on my sensitive skin, since one wrong product can lead to redness and irritation. But when it comes to makeup, nail polish, hair stuff, I take a no holds barred approach. So, when one of my close friends, Charlotte Palermino, started raving about French pharmacy brand Talika’s Lipocils Mascara, I took note, and immediately bought one to try.

Here’s Charlotte wearing the formula — you can see why my interest was piqued:


After trying it, I can say that it more than delivered on its promise. Here’s why this is the mascara I just had to share.

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  • Price: $45
  • Colors: Black and brown
  • Approved for sensitive eyes

The Science

I had already known about Talika through the brand’s Lipocils Brow Growth Mascara, which I started using after my pregnancy since I lost a lot of my brow hairs throughout. But I didn’t know the full story about the brand until I started using the mascara religiously. According to the brand, during World War II, an ophthalmology nurse who was treating burns victims in a Parisian hospital noticed that the plant-based cream she was formulating to treat burns around her patients’ eye areas was also stimulating the growth of their eyelashes and eyebrows. And thus, the formula was born. Pretty wild, right?

The Results

Okay, so here are my lashes bare. They used to be longer and had a natural curl to them, but as I’ve gotten older they have taken on a straighter formation and have thinned a bit (wonderful).

Before / After:


Here are my lashes with one coat of Talika Lipocils Mascara in Black (it also comes in Brown). I always curl my lashes, since, as I mentioned, they’re much straighter now, but I love how the formula helps maintain the curl. There are also little-to-no clumps every time I apply, which is a win. Not to mention, after 14 days, according to Talika, you can see growth results and after two months, tests have shown an average of 29 percent increase in the length of your lashes.


The actives the brand relies on below are a unique blend that help make this mascara magic:

  • Talika’s Botanical Complex: comprised of hamamelis, apple, nettle, chestnut, St John’s wort, which work together to reinforce and stimulate lash growth.
  • A lash-strengthening tripeptide.
  • Amaranth peptides, which help to thicken and add shine to your lashes.
  • Provitamin-B5 to hydrate and stimulate the cellular renewal of the ciliary bulb where your lashes grow out from.
  • Coleus forskohlii extract and hexapeptide to help stimulate melanin synthesis, which intensifies your lashes natural pigmentation.

Final Verdict

It’s hard not to love a product that you see instant results with. As I mentioned, I started using this product after seeing one of my friends use it — and after using another one of their brow growth products — so I had high hopes and this product literally has met every one of them. Yes, my lashes are still straight and need help in the curling department, but they’re the strongest they’ve felt in a while — plus, the little lash hairs near the inner corners of my eyes have even grown longer! I also love how dark my lashes look after the mascara is applied and how well the formula keeps their curl post-lash curler.


This mascara is worth all $35 (to $45) dollars. I love how strong my lashes feel after using it (I’ve been doing so for two months now) and also how well they stay curled once I apply it. Plus, they just look like my natural lashes, but better — no clumps, no smudges. Bonus: The formula works to help stimulate lash growth, so you get an added benefit of stronger, even more beautiful, lengthy lashes in the end.

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